Why I Refuse to Feel Guilty About Eating (& Loving) Christmas Cookies

Yesterday we celebrated this guy.


My “little” brother graduated from Arizona State University, and I couldn’t be more proud of him and his hard work! Congratulations Brent! Just in case you were wondering, Hunter did really well throughout the ceremony. I owe it to snacks and photos of dogs.

So, if you didn’t already know, it’s Christmas time (you know, just FYI Winking smile), and along with that, there’s lots and lots of Christmas cookies and goodies everywhere you look. Rather than tell you how I plan to “stay away from the treats” or “lose 10 pounds over the holidays”, I’m going to tell you why I’m going to enjoy every bite of cookie without feeling guilty about it.


I wasted way too many Christmases worrying about how many calories I was consuming and deprived myself of numerous treats that I absolutely love in years past. Talk about lame! It was a pretty sad time in my life, and I’m so glad I’m past it.

When I recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea a couple years ago, it didn’t just mean my period returning and being able to get pregnant. It meant more than that for me…WAY more. It meant being able to live my life with a new meaning and purpose. It meant appreciating my body for how incredible it is. It meant learning balance. It meant truly living.


I’m not advocating that we all go binge on Christmas cookies. No. But, what I am advocating is that we enjoy this short holiday season without the guilt (and without forgetting your veggies too!). If you love cookies, enjoy one or two or three! If you love that cheese plate, a few more cheese and crackers than usual won’t hurt you. It is possible to maintain a healthy balance of nutritious foods with some indulgences. There will likely be more indulgences than the norm around this time of year, but it’s temporary, so enjoy it!


Sure, maybe I’ll gain a pound or two (gasp!), but I’ll be enjoying life a heck of a lot more than I did a few years ago. <—And THAT is what truly matters in my book…not some silly number on the scale.

I hope you’re choosing to “eat your Christmas cookies” and that you’re truly enjoying all that this beautiful Christmas season has to offer.

We have a pretty low key day in the books. I teach my BodyPump class this morning and then the sky is the limit! I’m thinking some gift wrapping and blog work I’ve been neglecting needs to happen.

I’ll catch ya tomorrow for some “Friday Favorites”!

How are you choosing to “eat your Christmas cookies” this holiday season?

What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

What’s on your agenda for today?