Finding Encouragement in Healthy Living Blogs

I told myself I was going to go for a run this morning, but when my alarm clock went off and I got out of bed, I knew it just wasn’t happenin’.  I woke up feeling not even a slight bit motivated, and I was starving for whatever reason.  I don’t like eating (or at least much) before I go for a run because it upsets my stomach.  I opted to eat my breakfast, and blog with my good ol’ cup of joe this morning, and I WILL do a cardio workout later this afternoon after work.  Yes, yes, yes I will. 😉

Today I wanted to talk about the encouragement and positivity I see in so many of the healthy living blogs, and how much I appreciate it.  I just started a “healthy living blog” within the past month, and it has literally changed my life for the better.  Not only do I look forward to reading about all of these fabulous women’s lives, looking at beautiful food photography,  and trying new recipes, but I love the encouragement and enthusiasm for healthy living that is behind each of their blog posts.  They inspire me, encourage me, and motivate me.  (Make sure you check out my “Blog Roll” tab to see other great healthy living blogs!) 

I was talking to my wonderful stepmom the other day about my new(er) blog, and she was telling me how much she enjoyed it.  I told her I appreciated it, and writing in it is something that I look forward to every day.  I love being able to write and inspire others through my healthy living journey.  I also told her that it’s so refreshing to me to read other blogs and see that women can LOVE food too.  I know that sounds weird, but I feel like in our society, women are so often supposed to look “a certain way” aka skin and bones, and they have to eat like birds to maintain that “skinny image”. 

I’ve always loved food, and I have almost always felt ashamed (for lack of a better word) to admit such a thing. *Gasp!*  It’s refreshing to me to know that there are tons of other women out there can love food as much as I do, ENJOY IT (most importantly), and still maintin an active, healthy lifestyle. 

I’ve been reading tons of other healthy living blogs over the weekend, and many of the bloggers were at the Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia the past few days.  It looked like such an awesome experience!  A bunch of people coming together with a common passion, encouraging one another, and enjoying one another’s company through healthy, delicious foods and exercise.  It sounds like my kinda weekend!  I would LOVE to attend the Healthy Living Summit next year.  I’ll add that to one of my goals for 2012! 😉 

I have lots of goals for my healthy living blog, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  I appreciate each and every one of my readers, and I hope I am making some sort of impact on you as so many of the other healthy living bloggers have done for me.  Please let me know if there’s a topic you would like me to post about!  I’m always up for some new ideas.  Look at my “Contact Me” tab to see how you can get a hold of me.  I would love to hear from you! 


  • How are you encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Which healthy living blogs are your favorites?  Why?
  • Do you (as a woman) ever feel “bad” or “ashamed” for loving food so much?
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      I’m so glad you did too because now I get to read your blog. :) Thanks for stopping by!

      I agree, the blogs I read are totally motivation for me! Have a great day!

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    I get encouraged by reading the success of others living healthy and making changes. It helps me with staying focused on what I need to be doing. I really like yours because you are posting something daily, and for the most part multiple times in the day! Wow!
    I have an e-mail sent to me on a daily basis and the things I open and read are quick healthy recipes and exercise routines or moves that target specific parts of the body or new ideas to make cardio fun, cardio is my hardest thing to get excited about and is seriously a push for me to make myself do it. I have improved greatly by pushing myself and realize I am growing to like it, but I like ideas. The things in that email I have quit opening are how so and so lost 50+ lbs because of all of them I have opened and read in the past have never helped me to see or learn what they did. Most just say what finally pushed them to make changes and how their life changed, not the how they did it with any detail to the changes. I get tempted once in awhile to see if another post is any different and open with disappointment, so details are a great thing for me! Bob from Biggest Loser has been good for me because he generally throws a quick question out there regarding health and it makes you think, hummmm, did I eat a healthy breakfast, did I even eat? What did I do today that was healthy? Stuff like that. Anyway, enough of my ramblings..have a great day between the blogs and I am motivating you to get that cardio done after work, yes, yes you can! <3 U I guess If I can motivate you by saying yes yes you can I should apply it to myself, hummmmm, downstairs is calling my name today and use what I have to get in a workout…I will let you know. :)

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    I LOVE healthy living blogs, and I love blogging too. Like you said, I look forward to being inspired by all these women who balance food, fitness, and life. Blogging has changed my life for the better, I actually feel like I finally love my body because I’m so inspired by these women.
    &I sooooo want to go to HLS next year! It sounds like a blast!

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