DIY Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkin… I know you’ve seen a ton of it flying around the blog world these days, but if you’re like me, I can’t complain one bit!  I don’t care if everyone is posting recipes about it and talking about how much they love it, because I love it too!  The more pumpkin recipes, the better, in my opinion.


Well, good news – I have yet another pumpkin recipe for you!  It’s not a pumpkin bread, or muffins, or cupcakes, or oatmeal, but yep, you guessed it – a pumpkin spiced latte!  Unfortunately, I can’t in any way take credit for this.  My aunt gave it to me, and she  found it on the Crock Pot Girls Facebook page.  It looks like they have a website too, so make sure you check it out!  

Let’s just be honest here first though, who doesn’t like one of these bad boys?! 



Let’s be honest again… Who doesn’t like spending $4-5 on one of those amazing and addicting Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Lattes?!  (Umm, I sure don’t!)

Ok, well problem solved with this ingenius pumpkin spiced latte recipe!  Plus, it’s in the Crock Pot, and you know what that means – easy peasy!


Pumpkin Spice Latte

(Courtesy of Crock Pot Girls)

 Servings: 3

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours


  • 1/2 cup brewed espresso or3/4 cup strong coffee
  • 2 cups milk (1% recommended)
  • 2 tablespoons canned pureed pumpkin
  • 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice or 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/8 teaspoon cloves
  • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
  • Tiny pinch of ground ginger
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla extract
  • Whipped cream (optional)


  1. Add coffee/espresso and milk to a Crock Pot
  2. Whisk in pumpkin, spices, sugar, and vanilla
  3. Cover and cook on high for two hours
  4. Whisk again and ladle into mugs
  5. Garnish with whipped cream and additional cinnamon


Ummm holy stinkin’ cow, doesn’t this sound amazing?!  And also incredibly easy?!  I still have yet to try it as I just got the recipe yesterday.  I was just too excited to share it with you, so I had to talk about it immediately.  Please try this and let me know how you like it!  I plan on it tomorrow since it’s my day off.  Seriously though, I don’t understand how this can’t be amazing…

Last thing, it’s time to announce my giveaway winner!  Maria at La Piattini is the winner!  Maria, please email me at with your mailing information, so you can claim your prize!  Congratulations, Maria!



  • Do you love pumpkin spiced lattes? 
  • How often do you go to Starbucks?




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    • Ashley says

      That’s exactly what I thought when I got the recipe… I would’ve never have thought to do lattes in a crockpot. I’m excited to try other kinds too now!

  1. says

    thank you thank you thank you for posting this recipe! I shudder at the thought of how much money I spend on those delicious drinks and now I don’t have too! Can’t wait to try this!! :)

  2. Kaitlin says

    I really like this recipe. Mine came out slightly thickish and a tad bitter. Any recommendations for sweeting it up a bit and making it more loose?

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