Guest Post: Facing Fear Foods

Please welcome Shayla from The Good Life today!  Shayla and I have really connected over the past month or so and have been able to relate to one another on so many levels.  I truly have enjoyed getting to know her!  She has some wonderful thoughts to share with you today.  Enjoy! 


Hi everyone! First I want to give a huge thank you to Ashley for letting me guest post here today and for you all to get to know a little about me.  :)


I’m Shayla from The Good Life. I have a huge passion for food, fitness, fashion and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. My blog documents everything that encompasses what living “The Good Life” means to my husband and I. I also like to talk about various struggles from my past of disordered eating and over-exercising, to our trying to conceive struggles in the hopes of eventually starting and growing a family together. Striving to live a healthy lifestyle is a constant journey, some days are good and some days are hard. But now that I’m healthier and stronger both mentally and physically, I’m enjoying each and every day to the fullest and I hope you stop by my blog someday and join me for the ride. :)


A struggle I’d like to touch on here that I think a lot of us women deal with, either with a past of disordered eating or not, is fear foods. And even just not a fear of foods, sometimes it’s hard mentally to have an indulgent weeknight dinner out (a dinner that I’d rather save for the weekend) and break out of my healthy Monday-Friday routine. I used to have (and am still working on) many fear foods. During the Atkins craze and at the height of my underweight days and disordered eating, I feared one thing only, carbs. Something inside my irrational mind told me that one bite of doughy bread or perfectly al dente pasta would instantly add 5 pounds to my frame. Which you all know would obviously not happen, but a disordered mind is a tricky one to deal with and in those moments, it will not think rationally.


So how did I retrain my mind to think rationally towards carbs and eat them again without any anxiety? I ate it. I just went for it and ate it. Sure it was hard, I got anxious, started to feel guilt well up inside me…but soon enough the feeling passed, and guess what? I woke up the next day at the same weight, was perfectly fine, and noticed additional benefits such as increased energy and a feeling of happiness. Each day I continued to add more and more carbs, with that I started to feel less and less anxious…and the positive feelings I started to feel with the benefits of carbs in my everyday diet, soon outweighed the negative, irrational thoughts and I could eat a piece of bread or have a bowl of pasta without any fear.


Every day I think I can make an improvement within myself during this journey…having had this disorder will be with me for the rest of my life, it will never go away. But at least it will never control me again and I do not have the rigidity or fear like I had, and everyday I’m determined to succeed in this journey. Now that that fear is behind me, I’m embracing all types of cuisines and am having so much fun in the kitchen. Never would I have made a bowl of pasta, never. But now, my husband and I can enjoy meals like the one we had last night for dinner…

And turkey burgers with buns that we love to enjoy weekly…

Sure I’m not perfect. I still have my moments where I’d rather enjoy a salad for lunch instead of a sandwich…or a 100 calorie sandwich/bagel thin instead of a real bagel or hearty ciabatta bread…or save that indulgent weeknight dinner out for the weekend…but I realize that I want to live life and not hide behind these fears. I do recognize those moments and am still a work in progress with it all. What matters to me now is that I’m happy, I have energy, I’m healthy, and I’m facing my fears



  • Do you have a fear food?  Or is it hard for you to break out of your healthy routine during the week?
  • How did you face that fear?
  • What’s a delicious dinner you’ve made or had recently?
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    Indefinitely have a similar fear of carbs. The only carbs I eat are oatmeal and any microwave protein cupcakes that I make myself. Granted, I just found out I can’t eat gluten, but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat carbs! You are so right about just eating them and realizing nothing had will happen, that’s what I need to work on!

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