Friday Favorites: 07/25/14

You guys have some amazing smoothie ideas! I’m excited to try out some of your combos.

Just as a reminder, you still have a few more days to enter both giveaways – the Skoop B-STRONG and the Swanson $45 gift card!

So today is Friday (duh), and I have a lot of favorite things going on this week, so naturally we’re going Friday Favorites style today. Thanks to Heather from Housewife Glamour for the fun link-up!


I’m officially a Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor!

I got my video assessment results in yesterday, and I PASSED! This makes me an official Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor. (I was able to teach up until I filmed/submitted my video, but passing the assessment video is what officially makes you an instructor. You can read more about how to become a BODYPUMP instructor HERE.) Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel! Getting certified is definitely one of the top best things I’ve ever done – no joke. I’m THRILLED to be on this journey and mission to create a fitter planet with the rest of the Les Mills tribe! YAY!


SUBZERO ice cream

We went out for ice cream last night in honor of my above accomplishment because obviously ice cream is the best way to celebrate. I put out a little vote on my Facebook page to ask whether I should go with my tried and true Coldstone or opt for something new like SUBZERO. We ended up going with the SUBZERO for something new and different. It was a fun experience – they start with a liquid cream base, you choose your flavor ice cream and your add-ins, and then they freeze it right in front of you with liquid nitrogen. The ice cream was pretty good too, but I still love my Coldstone.


A good sale

I’m totally a bargain shopper – especially when it comes to things that I know won’t last forever, stay in style that long, etc. Needless to say, I get pretty giddy inside when I find a good sale, especially on something that I LOVE. I had to pick up a few things at Target the other day, and naturally I decided to wander down the shoe aisle and through the women’s clothing clearance racks. That’s just what happens when you go to Target, am I right?! I squealed with delight when I found an adorable coral romper (you guys know my recent obsession with rompers) for $12 and a pair of gold sandals for $10! Talk about a total steal!


Costco food court dinners

Once every 1-2 weeks, we’ve been eating dinner at Costco’s food court. Classy, I know. Cody likes Costco, so it’s fun to make it a family event. We go in the evening after he gets home from work since it’s not as crowded as the weekend days, and then we grab dinner while we’re there. I’ve been LOVING their hot dogs lately. I used to despise hot dogs, but these are 100% beef and taste good. Don’t judge me. Winking smile Both Cody and Hunter are in heaven because they get their favorite thing ever – pizza. Oh, and the best thing about it all? No cooking or clean up! It’s a win-win all around!

A happy Hunter

Between teething and sickness, last week was a rough one. Thankfully this week has been MUCH better. We have our happy Hunter back, and it’s been so fun! He’s such a goofball and is always making Cody and me laugh. I’m so happy to see he’s feeling better again. Love that little boy so much!


The Crock Pot

I’ve talked about my love affair with the Crock Pot in the past, and it only continues. It delivers warm, comforting soups and chili during the winter months and instantly makes a meal without heating up the house in the summer months. It’s all around amazing. I’ve been subbing a few late afternoon classes lately, so it’s been nice to come home and have dinner ready without having to worry about throwing something together last minute. Just the other night, I made these BBQ Nachos using the Crock Pot. They were pretty tasty! Different, but good.


Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!

What are some of YOUR favorites from this week?!