Couldn’t Have Been Better

Oh man, this weekend really couldn’t have better you guys.

After last week, I was SO ready for some down time, quality time with my boys, and checking some things off our to-do list. Not to mention there was lots of good food and no official workouts, which was just what my body needed after a crazy week. Of course I was pretty terrible at taking photos for half of the weekend, but hey, it happens. #badblogger

Let’s back up to Friday evening. Cody, Hunter, and I decided to venture into downtown Gilbert and check out the food trucks they have every weekend. We heard about it from some of our friends, and it was a fun time. There was live music and about a dozen food trucks with various cuisines and ethnic foods.


It was hard to choose what we wanted to eat, but we ended up choosing a barbecue entrée that included a pulled brisket sandwich, macaroni & cheese, and coleslaw, and then a quesadilla stuffed with lots of cheese, carne asada, green chiles, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Cody and I (and Hunter) split them so we could get tastes of both. All the food was really good, but the quesadilla totally stole the show.


Whoa blurry photo. But there we are.

From there, we walked around downtown and discovered a few restaurants we want to try out some time. I love our new little town!

Every.single.morning we all SLEPT IN! It was glorious and so very needed. Throughout the mornings and early afternoons of the weekend, we did a couple home updates/projects we’ve been wanting to do. I got a new desk and chair for the living room to work from so I can be in on the action but still have a workplace. It’s a much better setup than the couch. Winking smile


And Cody built us a bench for our entry way! We don’t have a huge entry area, but I wanted something that people could drop their stuff on and also use to put on Hunter’s shoes. I painted it a light gray/blue that matches perfect with the rest of our living room color and décor. I’m so pleased with it!


I was able to do some other random stuff indoors like cleaning, organizing, learning BodyPump 91, and other random stuff while Cody worked on some stuff outdoors. (P.S. I’m SO excited for FALL WEATHER! Anyone else?!)


The evenings were some of the best parts of the weekend, but of course those were the moments that I forgot to take photos. Oh well. We decided to go to our church’s Saturday evening service and invited some friends over afterward to eat homemade pizza and pizookies! It was a fun night.


Sunday night was spent with Cody’s side of the family – swimming, eating, chatting – some great family time. And then Monday evening was spent with my mom and stepdad’s side of the family – more swimming, eating, and chatting. Hehe. I DID remember to snap a photo of my plate on Monday evening. One of my favorite meals – ribs, homemade baked beans, cheesy potatoes, and salad. I LOVE barbecue!


Oh, and here’s another of Hunter playing on his trike at Grammy and Grampy’s house. He adores that little stuffed dog he was holding!


These are the moments I’m reminded of how grateful I am to be near family again. I always love the family hang outs!

Let’s bring on a new week, shall we?!

Tell me some fun things about YOUR weekend?!

Is it cooling off near you yet? (If so, please send some our way!)

Do you like barbecue?