Wedding Series: The Ceremony

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The Ceremony

Our ceremony was held on the golf course near the pavillion where we had our reception.  The lake and the mountains in the background made for an absolutely beautiful back drop.  It was a short and sweet ceremony, but oh so special and memorable.  Our ceremony was led by the previous youth pastor at our current church.  He is a good friend of our’s and he knew our relationship pretty well, which made us confident that he’d do a great job.  We didn’t include a whole lot of “extras” in the ceremony as our hope was to keep it on the shorter side.  We did decide to take our first communion together as a married couple to represent our love and commitment to Christ within our marriage.

I was starting to tear up a bit here…  (Love you, Dad!)


See the wandering ring bearer? :)

Praying together after we took communion.

These photos are only a very small portion of the many, many, many we have, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what our ceremony was like.  :)



  • If you’re not married, do you want your ceremony outside or inside?  If you are married, did you have your ceremony inside or outside?
  • If you’re not married, what kind of “extras” do you want in your ceremony?  If you are married, did you have any “extras” in your ceremony?  (i.e. unity candle, communion, sand, etc.)
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