Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Success Story: Lisa

Hey guys, Ashley here! I have another story to share with you from Lisa about her hypothalamic amenorrhea story. She is still going through her experience with it, so I wanted you to read a different perspective. Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa! Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya Monday!



Hello! I reached out to Ashley because I wanted to share a side of the H.A. journey that is still in the works. It’s always great to read other’s success stories, but sometimes it is nice to know you still have those in the same boat as you..let’s raise our glass!

In 2009, I was settling into college as well as a new fitness routine. I began to become interested in not only my fitness, but also what I consumed. This healthier lifestyle caused me to fall within a unhealthy weight range for about 3 ½ years. It was something I didn’t realize because I was eating extremely healthy and so called “clean” and wasn’t exercising excessively or anything. I decided to go off of the pill in May 2013 just to take a break since I had been on it since I was 16. I was just graduating and felt like my body needed a break from all of the hormones.


Nothing had happened by September 2013, so I went to my obgyn for some simple blood tests. The results were less than comforting; my estrogen was a little low yet not alarming and all of my other results, FSH, LH, and TSH, were within normal levels. My obgyn seemed to turn to the usual answer that I knew was coming which was that I was too thin for being 5’9 and exercised too much. At the time I was running about 20 miles a week with weight training 3 days a week. I cut back the running to about 10-15 miles and the weight training to light weights. This was what I hung on to because exercising was the thing I loved most. My calories also increased during the time being as well. (Winter was a great time to do this J) I added more healthy fats like peanut butter and increased my portions of the foods I was eating as well. Also, I tried two rounds of Provera which only left me with 10lbs of water weight and one discouraged girl..without my monthly cycle.

I was so confused and hurt because I felt like I had gained the necessary weight, yet no signs of being able to produce my own cycle again. Over the next few months, I reached out to many bloggers who shared their stories about H.A. which helped keep my hopes up. My mother was also my biggest supporter, going to appointments, listening to me talk about the worst scenarios, and constantly reassuring me it will be okay.


At my appointment in January 2014, my obgyn seemed lost as I was maintaining a healthy weight, yet still had no signs of spotting. I was put on a low dose estrogen pill for a month, but decided to go off because I wanted to know what was wrong and not keep pushing this under the rug. The good thing that this showed was that I can produce a cycle while on birth control!

I got engaged in February of 2014 to my boyfriend of 3 years and began to worry again even more about my cycle. I once again went back to the obgyn who brought up the idea of seeing a fertility specialist. After bringing up the idea of PCOS, she ran an ultrasound and let me know that I have a cluster of cysts on one ovary, but the other seems fine. At this time, she still isn’t sure why I cannot produce a period on my own, but I am in the process of going to see a specialist.


I just want you ladies to know that doctors may not always have the answer; they are people too who just have to keep working with trial and error. What may work for one girl may not for another. However, I will get this figured out and if I cannot have children of my own, then that isn’t anything that will change IF I have children. They will be children and I will love them the day, they may just not be blood related. I am healthy with an extremely loving family and that is what matters.