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My Food N’ Fitness Diaries

The best place on the web to find the latest in health and fitness. I hope you will join me on a journey to total health of the mind and body. My mission is to guide you to a balanced and happy life through diet and workout trends.

Together we will explore everything from the popular Nutrisystem, Isagenix and Thrive programs, to lesser-known homegrown approaches like the grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, and the dash diet. We’ll also find out more on fitness techniques, how to work out, the best workouts for burning fat, and much more. Are you on the map? Then time to put your business on the map with the best business listings.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Learning about fitness and nutrition is the first step towards feeling and looking better. I know getting healthy has improved every aspect of my life. I am happier and more robust than ever before, and you can be, too! Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or just want to feel healthier and more vibrant, there is a nutrition plan and exercise routine for you.  


I will cover everything you need to know to transform your life and outlook – from relaxing exercise routines to high impact programs. You can follow my progress and see what may work for your lifestyle. When it comes to food, I will explore the most straightforward options like the dash diet, grapefruit diet, egg diet, mind diet and cabbage soup diet. However, I will also review comprehensive programs like Weight Watchers, Thrive and Nutrisystem. 

You may think eating right is impossible but, the truth is you can enjoy healthy meals that taste great! Relying on high-quality ingredients will make your fitness journey more comfortable and tastier. And, when you prepare your meals, you can guarantee what goes into your body. A variety of scrumptious recipes will allow you to explore the Mayo Clinic diet, grapefruit diet, slim diet trends and more.  


As we age, we need to focus more on living healthy lives. I know that I began to feel the effects of poor diet and lack of exercise around age 25. While I didn’t look unhealthy, I began to slow down and feel more stressed in everyday life. Tearing myself out of bed each morning was a chore! I was unable to enjoy an active lifestyle and wasn’t happy with my body. Today, however, I am happier and healthier than ever before. I owe all that to learning about proper nutrition and exercise.  

While I feel better now than five or even ten years ago, the search isn’t over. I keep myself from getting bored with healthy eating, trying new and old trends and meal plans. I’m always exploring the different recipes, plans and programs, and it keeps me engaged in my fitness goals. Thanks to my commitment to healthy eating, you can discover new and emerging nutrition plans through My Food N’ Fitness Diaries. I’ll help you learn about weight loss programs like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and Thrive, or find delectable recipes for the dash diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet and more. 


By following my daily journey, you can evaluate nutrition plans before investing your hard-earned money. I know you will feel and look better once you have embraced fitness and healthy food. I want to help you learn how to work out safely and introduce you to developing health trends as they emerge. Trying the grapefruit diet, Nutrisystem plan, Bistro MD meals, Thrive program, dash diet or cabbage soup diet is only the beginning. Only on My Food N’ Fitness Diaries will you find all the information you need to transform your body and mind! 

So, be sure to follow my health and fitness journey for inspiration in your own life! I will try each diet and exercise plan and provide you with honest reviews you can trust. Together, we can have fun exploring new trends and improving our bodies! Fitness and healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard; see how I keep up with daily life through My Food N’ Fitness Diary! 


Each diary entry will detail my experience with popular diets like Nutrisystem, Thrive, Ediets, the Atkins diet, and the dash diet. I will also delve into new meal ideas like the grapefruit diet, egg diet, and cabbage soup diet. I’ll give you an honest perspective on the affordability, effectiveness, ease, and taste of each plan. Let my journey be a guide for your road to self-improvement.  


Through my experiences, you can explore new and existing nutrition trends before trying them. If you’re considering a paleo, raw or keto program, my diary is the perfect place to start! I can help you determine which nutrition approach is right for you. And, since you’re following my journey, you can trust the feedback I give.


Remember, health comes in two parts: nutrition and fitness. That’s why I will also explore different workouts and programs to help you reach your body goals. It may sound like a surprise, but working out has never been my strong suit! That’s why I vary my workout routine to keep it fun. Now I love trying new trends and seeing what feels right for me! You can do the same by following my fitness recommendations.


Explore the world of yoga, cardio, remedial weight lifting and more. Follow my journey to help you decide what program will best suit your lifestyle. Some people prefer going to a gym or fitness class while others like to go it alone. No matter which approach appeals to you, My Food N’ Fitness Diaries will help you explore new and developing workout trends.


The best thing about getting active and eating right is how you’ll feel physically and mentally. Since getting in shape, I have more energy and feel happier in my daily life. I can tackle work and home with renewed vigor and still enjoy a vibrant social life. Before my fitness transformation, I was tired and generally unhappy. I have no regrets, and I guarantee you won’t either.

Keeping Up with the Trends

It can be exhausting researching new trends in health and fitness. That’s why I have chosen to let you into my journey. I explore each new direction as it emerges and discuss why it works or why it doesn’t! 


The best part about trying new diets and workout plans is keeping variety in your routine. However, that may be hard for beginners. Following My Food N’ Fitness Diaries can help guide you on a healthy and happy path. You can let my diaries lead you towards new and inspiring trends. 

Considering a cabbage soup diet to cut out unwanted weight fast? I can help you decide. Maybe you’re looking for an honest Thrive review? Well, search no more! I am here to give you all the nitty-gritty details of the latest trends in nutrition and fitness.  


For the busy professional or working mom, it may seem impossible to develop an evolving workout plan or figuring out what diet to try next. I want to help you achieve balance, staying healthy while maintaining your work and home life. I know that the struggle can seem impossible and results are often hard to come by. I am here to help! 


I know you want to look your best without emptying your wallet, just like me. Together we can explore the latest health and fitness trends to find the perfect balance. Dieting alone can be unmotivating and challenging. However, I have seen that changing up my diet and exercise routines can improve my motivation. One month I may commit to the dash diet while the next I am on the grapefruit diet. If I have a hectic month I might use the Medifast, Thrive or Nutrisystem programs to keep my healthy habits going.  


Have you ever planned to make a healthy family dinner, only to feel zero motivation once the time came? Did you break down and settle for pizza or takeout? You’re not alone! This has happened to me countless times until I broke the cycle. Motivating myself to explore healthy meal options has made so much difference in how I look and feel. I know the change will be positive for you too. 


The same can be said for working out. Finding the wherewithal to exercise, before or after work, can be a struggle. However, keeping your routine from becoming routine is the key to continued success. There are always new workout programs and trends to explore. With my help, you can navigate them successfully and safely.  


Getting started with a new healthy lifestyle can be intimidating. That’s why I chose to share my advice and experiences with you. I want you to enjoy trying different programs as much as I do, and I want you to be happy with the results physically and emotionally. Whether you are considering the do-it-yourself cabbage soup diet or a comprehensive diet supplement plan, I want to help you decide.  


The goal of My Food N’ Fitness Diaries is to help you discover diet and fitness trends that can work for you. I am not trying to sell you false hope. Instead, I want to give you all the tools and information to make a positive change in your life. I believe that anyone can take control of their life, some of us just need a helping hand from someone who has done it before. 


You may find a delicious, healthy dash diet recipe that opens up a whole new world of culinary possibilities. Or, maybe you’ll manage to sneak a couple of nutrient dense meals onto your family’s dinner table each month with the Bistro MD or Thrive systems. Either way, I think you’ll agree the recipes, nutrition tips, and diet tricks are well worth your time.  


Instead of selling you gimmicks without proven results, I want to help you navigate the health and fitness market through my own life. In a sea of continually changing diets, pills and miracle cures, I strive to be the lighthouse that guides you to results. Whether we are exploring the Thrive, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem products or paving your way with the grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, mind diet or dash diet, we can do it deliciously! I have no desire to eat cardboard, so rest assured I won’t suggest anything that can’t be both nutritious and delicious. Dieting doesn’t have to be unimaginative and bland. With My Food N’ Fitness Diaries we can try the hottest diet trends together and explore new ways to stay healthy and happy. 


Wherever my fitness journey takes me, I hope you’ll follow along and experience positive change for yourself. I plan to enjoy and share every second of my diet and exercise evolution with you through this site. Follow me to a new you! 


Together we will explore new and old nutrition and fitness paths. We will discover the ins and outs of various exercise routines from yoga to pole dancing to the next hot trend. Each day, we will embrace new meal plans, nutrition products, and recipes to guide us towards happier, healthier lives. Everything from complete programs like Ediets, Weight Watchers, Thrive and Nutrisystem to home-made meal plans like the cabbage soup diet, dash diet and grapefruit diet will be thoroughly vetted.  


And, as we travel the road to self-improvement we will overcome challenges, celebrate victories big and small and support each other through it all! I will give you honest advice to help you make informed decisions about your health and wellbeing. 

We might discover a new alternative diet that your entire family loves or a meal plan that makes eating right on the go possible. You may also rethink a new weight loss pill or program after finding out it’s just a gimmick and waste of your investment. Since I am on this journey with you, you can trust my recommendations and reviews. 


I will explore all the old and new nutrition plans to help you make the best choices possible on your fitness journey. Don’t invest in the Medifast, Nutrisystem or Thrive programs until you have read my honest reviews. Once you’ve seen my results with the grapefruit diet, or the cabbage soup diet, you may consider one or more of these comprehensive meal plans. Or, maybe you’ll find something entirely new and exciting to wet your appetite for healthy eating.  


Whatever you take away from our journey together in My Food N’ Fitness Diaries, I hope you enjoy the adventure and information within. Thanks for joining me on the road to health, happiness, and vitality – I know we will have a blast!