Faith > Fear

I came across this quote on Pinterest yesterday, and it really spoke to me.

faith bigger than fear

Fear used to overwhelm my life. I used to be really good at saying “no” and giving excuses, all out of fear. (Now I have the opposite problem… Gotta work on that whole saying “no” thing sometimes. Ha.)

Anything that would maybe make me feel out of my comfort zone was out of the question. No way. The question of “what if ______?” always flooded my mind in new or uncomfortable situations.

Then, I did it. I challenged myself. I overcame some of my biggest fears. And then I wanted to do it again. And again. And again.

Jumping out of your comfort zone and conquering your fears is like a drug. It’s addicting! You jump out of your comfort zone once, see how great it is, how much it challenges you, how much you grow, aaaaand you want to do it all over again!

Having faith, jumping in headfirst, and conquering your fears is the most freeing feeling. Try it sometime. Winking smile

Remember: faith > fear

How does this quote relate to your life?

Does going out of your comfort zone come easy to you?

When is a time that you’ve gone out of your comfort zone and something great came out of it?

What is something that you fear and want to overcome?