Bright October

If you didn’t read in my post, it snowed here yesterday.  Yes, it snowed on the 6th day of October.  Not cool.  In fact, terrible.  Some people get all excited about the first snow of the year, but not me when it’s still the first week of October.  I’ll get excited if it snows in December, and that’s pretty much it.  Don’t worry, it all melted (at least in the valley), and it’s supposed to be in the 60’s and 70’s next week.  That’s the thing about Utah during the fall and spring – the weather is incredibly fickle and can’t make up its mind half the time.  Ok, that’s my little rant about my feelings on snow this early in the season…

My mom emailed me another poem about October by the same author that wrote this poem.  It cheered me up a little yesterday as it looked like a winter wonderland outside my office window.  (Thanks, Mom!)  I thought I’d share it with you because as I’ve mentioned before, October truly is my favorite month, snow or not. 

              I know no other season
              So filled with warmth and cheer
              As on these bright October days
              When autumn time is here.

              The hills have turned from summer’s green
              To dazzling red and gold;
              The flower beds and brighter, too,
              So festive to behold!

              The harvest yield is gathered in;
              God sends His gifts anew.
              Each roadside stand, a harvest fair
              That warms the heart of you.

              A bluish haze on distant hills,
              The maple’s scarlet flame;
              And oak trees dressed in Joseph-coats
              Stands guard along the lane.

              Of all the seasons of the year,
              Each one with beauty blessed,
              I hold to Autumn’s warmth and cheer–
              I like October best!
                                       Poet, Kay Hoffman


Here are a few things that make me think of October:

Pumpkins (of course)


One Year Wedding Anniversary

(stay tuned for a wedding series starting this afternoon!)


Pumpkin-Flavored Everything!


Leaves Changing Colors





Enjoy your October my friends!  See you later this afternoon for the start of my wedding series in honor of our first anniversary (which is on Sunday)!



  • What makes you think of October?
  • Do the leaves change colors where you live?
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  1. says

    OCtober IS a great month! YAH for weddings and anniversaries! Yesterday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary of our FIRST date. SO fun :) We are nerds like that–but we have a lot of special calendar dates that are “ours” ya know?! Cant wait to see the wedding fun!

  2. says

    I can’t believe it snowed! the “s” word is not welcome in our house until at least December (even then I don’t really like it) :)

    The leaves are starting to change in my neck of the woods and it’s beautiful. I love all the bright fall colors.

  3. says

    Wow it snowed?! You both look so gorgeous in that wedding photo!! And not to be creepy, but your butt looks good in that wedding dress…I know it was a requirement for mine too 😉

    Yes the leaves change color, which I love! And the cooler temps remind me of October along with smelling the wood burning fireplaces wafting out of people’s homes, love that! And of course, pumpkin :)

  4. says

    Leaves changing is so beautiful! I’m very lucky to live in NJ where we get to experience all 4 seasons- while I’d like a bit more fall, spring, summer and less winter, I’ll take what I can get!

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