Much Needed “Me Time”

This afternoon, I decided I was going to take some much needed “me time”.  I often feel as though people, particularly women, don’t feel as though taking “me time” is appropriate or allowed.  They feel bad or guilty if they take time for themselves.  However, I feel like “me time” is absolutely necessary to help stay sane, enjoy and love yourself, and be your best for others.


Today my “me time” consisted of…

Starbucks Tall Coffee Light Frappucino with a pump of pumpkin – OH MY!  SO GOOD!



Browsing and window shopping at the mall



Reading some of my favorite health and fitness magazines at Barnes & Noble


Taking the pups for a nice walk



  • When was the last time you took some “me time”?
  • Do you ever feel guilty for taking some time for yourself?
  • What is your favorite thing to do when you take some “me time”?
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  1. says

    I think many women, myself included, can relate to the guilty feeling of taking me time. It’s soooo necessary though! My me time is often going to a gym class that I love and letting loose or doing some shopping at the mall. It can even be as simple as enjoying a glass of wine while watching a movie!

  2. says

    I definitely need “me time” as well, especially after a long week! I also love getting Starbucks, shopping, and catching up on tv and magazines when I get the chance! :)

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