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Today I wanted to share a little about how my choice of foods that I have put in my body have changed over the past five-ish years.  When I first went away to college, I fell into some disordered eating habits which resulted in me being very strict with my calorie intake.  I was all about meals being the lowest in calories that they could possibly be.  I looked for pretty much only nonfat foods (because they were lower in calories), drank a TON of diet soda, and had more Lean Cuisines than I can count.  This left me feeling unsatisfied all.the.time.

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As time went on and I overcame my eating battles, I’ve recognized the importance of wholesome, real, and nutritious food.  It’s the best discovery I have ever made!  It really is quite simple: whole grains, fresh fruits vegetables, unprocessed meat.  If it is so simple, then why did I have such a hard time getting to the point where I desire real food?

I have worked with a ton of people (in my personal training days) that want to lose weight.  They do exactly what I used to do by running to diet soda, Lean Cuisines, fat free this and no sugar that…just because it is low calorie.  Eventually, they go binge on all of the marvelous fats and sugar they have been craving because their body has been missing it, and then they came to  me wondering why they’re not losing weight.  Then they go back to their low cal drinks and highly processed foods to continue to try to lose the weight.  It’s a viscious cycle.  Remember, your body needs some healthy fats and sugars, so don’t deprive yourself!  Practice balance – in other words, don’t go crazy on fat and sugars, but don’t completely shun them either.

I’ll put it straight blank for you: eat a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, beans, and nuts.  Of course, stay within your “calorie range”, but eat real food.  Stay away from the artificial sweeteners, the high sodium canned goods, the frozen meals, the “diet” drinks, etc.  Just remember that the higher the sodium content on a nutrition facts label, the more processed the food likely is.  Ever since I started focusing on eating wholesome, nutritious, real food, I have felt more satisfied, more energetic, and don’t have crazy cravings all the time.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect here.  I still have the occasional packet of Splenda in my coffee or the rare can of diet soda.  However, for the most part, I desire and crave healthy, wholesome, and nutritious foods.  I feel so much better when I eat the real deal rather than an artificial form of food.


I want to encourage you to get out of the processed/artificial foods and drinks rut, and get into the eating real foods groove!  It might be difficult at first because your body is used to all of the sodium, artificial sweeteners, and other chemical ingredients.  However, if you keep at it, your body will start craving wholesome, nutritious, real foods.  I promise that you won’t regret it!  😉


  • Did you ever go through a phase of eating/drinking diet and nonfat everything?
  • Do you have a highly processed or artificial food/drink that you would have a hard time letting go? 


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    I totally went through this cycle myself!. It became so bad that I would have horrible binges where I craved all processed carbs. I never lost weight, in fact i gained! I think there is something to the theory of your body craving what your feeding it. So eat REAL FOODS! I couldn’t agree with you more. Great post!

  2. says

    It is funny, but I have never liked the artificial sugars or artificial fats so I never went through the diet drink or non fat phase as I had read enough on the ill effects of those. Needless to say, I have eaten plenty of real sugar and fat items which is why I am here…LOL. I have known for along time real food, wholesome nutritious foods was the was to go, but I was/am addicted to sugar and fat and it has taken, is taking me awhile to get all the way off of eating that way. Doing so much better! Comparing the way I used to eat to now….OMG! I have come along way!

  3. says

    Such a great post – I think its really easy to fall into the trap when you’re first trying to ‘be healthier’ of thinking that healthy eating requires all these fancy different foods, when really you just need to eat more of the whole, natural ones! I still drink a lot of diet coke, especially when I’m out with friends, so I would have a bit of a problem giving that up :/ other than that I’ve pretty much learnt that reduced fat cereal bars etc means more sugar and just makes me hungrier a lot faster!

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    I did the same thing you did – all the low-calorie and sugar-free foods I could find! I ate those 10 calorie sugar free jello snacks like they were going out of style! Then what happened? My body could no longer tolerate sorbitol! I had eaten so much that my digestive system couldn’t handle it anymore! I’ve been great about eating as much all natural food over the past few months, but my biggest issue is adding back in healthy fats and carbs – I still have that low calorie mentality, and I’m not even trying to lose weight! It takes a daily effort but I know I’ll feel better in the end!

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    I never had soda or frozen meals growing up but I was surrounded by it in college so I jumped on the band wagon. I always felt bloated and sluggish. Now, like you I try to eat well most of the time but I don’t beat myself up when I have some prepackaged food.

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