Tropical Breeze Smoothie + Workouts/Meals

Welcome to a new week, friends!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was pretty low key over here. Friday night was spent with family because my grandparents were in town visiting, and Saturday and Sunday were spent close to home since Hunter was feeling a little under the weather. Unfortunately it seems as though he got the cold I was fighting earlier in the week. The positive side of things is that we got some things done around the house that we’ve been wanting to do like dusting fans, ironing the curtains for the nursery, and touching up paint in various places … all those things that you never really love to do, but are necessary, you know?

Sunday afternoon I headed over to my parents’ house for a bridal shower to celebrate my sister and her upcoming wedding! It was a fun afternoon showering the soon-to-be bride with love and gifts.


Tropical Breeze Smoothie

Moving on to what I really wanted to tell you about today … this Tropical Breeze Smoothie.

Tropical Breeze Smoothie 2

We’ve majorly been into smoothies at our house lately, and this one in particular has become one of our new favorites. It resulted when I was craving something cold and refreshing, so I threw a bunch of “tropical-ish” ingredients in the blender and hoped for the best. Sure enough, it came out super tasty and is definitely worth a share with you guys.

Tropical Breeze Smoothie

Yields: 2 large smoothies



Blend together all ingredients, pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy!

Tropical Breeze Smoothie

Weekly Workouts & Meals

Onto our weekly edition of “Weekly Workouts & Meals” here on My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries where we take a look at my workouts and meals from last week to help keep me stay accountable and give you some new ideas for your week ahead!

Weekly Workouts & Meals

Workouts from last week:

  • Monday (08/24/15): Taught BODYPUMP® class
  • Tuesday (08/25/15): Rest
  • Wednesday (08/26/15): Rest
  • Thursday (08/27/15): Taught BODYPUMP® class
  • Friday (08/28/15): Yoga Fix (from 21 Day Fix at-home DVD workouts)
  • Saturday (08/29/15): Rest
  • Sunday (08/30/15): Rest

Thoughts on my workouts:

You’ll notice there are a lot more rest days included in last week’s workouts, but for good reason. I wasn’t feeling 100% most of the week, so I got subs for a couple of my classes and opted to rest over exercise. I didn’t want to overdo it being 35 weeks pregnant and sick, so I think it was a good decision to take it down a notch. My long term sub for my Friday 5:30 AM BODYPUMP® class has officially taken over for me from here on out too. I’m not sleeping well at night, so it made it really difficult to get up early to teach by the end of the week. I don’t want to go into labor tired and exhausted (or sick!), so I feel like slowly handing off my classes in the next few weeks will be a good plan. This coming week, I’ll still teach my regular Monday, Wednesday, Thursday classes, and then try to add in some lower intensity options like yoga and walking on the other days.

Meals from last week:

  • Crock Pot Salsa Chicken Tacos
  • Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
  • Sloppy Joe’s, corn on the cob, & steamed broccoli
  • Scrambled eggs + veggies

Meals were SUPER easy and nothing special last week, but they did the job. I’m getting lazier by the day when it comes to cooking, and not feeling well last week didn’t help things either. If anyone has any super easy meal ideas to share (Crock Pot or otherwise!), please pass them along!

We’re still working on getting Hunter back to feeling 100% over here today, but I think we’re past the worst of it so hopefully we’ll be back to our normal activities tomorrow.

Hope you have a great Monday!

Questions for you!

How was your weekend?

What’s your favorite smoothie combination lately?

Easy dinner ideas?!

What was your favorite workout and/or meal from last week?

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