New Little Personal Challenge

You may have read in my October goals that one thing I’d like to work on this month is “slowing down” on my ice cream and/or fro-yo consumption.  In no way could, or would, I ever deprive myself of the stuff, but there is a time when you need to say “no” every once in awhile when it’s calling your name almost every evening after dinner.  I just can’t help it – I love the stuff.

In an effort to calm my almost-every-evening ice cream cravings, I decided to make a little personal challenge for myself that’s inspired by Lindsay in her recent post, “A Chocolate A Day“.  She talked about the fact that she usually craves something sweet after dinner, so she curbs her cravings by having a small piece of dark chocolate (or two) each evening to satisfy her sweet tooth.  I thought this was a great idea!  I, too, get a craving for something sweet after dinner, and it usually results in a bowl mug of ice cream.


Instead of breaking out the carton of ice cream, I plan on enjoying a piece or two of dark chocolate each evening.  Dark chocolate is rich and satisfying (and full of antioxidants!), so I thought it’d be a good choice.  As I made my weekly trip to the grocery store yesterday, I picked up some of these guys to help me out with my challenge. 

Dove chocolate is one of my favorite brands of chocolate (that won’t break the bank), and they even have fun little “promise” messages inside the wrapper!  I totally agree with this one!

I will of course still enjoy a dessert or two or three over the weekend, but I would like to keep my ice cream and other dessert indulgences for what I’d like to call “special occasions”.  I tried my new little personal challenge for the first time last night, and so far, so good!  We’ll see how I continue to do… 😉



  • What is your favorite brand of chocolate?
  • What is your favorite kind (white, milk, dark, etc.) of chocolate?
  • Do you have a special “trick” to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard?
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  1. says

    Good for you for implementing that challenge :) And you’re so right that you just can’t nix dessert all together. And if you try, it’s not going to turn out well. I love dove chocolate too… but my favorite is hungarian chocolate that my mom brings back with her (she’s a hungarian immigrant).

  2. says

    That’s a good trick! My favorite chocolate brand is Lindt and I looovee their white chocolate truffles. If I don’t want to eat too many sweets at once, I’ll go for something small like just one spoonful of iceream or a sliver of cake. I find that this really helps me b/c I usually eat sweets b/c I crave them, not because I’m actually hungry. Fruit helps sometimes too, but that’s rare 😉

  3. says

    I also keep Dove promises around. And skittles. Lindt would have to be my favorite I think. Milk or dark, doesn’t really matter to me.
    I typically crave salty instead of sweet and then I have a handful of nuts. I tend to eat a lot of fruit so I think that takes care of my sweet cravings.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  4. says

    I am a big fan of dark chocolate. I really like Dove chocolate or Ferrero Rocher. I have a candy dish sitting out at my house right now filled with pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses. Whenver I get a sweet tooth, I’ll usually take one or two. It helps :)

    • Ashley says

      I have seen those pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses!! I’ve never had them, but I definitely need to try them – they sound heavenly! I love Ferrero Rocher too!

  5. says

    I cannot say no to froyo- which is why I spend like 20 dollars a week at the froyo place and they know me by name. Can we start a froyo anonymous or something?

  6. says

    My after dinner dessert cravings are pretty intense too. I’ve decided to start subbing out the stuff I normally eat with pudding. I made a big batch of sugar free chocolate pudding and it was just what I wanted. Plus it’s a serving of dairy for the day and it’s full of protein. Win Win!

  7. says

    i could never give up ice cream (or chocolate..or sweets) so i always have to make room for some in my diet. the problem is, if i snack on chocolate during the day (even one piece) it sparks an even bigger craving for later! i have to really plan my meals around dessert- but it’s ok, i don’t mind haha

    • Ashley says

      Oh, I definitely don’t plan on giving anything up – just want to “tone it down” a bit! I love my sweets too much (especially ice cream) to completely give it up!

  8. says

    I do kinda the same thing cause I always need something sweet after dinner. I usually buy a box of organic oreos and just have one after dinner each night. Then once a week I’ll have a bigger dessert, like a bowl of ice cream etc. Eventually I’d like to break the habit of always having a sweet after dinner- I may challenge myself to give it up for Lent next year.

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