Why Do YOU Exercise?

Let me just tell you, am I glad it’s Thursday!  For whatever reason, I have not been sleeping the best this week which definitely makes the week drag if you know what I mean.  The nice thing about waking up at 4:30 a.m. for no good reason other than you can’t sleep?  You get way more done, that’s for sure!


Before I move on, I suppose I should announce what my evening snack/dessert was from last night, eh??  Kirsten won with her answer being a Zucchini Banana Muffin!  I warmed it up in the microwave for a few seconds and smeared a little peanut butter on it – mmmm delish!  Congrats Kirsten!  Email me with your shipping information, and I’ll get you your goody bag asap!  😉


 Today I wanted to talk about why it is that we exercise.  The other morning, I really did not feel like getting my booty out of bed to get my workout done.  You know those morning that peeling yourself from under your covers feels like complete torture?  Yeah, that was me on this particular day.  Finally I convinced myself to get up and get moving.  After a run on the treadmill and some full body weights, I felt incredible.  My attitude had completely changed from when I first woke up, my energy levels sky rocketed, and I felt so strong and positive about myself.  It immediately reminded me why I choose to exercise


Exercise is my “go to”, my release, my “me time”.  It’s when I let it all out – my frustrations, my worries, my stress, my thoughts.  I learned this about myself my freshman year of college when I was going through some hard times.  One of my roommates really enjoyed running, so I decided to start running with her at the track a few times a week.  I had always played sports in high school, but I was never really into running “just because”.  After I started joining her on her runs on a regular basis, I realized how much I enjoyed it.  I wasn’t ever running crazy distances, but just enough to work up a good sweat and my endorphins going.  Ever since then, exercise has been one of my favorite hobbies.  I enjoy exercise because it helps keep me healthy – mentally and physically.  It clears my mind and it makes me feel good about myself.


 According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise is proven to:

  • Combat health conditions and diseases
  • Improve mood
  • Boost energy
  • Help weight loss and/or maintain a healthy weight
  • Promote better nights of sleep
  • Help put the spark back into your sex life
  • Be a way of having fun!


Regular exercise can include (but isn’t limited to) walking, running, lifting weights, doing a workout DVD, swimming, cycling, lifting weights, taking a group fitness class, hiking, playing sports.  The list could go on and on.  There has to be at least one activity in the long list of types of exercise that is appealing to you.  So pick one and get out there and exercise!  😉 



  • Why do YOU exercise?
  • What are your favorite types of exercise?


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  1. says

    I’ve done a post similar to this! I love to exercise for so many reasons- for my health, the way it makes me feel physically and mentally, and also the way it makes me look (not to sound vain haha). My favorite types of exercise are lifting and interval workouts!

  2. says

    I totally agree. Sure, I would love to sleep in more and get in more relaxation time instead of gym time. However, if I did that all the time, I’m sure I’d feel like a lazy slob. Exercise expends energy yet gives me energy. Plus, it’s kind of addicting.

  3. says

    i run to get my mind of things, destress and just let go… running is like my meditation. that might b the reason why i am not very good ad meditating and sitting still in general. and i do yoga to find my balance and for my mental and physical health overall. i couldnt do without it anymore (pls ignore the fact that im a yoga teacher 😉 haha

  4. says

    “why I choose to exercise” … love how you worded that! Healthy living is a choice we all make, it’s not some deeply inspired gift or something people just do naturally. Props on getting yourself out there for something good for you today!

    Speaking of which, I’d better lace up my own shoes and get doggie and myself out there for our AM walk.

  5. says

    I exercise because it makes me feel good AND to keep healthy and keep my weight under control. Currently I am trying to lose a little as well so I am using that as extra motivation for the time being… but for sure – overall health (physically and mentally!)
    I used to be a cardio junky and would incorporate strength training somewhat. I loved strength training but cardio took over my workouts for the most part… the tables have recently changed though and I do much more strength training than cardio now and I really enjoy it – I think because I “feel” it a lot more and it offers a lot more variety.

    • Ashley says

      Absolutely – strength training is a HUGE component of fitness that so many people skimp on. Plus, it revs up your metabolism and burns calories faster in the long run to help maintain a healthy weight! I love strength training. The feeling of being sore the next day is so motivating!

  6. says

    Great post Ashley!! I used to only exercise for calorie burning purposes during my overexercising days and it was completely dreadful. Now healthier, I’ve completely done a 180 and do it to improve my mood and gives me energy for the day. I now look at exercise in a much healthier manner and as way to improve my health and mind, not to just be skinny or burn calories :)

  7. Amy Ramos says

    I exercise not only for my physical health but for my mental health. I always seem to be in a better mood when I exercise. Plus, when I have shitastic day, going for a run or weight lifting seems to help me out.

  8. says

    I choose to exercise because I genuinely enjoy it! I’m a very competitive person, so it allows me to compete with myself and push myself.
    My favourite way to exericse are Spin and TRX classes :)

  9. says

    I loooove working out. Even incline walking makes me happy. There are so many who simply cant exercise because of physical ailments, so I thank God everyday for blessing me with a body that can move. Sure maybe I cant run a 5 minute mile, but I can RUN. Maybe I cant deadlift 100lbs, but I can LIFT. Those are things I celebrate :)

  10. says

    Before I became scared of gaining weight and disordered eating took over, I used to workout because I loved the way it woke me up in the morning and left me feeling prepared for the day. I am working to get back to that point, rather than seeing it as simply a way to burn calories!

  11. Kaitlyn says

    I love to exercise because I always focus on the way it makes me feel afterwards. I love feeling strong and healthy! I am working on bringing this motivation over to my diet – I mostly eat “strong and healthy” foods, but have the occasional slip up :)

    • Ashley says

      The occasional “slip ups” are needed every once in awhile in my opinion. 😉 You have to enjoy your favorite foods, just in moderation.

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