Trainer Tuesday: Turkey Day Treadmill Calorie Blast

Happy Tuesday!  Only TWO more days until the big day of lots of turkey, sweet potato casserole, rolls, veggies, mashed potatoes, and pies, pies, and more pies!  The various pies have to be one of my favorite parts of the  Thanksgiving meal.  The sweet tooth takes over, once again. 😉  In honor of Thanksgiving Day, I decided to give you a calorie blasting treadmill workout that will help zap all those calories that are going to be consumed this week from the many delicious eats.


Turkey Day Treadmill Calorie Blast

Type: Cardio

Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced

Time to Complete: 45 minutes

Equipment Needed: Treadmill


The speeds and incline below can be lowered or raised depending on your fitness level.  Please use your best judgment.



0-5 mins/2/4.0 mph

5-10 mins/4/6.0 mph

10-15 mins/6/5.8 mph

15-20 mins/8/5.5 mph

20-22 mins/10/5.0 mph

22-25 mins/2/4.0 mph

25-30 mins/4/6.0 mph

30-35 mins/6/5.8 mph

35-40 mins/8/5.5 mph

40-42 mins/10/5.0 mph

42-45 mins/2/4.0 mph


The various speeds and incline keep it interesting, fun, and will leave you a total sweat monster when you’re finished!  Happy exercising!



  • Do you enjoy specific treadmill workouts or do you prefer steady paced runs on the treadmill?
  • Is your workout schedule this week different than other weeks because of Thanksgiving?




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  1. Brandi says

    Can’t wait to try this treadmill workout….. I did the “living room body weight” workout this morning and….well…..let’s just say it hurt. :) But I really did love the workout…a lot. It really did push me!

    I make a cheesecake that calls for pumpkin and a gingersnap crust and I really do think I could eat the whole thing….:)

  2. Jessica says

    Ashley- This workout killed me before work this morning (in the best way!) I had to decrease some of the intervals to 4 minutes instead of five, but it is a goal to be able to do the whole thing! I love your “trainer tuesday” posts. They give me a nice excuse to mix it up in the middle of the week!

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