04/17/14: Thursday Thoughts

1. Four offers and still no house. I know, right? But, we found our all time favorite out of all them yesterday and we put an offer on it. Crossing all of our fingers and toes that this one goes through! Oh, and it has a pool! Don’t even worry, we’ll have plenty of pool parties for you all to come hang out. Winking smile

2. The good news about the whole moving thing is that our (ex)house in Utah officially sold and closed this week! Hallelujah! I will say, as unfortunate we’ve been with the home buying process so far, I sure am thankful that we sold our house so quickly and had minimal hiccups along the way.

3. Ever since Hunter learned how to wave a couple weeks ago, he’s waving every five seconds at everyone and everything. The dogs, the walls, random people at the grocery store, while I’m changing his diaper, you name it! A cute little “Aye!” goes along with it – I love it! (And apparently he likes playing the drums on the dining room table too.)

4. My brother just introduced me to Sour Patch Stride gum! If you’re a Sour Patch lover like me, you will fall in love.

5. My grandparents from Wisconsin are in town visiting, and my grandma made the best chocolate chip cookies. I can always count on her for her baked goodies!


6. I know, I know, my photography has been a little painful to look at lately. Sorry ‘bout that, friends. To be totally transparent, blogging has been pushed down to the lower end of the priority list the last couple weeks through all of the craziness of the move. I’m excited to be able to put more time into it as we get settled. Thanks for understanding. Winking smile

7. I have a feeling I’m going to have to fight Hunter for the mixer beaters. Can you tell he loves them?

8. We’re having a sushi + game night at my mom and step dad’s house tonight. Yes please!

9. Cody has off on Friday so it’s like a Friday today for all of us! Weeeeeeee!


(Thanks for the fun link-up Amanda!)

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Do you lick the beaters and/or bowl when you’re baking?

Do you like sushi?

Who has off work on Friday?