Guest Post: Weight Training Truths

Hey everyone!  Please welcome Annette, an awesome lady that knows her fitness STUFF!  We used to work at the same gym, and I’ve been to several of her BodyPUMP and Zumba classes – she’s an AWESOME instructor, incredibly fit, and so much fun!  I hope you enjoy reading her post as much as I did!


Hey friends! What a fun opportunity for me to meet some more fun people while Ashley is having a blast with her family in AZ. Soak up some rays for me, will you Ashley?! 😉

My name is Annette and I blog at EnjoyYourHealthyLife. If you want to know more about me, why I am passionate about what I do, and how much in love I am with my husband, feel free! K, so funny story, I met Ashley at a gym a year or so ago when I taught fitness classes there, so its fun to reconnect on the Internet level <—we both moved/moved on from that gym since then. Crazy small world, eh??

Anyways, I do teach fitness classes still –such as BodyPUMP, Zumba, Core Cross Training, Pilates, and other weight training and full-body fitness classes– and I sure love that little side job!

While working with clients and meeting lots of people through my work I’ve noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about weight lifting out there, so I am here to dispel some of them. Let’s stop lying to ourselves, shall we?! :) Enjoy!

Why Weight Lifting

Other names (or phrases) for weight lifting include: resistance training, strength training, dumb bell workouts, barbell workouts, pumping iron, and lifting weights. They all mean essentially the same thing : resisting (and/or using) gravity as the muscles push, pull, or press weight.


But WHY? There are actually thousands of reasons why it is SO important and NECESSARY to lift weights or pump iron.

Here are JUST a few reasons why weight lifting regularly is vital to your success in healthy living, eating, and total wellness endeavors:

  1. You will shed body fat. Guaranteed!
  2. You will burn more calories overall –per hour, per day, and per year (more muscle means higher metabolism which means more calories burned–even while sitting on your bum!)
  3. You will be able to cope with the daily stressors better.
  4. You will be smarter.
  5. Your clothes will fit way better. <—muscles take up less room than fat
  6. Your bones will be stronger.
  7. Your diet will improve! <—–what a great way to stay on track
  8. You will lose body weight too (losing weight weight lifting!)
  9. You will be able to get FIT (and possibly your most fit ever) quicker.
  10. You will be a happier more confident person 
  11. You will be more productive & efficient. <—in all areas : work,fitness,personal
  12. You will be faster in running, agility, and HIIT cardio.
  13. Your heart will be healthier, happier, and more efficient (a resulting drop in Blood Pressure has been seen for those who regularly weight train!)
  14. You will live longer!!

**my personal experiences, clientele work, research, and ideas from a Women’s Health magazine formed this list and may not be all inclusive or all encompassing**

I can personally say that all of the above are true, but they come to pass when regularly weight lifting. Make it a goal this week to schedule in those sessions–they don’t need to be long–and feel the benefits! (Or go to a BodyPUMP class or other group exercise class that allows for regular weight lifting)

OR (optional workouts found here) done 2-3x per week

Why Lift Heavy, Though??

Over the past year or so I have totally fallen in love with weight lifting. It is no secret on my blog that I am a BodyPUMP freak (I teach it 3-4x/week, so I kinda have to be! hah), that I live for adding weight to my bar, and that I have a strong desire and passion to instill this love in others.

My body has also changed amidst all of that. For the better, I might add.

To the untrained eye I am sure it is somewhat unnoticeable, but to my (and my husband’s) eye, there is a very noticeable difference. I am less squishy (this is not to say there is no squish, because that would be a lie), areas I felt more self conscious about (yes, I am human) I feel less so now, and I have muscles, strength, and definition that I did know could exist for me.

By the way, this did not come by accident, nor did it happen overnight. I worked at it (and am STILL working at it, more muscle here I come!), and I realize life, fitness, and a passion for something is a work in progress. There is no end, but it is the journey that I am on, and I am loving it.

A lot of women have pre-conceived notions that lifting weights is for men, that lifting heavy is a no-no because of bulkiness, and that weight training should only be done with small dumbbells and under that watchful care and direction of a personal trainer.

While these all have little truth to them, there are also a lot of complete lies we women have told ourselves. I’m not sure why, but I can reckon a guess that it stems from feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure, and/or mistrust in the unknown. But that could just be me talking

For example : the notion that if we lift weights we’re going to get huge, bulky, and look manly. Or that cardio for hours on end is the secret to weight loss and happiness.

FALSE to both.

Read what this article in physique peak said to all of that:

If you’re too scared to lift a heavy weight, then don’t bother lifting at all. It really is that simple.

“In order to build muscle, you need to work hard. You must tear the muscle tissue in order to rebuild it, so the more strenuous a workout, the more effective it will be. And this is true for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, experience, or goals. (Training hard and lifting heavy is just as essential for losing weight as it is for gaining it – it taxes the Central Nervous System and burns far more calories. As such, resistance training is a much more successful way to burn fat than cardio.) {AMEN<—me talking}

“Don’t even get me started on the people who think that to lose body-fat they need to lift a light weight to more reps. Or that by lifting heavy they will unintentionally ”bulk up” a body part. If that were true it wouldn’t take a series of ten articles to teach the basics of getting bigger – I doubt you will stumble upon it by accident.”

Haha. Gotta love his honesty, eh?

(Read more)

So I guess all that’s left to say is this : What is YOUR excuse for not lifting heavy, eh??

What false things have YOU heard about building muscle or weight training?? What is YOUR favorite way to get in weight training??

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  1. Tammy says

    I’m looking for an effective regimen to follow but I don’t have gym access and won’t have it. I don’t have money luxuries for that. So any suggestions for something at home 4x a week or more that is effective? I’d like to have a written plan to follow. I like the Jamie Eason’s live fit trainer plan because it is a good solid written plan , but without a gym its not achievable for me.

    • says

      Hey Tammy!

      I would say stick to circuit training routines. These incorporate cardio moves and weight training moves to give your body more bang for its buck!

      Do a few weight training moves, then 1 minute of cardio (jumping jacks, running in place). Repeat. It is fun, hard, and you work up a sweat!


  2. says

    My favourite way to get in weight training is to do a TRX class, nothing better than putting your own body weight to work!
    The most common myth I hear is a fear of “bulking up”, hopefully articles like this will help to change a few minds :)

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