Thursday Thoughts

I decided to share some of my thoughts that have been going on in my head throughout today.  I might make this a “regular” Thursday post, but we’ll see!  Please note: these don’t even come CLOSE to all my thoughts throughout today, but they are a fair share of them. 


(While running on the treadmill.)  Wowww, my legs feel like led.  This is going to be the longest run ever. 


Even though my run totally just sucked, it felt so good to get my cardio workout in before 7 am!


Whew – I stink!  (Don’t worry, I showered. 😉 )


The combo of peanut butter and banana will never grow old to me.  Never ever.

 Oh jeez, I have a lot to do before my client gets here.  (The gal I train out of my house.)


Hmmm, what to pack for lunch today?? 


(While teaching my Senior’s Exercise Class)  Man oh man, I am so stinkin’ sore today!  Thanks a lot, Jillian Michaels – I can always count on you to give my booty a good whoopin’. 


Yumm, good choice on leftover Thai food for lunch today. 


It’s only 1 o’clock?!  This day is going by so.very.slow.


I can’t WAIT to go to Arizona tomorrow!


I’m hungry.  What did I bring for a snack?


Focus, Ashley, focus!


Why does it have to be so dreary outside today?


Thank goodness we’re going to sunny Arizona tomorrow!


These thoughts brought me to about 3 PM.  I thought I’d spare you all by not sharing anymore.  Hopefully you enjoyed a little “glimpse” into the brain of Ashley.  Pretty exciting, eh? 😉


I’m off to go make some Turkey Bean Chili for dinner tonight!  Stay tuned tomorrow morning for the recipe! 



  • What have some of your random thoughts been today?
  • Does your last work day of the week ever seem to drag on forever?


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  1. Liz says

    Thanks Ashley, I needed a good smile and a giggle this evening after my very long work day. :) Can’t wait to see you at Thanksgiving.

  2. says

    Congrats on getting up early to get your workout out in – even if it was a bit of a struggle! I’m currently having trouble motivating myself enough to get about of bed and work up a sweat in the morning…So glad it’s Friday! Have a great weekend! :)

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