Friday Favorites: 01/30/15

Hold the phone… It’s the last Friday of January?! Already?

Pure craziness.

I’m kind of excited though. February and March are probably my favorite months in Arizona. Funny because they’re my least favorite months in Utah! It’s basically like our spring here in Arizona with incredibly mild temperatures and sunshine (but really, when is it not sunny in AZ?) making it my favorite type of weather. Not to mention my birthday is at the beginning of March and Hunter’s birthday is at the end of March! Should be a fun-filled couple months.

So, it’s time for some Friday Favorites! This is where I get to tell you about my favorite things from the week. I’m all about ending the week on a happy note. Smile Thanks to Heather and Katie for the link-up!

Girl Scout Cookies

Well duh. If you read my post from Wednesday, you knew this was a total given! Who doesn’t like Girl Scout Cookies?! We’ve been chowing on a few of these each evening after dinner and now that we’re at the end of each of the boxes, I’m wishing I would’ve bought another box or two!


Booking Flights to New York City!

It’s official – I’m going to New York City! I’ve actually never been and have always wanted to, so I’m incredibly excited. Cody has a training for work out there in a couple weeks so I’m tagging along. It makes for a super cheap trip (since all of his expenses are paid for), so we’re taking full advantage. It’ll be a long week away from my little man, but I know he’ll be in good hands with his grandparents and I knew I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity.

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

I know, I know, I think I’ve mentioned this book at least a handful of times over the course of the past week, but it’s just been that good! Like, all I’ve wanted to do is reeeeeaaaaad! I finally finished the book yesterday, so I plan on heading to the library this morning to return books and grab a couple new ones. I’m hoping they have Something Blue (the sequel to Something Borrowed) on the shelves, and I also want to grab one of Liane Moriarty’s books.


Bagel + cream cheese + egg sandwiches

I’ve been just a little obsessed with this combo this week. An everything bagel topped with plain cream cheese and an over medium egg sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Yes please! Try it…you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Peanut Butter & Co. Peanut Butter

I love when my pantry is stocked with a few new jars of various Peanut Butter & Co. flavors. I’ve been randomly dipping my spoon in Dark Chocolate Dreams and The Bees Knees and loving every bite!

I’m officially a certified Les Mills RPM Instructor!

Yay! I got my official certification earlier this week, and I am so relieved to have finally completed everything to be an RPM instructor. I’ve really enjoyed teaching this format over the course of the past couple months, and I’m excited to continue on this journey!

Les Mills RPM Certification

I have my early 5:30 AM BodyPump class on the agenda for this morning, and then I hope to get the house cleaned and take down the last of some of my winter décor. Should be a great, productive day!

I hope you have a weekend full of fun and relaxation!

What are some of your favorite things from this week?

What are your favorite months?

Have you ever been to NYC? Any restaurants you’d recommend?