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Happy Saturday everyone!  Today you have the awesome opportunity to hear from Maria over at La Piattini!  She has some great things to share with you on fitness fashion today!  Enjoy!


Hey Food and Fitness Diaries readers! My name is Maria and I blog over at La Piattini {the little plate}. I was very excited when Ashley asked me to do a guest post for her because she’s awesome and has a really amazing blog. I’m honored to be featured on her blog today.

My blog posts range between many topics related to healthy living. Mainly I feature fitness, recipes, and daily activities/eats. About once a week I also include a fashion post. For Ashley I decided to combine two of my favorite topics, fitness and fashion, and bring you a post about comfortable and affordable clothes to wear to the gym or when working out outdoors.

Before I start, I am by no means a fashionista at the gym! I’m all about going there, getting my workout done hard, and getting home without caring too much about how I look. But I do have brands and articles of clothing that I’ve found to last the time of time, comfort, and look pretty good too!

Let’s begin with sports bras!

I only buy Champion sports bras. You can call me a Champion sports bra snob. I’ve literally had some for years and they are in perfect condition and offer as much support as the first day I bought them.

I have a couple of different kinds, which I like to differentiate as old school and new school.

These are my old school Champion sports bras. They are made of cotton and offer a lot of coverage up top. They have a band around the bottom to keep your girls all tucked in and comfortable, but not too tight. I wear these to any fitness activity that requires a lot of movement because they stretch easily. This includes kickboxing, running, and anything involving plyometrics.


These are the newer style of Champion bras which I buy at Target for the wonderful price of $16.99- I’ve even seen them on sale for $14.99 They are a thinner, dri-fit fabric as opposed to cotton, which absorbs tons of sweat. The bra is seamless, which I like for comfort. Also, I personally think the styles and colors are super cute for under a gym tank. I wear these bras mainly for yoga, spinning, and weight lifting. Anything where you are not bouncing an incredible amount.

Which brings me to my next topic- what to wear over sports bras!

At the gym I sweat. Shocker, right? I sweat a lot! I simply cannot wear a t-shirt no matter what season! Instead, I always wear some type of tank. My favorite as of late are from Old Navy. Yes, random, I know but I promise my gym gear is affordable.


These tanks are ribbed and fitted. I like how the back covers the sports bra but it scoops low enough to let some air in. Plus these are only $6 each and often they go on sale for even cheaper if you buy several at one time. They are super comfy and can even double in your wardrobe as layering tanks!

Next up…pants and shorts

Sport bras is to Champion as Pants/Shorts are to Nike. Like my analogy there?

While I’m not sure I’d ever wear these in public or to the gym, I always wear these Nike Compression shorts when working out at home, especially now that I’m doing the Insanity program.


I like them because they are tight and don’t move when I am doing all of the plyometric exercises. They also absorb sweat really well.

For stepping outside of my house though I’m a big fan of the Nike Tempo Track Women’s Running Shorts.


When I run I tend to be fixing my underwear constantly and believe me that gets old fast. These have the built in briefs which are fabulous for avoiding that issue! They are dri-fit material so they absorb moisture well and have side ventilation.

When the weather is cold, I roll with Nike Legend Regular Fit Women’s Training Pants.


These pants are dri-fit and really comfortable. You can wear them as seen in which they are a “modern rise.” I actually fold down the top a bit so it sits lower, which I prefer better. But it’s cool that you have the choice!

All of the Nike gear that I buy (all seen above and some below) I purchase at Nike outlet stores. The prices are much cheaper and I don’t mind getting previous season’s colors/styles because it’s just workout gear. You can definitely save a lot of money by doing the same.

Seasonal attire…Long sleeved shirts

Also Nike. I sometimes say I look like a walking advertisement for them! When it’s cold out I throw on a Nike Element Half-Zip Women’s Running Shirt over my tank.


I have this in a few different colors, which again were purchased at the outlet store, and I’m good to go. Sometimes I wear them when running outside or keep it on in the gym until I warm up. A lot of their styles have secret little zip pockets which I love because if you’re running you can stash your Gu or house key right in there to keep safe.

Last but not least…sneakers

I’m a creature of habit. When I find sneakers that work for me, I stick with them. Many years ago when I was traveling to Europe to climb a volcano I knew I needed some sneakers that were durable enough to make it up the mountain. But I didn’t want specific mountain climbing shoes because I don’t climb often enough. The Nike Free 5.0 sneakers were recommended to me.


Ever since then, this is what I’ve been buying. Now I know it’s not good to use the same sneaker for various fitness activities, but these sneakers have seen me through spinning, running, and weight training. I wouldn’t recommend them for dance classes such as Zumba but that is the only class I’ve ever not felt 100% comfortable in these.

They are extremely flexible and can even fold up (notice the ridges in the soles). They are very light but simultaneously durable. The Nike Frees start at around $85 which isn’t too bad for such a versatile sneaker.

*Welp, hope you enjoyed my guest post and thank you again to Ashley for hosting me! Hopefully you got some cute fitness gear ideas and can spruce up your workout wardrobe in an affordable way!

What are some of your favorite items to wear to the gym?

Do you have any brands of workout gear that you lean towards?

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