Treating Myself

I’ve heard it again and again – how important it is to take care of yourself, make some time specifically for YOU, and to treat yourself every once in awhile. I really couldn’t agree more, but that doesn’t mean I’m great at it. As a mom (and a relatively new one at that), I’ve found it more challenging to take time for myself in the past 16 months. My time, money, and resources are more limited now that my life is very much centered around a little boy named Hunter. But, that shouldn’t be an excuse. In fact, I feel like I’m a much better mother (and wife, daughter, sister, friend, and person in general) when I allow some time for myself. I’ve actually been doing a pretty good job at it these last couple months, but it’s still something I have to be conscious about doing.

“Treating myself” doesn’t have to be in the form of spending a ton of money or leaving my family for days at a time (this is not to say that it can’t be those things though). A simple walk, coffee with a girlfriend, or a fun group fitness class can be just as beneficial and not super expensive or time consuming.

Along the lines of treating myself, I’ve been wanting to be a part of Becky’s Treat Yourself Tuesday link-up for months now, and I’m finally remembering to join in on the fun this week!


Without further ado, here’s some ways I’ve treated myself lately:

A haircut and highlights

My hair needed some attention in a bad way. You couldn’t miss my super obvious roots and my hair was embarrassingly dry with too many split ends to count. I’ve been putting off a hair appointment for a long while since I don’t have a stylist I know of near our new home. My appointment also had to happen when Cody was available to be with Hunter. I finally did some searching at various salons nearby, read lots of Yelp reviews, and bit the bullet. I didn’t need anything drastic done, so I figured whoever did my hair couldn’t mess it up too bad. Thank goodness, I got SUPER lucky and am pretty positive I found my new hair stylist for the rest of eternity. I decided to go with a basic trim to clean up my ends (since I’m growing out my hair), and some golden blonde highlights interspersed with my natural color. It’s still pretty blonde for summer, but not so drastic that my roots will be showing by next week. I absolutely love it!


I know – a repeat photo – lame! I meant to take a better photo, but you can kinda sorta get an idea here. It actually looks blonder in person though.

The salon visit was incredibly relaxing and seriously came on the perfect day. After a not-so-great week, it was the perfect way to spend part of my Saturday.

Nothing Bundt Cakes Lemon Bundtlet

If you have a Nothing Bundt Cakes near you, go get in your car this very minute and drive there to get a cake. I’ve never considered myself a huge cake person, but this place totally makes me one. They have the most amazing moist bundt cakes and the BEST cream cheese frosting in all the earth. I’m not even exaggerating! Thanks to a generous gift card from my mother-in-law, Cody and I treated ourselves to getting our own bundlet (single serving bundt cake) for dessert this past weekend. The lemon is my favorite and with extra frosting of course!


A glorious nap

I’m not much of a napper – never really have been. My mom has never understood this about me, but I guess I just have my dad’s busy body genes. I can sleep when I’m dead, right? Ha. I wish that were the case. Since Hunter was born, I’ve been able to appreciate naps more though. They’re still not my favorite thing, but I’d much rather take a quick snooze if it means that I can be happier and more productive. Naps don’t happen a whole lot for me, but when I need one, I don’t hesitate. Last Friday, I took a glorious two hour nap while Hunter took his nap, and it was SO needed. My body was exhausted and I hadn’t slept well for several nights in a row. I felt like a new woman when I woke up! I was especially grateful that Hunter decided it was going to be a good nap day for him too. Smile

I’ve been reading … a lot

I went from hardly touching a book for a few months to not being able to put my book down this past week! I guess a good book will do that to ya, eh? The Elizabeth Smart book that Katie sent me was super intriguing to me and kept me hooked throughout the entire thing. I made a point of turning into bed a little bit early every night this past week so I could get a good 30-45 minutes of reading in before I went to sleep. I may or may not have chose reading over some household chores here and there too. Whoops.


I’m officially teaching three of my own BODYPUMP classes each week now. I feel so blessed and fortunate that it’s worked out the way it has. I am absolutely LOVING every minute of it. I know Hunter is in great hands at the gym daycare, and I get to do what I love with a community of like-minded people. I’m totally in my element and it’s such a treat for me to have that time for ME each week.


Meeting a new friend!

I recognize that it takes time to meet new friends and grow relationships when you move to a new place, but I’ve been starting to feel a little antsy about developing some solid friendships in our area. We have some good friends that we know from when we used to live here, but they live a good drive away from us, so finding some friends nearby will be nice. I’m joining MOPS and we’ll be kicking off our small group through our church in mid August, so all of that should present some good opportunities to meet new people. All of that being said, I was super grateful that our new small group leader called and invited me over for a little play date last Friday. She has an almost two year old, so the boys had a fun time playing while us moms got to know one another a bit. Even though it was fun for the boys, I think it was even more of a treat for us moms. It’s always a nice reprieve when you get some of that adult interaction during the day!

YOUR turn … How have you treated yourself lately?!

P.S. The Fitnessista had a great post yesterday along the lines of treating yourself and self care. Check it out!