Scents of Fall

It sure is starting to feel a lot more like fall around here… Each day I feel like the days get a little bit shorter and the air gets a little cooler and crisper.  When I was at Wal Mart yesterday, I noticed all of the pretty fall decor that was along the aisles.  I’m not usually a big “spender”, but it was really hard for me not to buy anything (major).  I just love everything about fall… the weather, the cool air (without snow), the colors on the trees, sweaters and boots, PUMPKIN, and also the smells.  What specific fragrances/smells come to mind when you think of fall?  I usually think of  apple pie, cinnamon, candy apple, pumpkin pie, apple cider…

As I was walking past the candles and fragrance section, I noticed some scented wax “smell goods” to put in the Scentsy “candle” that we have in our kitchen. 

We have all different scents, but we did not have was any fall scents (TRAGIC!).  I immediately decided that buying a couple scented waxes was “okay” because we definitely needed some fall scents.  I came home with these two lovely scents: Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Baked Apple Streudal.  I couldn’t wait to get home and let them melt away in our Scentsy candle. 

I decided to use the Baked Apple Streudal first.  As much as I like it, I think Spiced Pumpkin Pie will be my favorite.  I decided to save the “best for last” and use the Spiced Pumpkin Pie until it’s a little more fall-ish.  I have a feeling when I stick the pumpkin one in that I’ll be craving pumpkin everything and anything even more than I am now (scary thought).  

Off I go to enjoy another “almost fall” day!  Have a good one! 😉


  • What are your favorite fall scents?
  • Do you have a Scentsy candle?
  • Do you burn candles or use fragrances around your home?


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  1. says

    My favorite Fall scent is probably pumpkin spice or something similar. I love the spicy ones. I don’t use fragrances because I feel like they can be a little overpowering (personal opinion). Candles tend to blend into the background and are a much softer scent. Plus I love the warm glow of a good candle. :)

  2. says

    I KNOW…the days are getting cooler, I had to wear a jacket to the gym. Okay, candles are one of my favorite things in the world! I am so simple and my favorite scent is VANILLA…..heavenly:) Hope you are having an amazing day!

  3. says

    Hi Ashley- on your comment, you said one of your essentials was a great sports bra- I desperately need to replace some of mine- do you have any specific kinds you like? Thanks!

    • Ashley says

      I tend to buy Champion sports bras… I think they are comfortable, supportive, AND won’t break the bank. (Some other name brand sports bras can be crazy pricey!) Hope this helps! :)

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