Five Friday Favorites

Had to throw in a little alliteration this morning… Winking smile

Three cheers for Friday! I am especially looking forward to this upcoming weekend since Cody gets off work on Monday so we get a three day weekend together. We have some fun things on our agenda including a Diamondbacks game, Cody’s stepbrother’s birthday party, a short overnight trip up to Flagstaff, and possibly some shopping for all things nursery! Other than that, I’m looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying quality time with my two favorite boys.

Since it’s Friday and all, it’s time for our weekly roundup of my favorite things from this week! Thanks to Heather and Katie for the link-up!

Great Grains Crunchy Pecan Cereal

Well, I bought this box of cereal on Monday and I finished it yesterday… I guess that right there tells you how much I have been loving it. Cereal has been making a frequent appearance in my life lately, so I’ve been having fun rotating among some different ones I haven’t tried before. This one is a win! Love those crunchy pecans.


Chase Infinite Tank

Chase Infinite offered to send me one of their tanks to try out, and I’ve been proudly sporting it lately in my classes. First of all, it’s soft and long (two musts for me), and second of all, it’s ridiculously cute! Not to mention the fact that they give $1 towards domestic violence for every tank sold… Can you say awesome or what?! If you guys want to grab a tank for yourself, use the code foodnfit at checkout to get it for $20 + shipping! Score!



We officially have grass in our backyard! This has been an ongoing process for the past few months now, so I can’t tell you how happy I am that we finally have GREEN in our backyard! Cody actually surprised me this past weekend when I was gone in Sacramento by having it all done when I returned home. We were initially planning on doing it together this weekend, but he had it all finished when I got home this past Sunday! It was SUCH a wonderful surprise. Not only does it look a million times better, but I’m also excited for Hunter to have an area to play and the dirt is GONE which means a much cleaner house. Wahoo!


Strawberry Jam

We’ve been working our way through a massive jar of raspberry jam from Costco this past month or so, and we finally finished it up last week. While it’s pretty tasty, it’ll never compare to strawberry jam – my all time favorite. I grabbed some strawberry jam from the grocery store earlier this week, and I’ve been love, love, loving it! Nothing compares to my grandma’s homemade strawberry jam, but this’ll do for now. Winking smile


Quality time with my best friend from college

I already talked about this earlier in the week, but I had to include it in my favorites round up because it was easily one of the best parts of my week! Nothing beats quality time with lots of great conversation and good laughs. I miss that girl already!

Visiting Rach '15

Per usual, I’m teaching my early morning BODYPUMP® class and then I’m hoping to run a few fun errands later this morning if Hunter cooperates. I found some crib bedding online that I think I love from Buy Buy Baby, so we’re going to head over there to pick it up (if I like it as much in person). I’m also on the hunt for some fabric for new throw pillow covers for our living room. This has been on my mind since we got new couches a few months ago, so I’m hoping to finally get it done!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Remembering all those who have fought for our country… Red heart

What’s your favorite “healthy” cereal?

What kind of jam is your favorite?

Any fun plans for the weekend?