Dessert EVERY Day of the Week!

Let’s just start off by making this clear: I LOVE SUGAR AND MOST FORMS OF SUGAR.  If I had to tell you one “food group” (yes, I consider dessert a food group) that I have a hard time resisting, it would most definitely be dessert.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the double whammy sweet tooth.  😉  

That being said, I rarely go a day without something sweet.  No, I do not indulge in a full fledged 800 calorie brownie and ice cream sundae each evening, but I do enjoy a small dessert to satisfy me.  I try to keep it within 100-200 calories, and try to justify whatever it is that I choose to eat to have some sort of nutritional benefit.  (i.e. icecream=calcium!)  Here’s some of my favorite “mini dessert” ideas I have come up with to satisfy my sweet tooth without blowing it out of the water:

  • Light Ice Cream (1/2 to 3/4 cup)


  • Hot Chocolate (made with milk)
  • Frozen yogurt

  • Pudding with a graham cracker
  • “Healthified” baked goods

And of course, I absolutely will from time-to-time indulge in a pizookie and icecream…

Or a thick and creamy shake…

I do indulge in the “big time” desserts only for special occasions.  What’s life without sugar?! 😉


  • Do you have something sweet each day?
  • What are your favorite “healthier” dessert options?
  • What are you favorite desserts in general?









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  1. says

    Yes. I have to have sweets. I’m an addict. I can’t help it. My mom runs a bakery out of our house so I think I was doomed from the beginning.
    My favorite “healthy” dessert is strawberries with frozen light cool whip. It reminds me of ice cream!
    My favorite desserts in general are my mom’s cheesecake, chocolate scotcharoos, and heath bar flurries.

  2. says

    I do have something sweet every day, usually an hour or so after dinner. Most of the time I have one cookie (typically a Newman O) but on occasion (like tonight!) I’ll have a bit of ice cream.

  3. says

    My family name actually means sweet so I come from a very big sugar loving family. I HAVE to have something sweet everyday too 😀
    My current favorite “more healthier” sweet snack is frozen yogurt, YUM!!

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