Breakfast Before Or After?

Good morning my friends!!  One more work day for me and then it’s Friday, and that means we’re leaving for Arizona to see our families!!  I couldn’t be more excited.  It’ll be so nice to have a break and see everyone without it being a rushed, whirlwind visit.  I have some great guest posts lined up throughout the week we’ll be gone, and I’ll be checking in every once in awhile too!  


I also wanted to thank you all for your input and opinions on the TV shows we were trying to decide on the other day!  Man oh man, it was a tough decision.  We finally decided on “24”, and we’re loving it so far!  We’re about five episodes in already, and it’s gradually pulling us in more and more with each episode we watch.  I love the shows that keep making you want to watch more.  I suppose it can be a dangerous thing when you can watch them one after another on Netflix.  😉 


Ok, so now on to what I really wanted to address this morning: BREAKFAST!  I don’t know about you, but breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day.  I could have breakfast foods for all three meals each day and be a happy camper.  I guess that would explain why “breakfast for dinner” shows up quite a bit on our weekly meal calendar!   

Something that has intrigued me about breakfast, particularly since I’ve been reading more healthy living blogs, is that I’ve noticed some people eat breakfast before their morning workouts, some eat it afterward, some split up their breakfast in two, some have a snack before their workout and then have a full breakfast afterward… the list goes on.  This has never really been something I’ve contemplated in the past because I turned into an “early morning exerciser” just within the past 6-8 months.  I used to get my workouts in during the late morning or evenings, depending on my schedule, so when to eat breakfast was never really an issue for me.  I would just eat it when I woke up, go on with my day, no big deal.  Now that there are some days when I wake up at the crack of dawn to get in my workout, I wonder what would be best for me and my body.   

I’ve done a little bit of research here and there to try to figure out when I should eat breakfast in relation to my early morning workouts.  There are several different opinions and thoughts that pertain to this topic.  I’m not saying they’re all true or factual, but here are some things I’ve heard:


  • It’s important to fuel your body before a workout.
  • It’s important to fuel your body after your workout.
  • It isn’t necessary to fuel your body before a workout.
  • If you don’t eat before a workout, you can become nauseous and/or dizzy. 
  • If you eat before a workout, you can become nauseous. 


Do you notice something in these four statements?  Yes, a couple of them seem to contradict one another.  I think the main thing I’ve realized from this is that I have to do what works for ME and MY BODY.  Every person is different.  I’ve tried it a couple different ways.  If I wake up hungry, I eat a half a piece of bread, get my sweat on, and then eat breakfast.  If I don’t wake up hungry, I workout and then enjoy my breakfast.  Simple as that.  I read my body and how it’s feeling, and go from there. 


Discussion Question: 

I’m curious, how do you feel about this?  Breakfast before or after your early morning workout?  Why?     


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  1. says

    I don’t normally work out first thing in the morning, but when I do I normally don’t eat anything before. However, if I wake up on the later side and my stomach is grumbling but I want to work out right away, I’ll have a few bites of something (like half of a larabar), that will be just enough to fuel me through my workout!

  2. says

    I do 1-2 early morning workouts a week and usually fuel with half a banana just to give my body a teeny bit of energy otherwise i get really dizzy and don’t push as hard as i normally would.
    after my workout i make sure to eat a full breakfast within a half hour. :) this seems to work best!
    but i agree, everyone is different when it comes to this so i dont think one is better than the other :)

    – Sharelle

  3. says

    I think doing what’s right for you is exactly right – it’s weird, some mornings I wake up not hungry at all and others I’m starving, so I too do what you do. I can’t eat a whole bunch before exercising though – bleh.

    Also, I haven’t been great with morning workouts, period, because I just am not a morning person! I would love more than anything to get my workout done and get on with my day because then I feel so energized and good all day long, but waking up at 6 to do it before work is just an impossibility for me – especially now it’s dark and cold in the mornings!

  4. Amy Ramos says

    Since I have been doing early morning workouts, I have to have something in my stomach. Usually it is 1/2 banana or 1/2 larabar and some coffee.
    I then have a bigger breakfast (oatmeal, breakfast sandwich or protein shake) after.
    The only time I do not have anything before a workout is my 6 am hot yoga class. I just make sure I am hydrated!

  5. says

    I am definitely an early morning workout person–and I teach. BUT I have to have SOMEthing small or else I don’t have enough energy to do it all :)

    I eat a fig or a piece of fruit or some of a Cliff bar before a workout (About 45 mins before) and then eat b-fast after. THIS works for me! and I love it!

    SO true–the research out there on this is totally all over the place.

  6. says

    Haha I have the same problem with Nefflix! All the biggest loser seasons are on instant and I watch them constantly! I’ve also seen all of that contradictory information about eating before working out and I definitely think it depends on each person. I have to walk 15 minutes to my gym, so sometimes I can leave not hungry but halfway there my stomach starts grumbling, which makes my entire workout tortuous because I’m so hungry! I’ve learned that a small snack, like half a banana works best for me, and doesn’t upset my stomach during an intense workout.

  7. says

    It is interesting how those points contradict each other. I think you made a good point though of saying do what works for you. I tend to not be hungry when I first wake up so I’ll do my workout first thing and then eat breakfast afterwards (this is when I’m off work).

  8. says

    I have to eat 30 min to an hour before I work out or else all I care about is leaving the gym and getting some food haha. After fueling doesn’t really work for me unless its pure protein like egg whites/meat/protein shakes. I find that I eat carbs/fats/sugars post workout I feel really bloated. I agree on doing what works best for you though! Cause everyone seems to say/do something different.

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