Workin’ on My Fitness

Happy Friday my friends!

Fridays are always pretty darn sweet, but they’re just a tad sweeter after a crazy week and a three day weekend ahead, am I right?! I feel like each day this week has been rush here, rush there … just craziness. I’m ready for a relaxing and low key weekend! Things should be slowing down a bit next week too, so that’ll be nice.

I wanted to zero in on my fitness a little bit today. I don’t have to put a whole lot of thought into my workouts each week because my workouts are typically the classes I teach. This can be a good and bad thing I suppose. It’s nice not having to plan out workouts or put much thought into them, but it’s also easy to just go through the motions without figuring out where I can improve or change things.


Below are some things I’m going to be focusing and improving on in my fitness these next few months:

Decrease my BodyPump classes

As much as I love it, too much of a good thing can be bad. I’ve been teaching four of my own BodyPump classes each week, and then sometimes I will sub one class which totals five BodyPump classes per week. Way too much. Not only is my body feeling it, but I need and want some more variety too. BodyPump isn’t meant to do almost daily! Starting in two weeks, I’ll be cutting back to three BodyPump classes per week. I’m looking forward to putting my energy into some other workouts!

Add weight to my bar

Because I’ve been teaching so many BodyPump classes each week, it’s been more challenging for me to add weight to my bar since my body is tired. I’m hoping to start gradually adding more weight to my bar as I decrease my classes to help me get stronger.

Do more core work

Ever since I had Hunter, I’ve noticed my core is weaker than it’s ever been (which is very normal post pregnancy). My core has never really been a “trouble area” for me, so it’s more difficult for me to feel motivated to work on it. However, I can definitely tell the muscles could use some extra attention. We really focus in on our core for about five minutes each BodyPump workout (along with bracing it during other exercises), but it doesn’t always feel like it’s enough. I’d like to tack on some core exercises to my cardio workouts a couple times a week to help strengthen my core.

Incorporate more variety in my routine

I really want to add some more cardio and yoga into my weeks. I’m thinking a higher intensity cardio workout like a cycle class or HIIT workout and/or a more moderate cardio workout like the elliptical, incline walk, or easy jog would be good additions. I’ve been pretty good about getting yoga in at least once per week the last few weeks, and my body is LOVING it. I want to keep up with this. I tried out a Sunday morning yoga flow class at my gym this past weekend, and it was so nice to stretch and relax my body. It works out great to go before church, so I hope to make it a regular thing.


I’ll keep ya updated on how I do with everything! Winking smile

Make it a great day!

What are some things you want to focus and/or improve on in your fitness routine?

Any fun plans for the long weekend?!

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