Afternoon at the Park

Good mornin’ sunshine!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  If you missed out on anything in this corner of the blog world, you can catch up here:

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Yesterday afternoon our little family decided to head on out to a huge field/park at one of the nearby schools.  Initially I suggested we go to a dog park, but the closest one is about a half hour drive so we opted for the field down the street.  Cody and I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having and decided we better really take advantage of it before it starts snowing here (boo hoo :( ).  We also wanted to spend some quality time with the pups and let them enjoy the beautiful weather too. 

When we first got there and let Ryan and Molly off their leashes, they went CRAZY.  They were so excited to run free and go wherever they pleased.  We brought along a massive frisbee and a ball to throw, but started to wonder if they’d even want to play fetch at the rate of their running-in-circles excitement.  Finally they gave us a chance to throw the frisbee – look at how huge it is!  (Excuse the not-so-quality photos.  I forgot my camera, so phone pictures it was!)


At first I was worried they wouldn’t be able to get it back to us because it’s so big, but they had no problem!  The first time they went to go retrieve the frisbee, they didn’t want to bring it back as they were more concerned about playing tug-a-war with it with one another.  It was really cute.  I started to run after them for awhile to try to get it from them!  I gave up, and they finally returned it so we could throw it again.

They went, and went, and went… I’m tellin’ ya, they were in dog heaven!


They even ran some sprints with Dad!  I’m always amazed at how fast those pups can run – they were bookin’ it!


They finally settled down a bit and spent some time rolling around in the grass as they were trying to convince Dad and Mom that we needed to scratch their bellies after a tough workout.  We, of course, gave in and gave them some “good job” scratches.  I mean, how could we not?!  Look at how cute they are. :) 

Dad and Mom had a fun time at the park too!  The weather was perfect, the pups were hilarious, and we got to run around a little too.  T’was definitely a great Sunday afternoon!


  • Do you have a dog?  If so, what kind?
  • If you have a dog, do you ever take him/her to the park?
  • What is your favorite Sunday afternoon activity?
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