A Great Breakfast Makes for a Great Day {Day in the Life}

Disclaimer: I have partnered with belVita and Dannon to help promote the belVita and Dannon partnership. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes writing about the promotion and product. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Things have obviously been a little different around here than what they were like last month when we were living in Utah. I still feel like we’re in a state of “limbo” since we’re living with my in-laws until we close on our home. I continually try to figure out what our new “normal” looks like, but for now, things are flowing pretty smoothly and it seems like we’ve figured out a pretty solid routine. I thought it’d be fun to share a “day in the life” post to show you what an average day looks like around here these days.

6:15 AM – Alarm goes off. I stumble out of bed, go to the bathroom, and feed the dogs.

6:20 AM – Eat breakfast.

I like to make my breakfast quick and easy in order to get several other things done before Hunter wakes up for the day. One of my new favorite breakfast combos is a few belVita Breakfast Biscuits paired with an Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Sometimes it’s may be tempting to skip breakfast for some because of the hustle and bustle of the mornings, but breakfast is a very important part of the day. Thankfully belVita Breakfast Biscuits and Oikos Greek Yogurt make it easy to have a convenient and delicious breakfast all in one!


I opted for the brown sugar cinnamon belVita Breakfast Biscuits, and they are perfect for dipping or crumbling into my yogurt. The belVita Breakfast Biscuits are truly so good. To be honest, I didn’t know if I’d think much of them when I initially bought them, but my mind was instantly changed! They are light, crispy, and pair perfectly with yogurt.


I’ve tried Oikos Greek Yogurt before, and I’ve always been a fan. It’s rich and creamy, not too sweet, and it packs in the protein and calcium.


The biscuit and yogurt pairing is perfect for a filling meal. You get a whoppin’ 12 grams of protein from the Oikos Greek Yogurt and the belVita Breakfast Biscuits provide lasting energy in the form of whole grains. There’s really no prepping or cooking involved, so it’s a super convenient breakfast option.


I also wanted to share a couple tips from Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, who has joined up on the initiative with belVita and Oikos to get more out of your morning:

  • The secret to a smooth, sane morning is doing as much as you can the night before. Leave as little preparation as possible until the last minute – you’ll thank yourself in the morning.
  • Spend twenty minutes at the end of each day planning your to-do list. When you download the next day’s activities beforehand, you can devote your morning to enjoyment rather than stress.
  • Be sure to start your morning with a delicious and balanced breakfast to help get more out of your morning.

Awesome tips, Laura! I’m all about a smoother and stress-free day!

6:30 AM – Drink coffee while catching up on a few blogs and chatting with Cody while he gets ready for work.

6:50 AM – Get dressed into workout clothes, put my hair in a ponytail, and brush my teeth.

7:00 AM – Go on a short walk around the block with my mother-in-law.

7:10 AM – Do Workout B as part of Paige’s Online Bootcamp.


7:40 AM – Hop in the shower, get dressed, & put on make-up.

8:00 AM – Hunter wakes up. I give him a bottle of milk and snuggle with him for a few minutes.

8:10 AM – Change Hunter’s diaper and get him dressed.

8:20 AM – Feed Hunter oatmeal with peaches for breakfast

8:40 AM – Head out to the grocery store.

9:30 AM – Unload groceries while Hunter plays.

9:40 AM – Play with Hunter.

10:00 AM – Put Hunter down for his morning nap.

10:05 AM – Write thank you cards.

10:30 AM – Make a few phone calls and work on some house paperwork.

11:00 AM – Work on blog stuff (i.e. responding to comments, replying to emails, working on this post).

12:00 PM – I eat a quick lunch of leftover honey baked turkey (from Easter), pasta salad, and baby carrots.


12:15 PM – Hunter wakes up (later than usual). I give him a bottle of milk, and we snuggle for a few minutes. I love these moments.

12:30 PM – We head out to run some errands – Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Kohl’s. Somewhere in there I give Hunter a fruit/veggie pouch and a belVita biscuit. He loves them too!

2:45 PM – We get home from running errands, and I immediately put Hunter down for a nap since he was on the verge of being overtired. I do a few random chores around the house like taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning up our bedroom.

3:00 PM – I needed a snack, so I had a spoonful of peanut butter. Always does the trick. Winking smile

3:05 PM – I get a call from our lender to go over a few details regarding our house paperwork. Blah – hate that stuff! It overwhelms me!

3:20 PM – Sit down to relax for a little bit. I do a little online shopping, browse Facebook and Twitter, and check my email.

4:00 PM – Do some more house paperwork. It’s seriously neverennnnnding!

5:00 PM – Hunter wakes up from his nap. I give him a bottle of milk and we snuggle.

5:15 PM – Hunter and I play together. We “fix” his car, drive his car around, and wave “hi” to each other every five seconds.

6:15 PM – Cody is running late from work, so Hunter and I eat on our own. Hunter had an assortment of chicken, green beans (most of which went on the ground), strawberries, and cheese, and I had leftovers from the night before.

6:45 PM – Cody gets home (it’s about an hour later than usual – things were crazy at work). I make him a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and we chat about our days.

7:15 PM – Cody and I talk through some house stuff and go through paperwork together while Cody’s parents hang out with Hunter.

7:30 PM – Hunter takes a bath and we get him ready for bed.

7:50 PM – I nurse Hunter and put him to bed.

8:00 PM – I put on my PJ’s, wash my face, and take out my contacts.

8:15 PM – Cody and I chat for awhile and browse the internet.

9:00 PM – We watch a couple episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

10:00 PM – Lights out!

So, there ya have it – a pretty average day in this neck of the woods. In a few weeks from now, it’ll consist of a lot more unpacking, organizing, and decorating. I’m actually really excited for it – I love all of that stuff!

Have you ever tried belVita Breakfast Biscuits and/or Oikos Greek Yogurt?

What’s one of your favorite quick and easy healthy breakfasts?

Do you like to organize and/or decorate?