Guest Post: Things Someone Should Tell You Before Signing Up For A Half Marathon

Hi everyone!  Sorry I went a little MIA yesterday and am posting a little later this morning!  I didn’t have access to a computer yesterday, and I was having some technical difficulties this morning.  Now that I have it all figured it out, I’d like to welcome Kristen over at Confessions of a (Not-so) Domesticated Newlywed!  I just recently discovered her blog, and I immediately loved it!  She and I relate as being newlyweds, as well as apparently having almost exactly the same taste buds.  😉  I hope you enjoy her post – she has some great stuff to say!  


Hi everyone! My name is Kristen, and I blog over at Confessions of a (Not-so) Domesticated Newlywed.
I’m so honored that Ashley asked me to write this guest post for her. She and I are new blog buddies, but I can already tell that we have a ton in common!
For one thing, we’re both newlyweds.
(Shocker, considering my blog title, right? Winking smile)
My blog chronicles the ups and downs of navigating through married life.
I also share a ton of recipes because I love to eat cook.
But after getting married and spending a lot more time in kitchen, I soon realized that I also should be spending a lot more time in the gym … because eventually, eating 5 cupcakes in one sitting may catch up to me.
So back in May, Brandon and I decided up sign up for a 10k … even though I had never run for more than 30 seconds in my life. Makes total sense, right? Thinking smile
And while training for the 10k, we thought it would also be a good idea to run a 5k … you know, to get our feet wet.
And then my oh-so perky and optimistic friend, Erin …
… suggested that we sign up to run a half-marathon.
At first I thought she was crazy. But she eventually convinced me. And thus the training began.
We ran our half marathon on November 12th, and it ended up being one of the best experiences of my life …
… after that whole “getting married” thing, of course. Winking smile
But as amazing as it was, looking back over the last 6 months, there are a few things that I wish I had known before signing up.
So without further adieu (that’s a funny word.) …
Kristen’s Top 8 Things Someone Should Tell You Before Signing Up For A Half Marathon
(Could that title be any longer? Didn’t think so.)
8. You will spend a ridiculous amount of money on running-related gear.
7. If you’re training in the summer, say good-bye to sleeping in on weekends. You’ll be waking at up 5am for your long runs to avoid sweating like a pig.

6. The ice in the freezer will no longer be used to keep drinks cold.
(Hope no one’s eating while reading this … Thinking smile)
5. You will have days when you feel on top of the world …
and days when you contemplate trying to get a refund for your registration fee.

4. Jelly Belly work just as well as those expensive Gu’s and Gels (at least in my unprofessional opinion). Plus, they taste a lot better.
3. You’ll want to be very careful what you eat before long runs. Especially if you aren’t going to be near any bathrooms. Don’t ask. Don't tell anyone smile
Speaking of bathrooms (because it’s such a fun topic), use the restroom at your hotel/house/etc before heading to the race. Unless you want to be standing in a porta-potty line when the gun goes off.

1. And finally … Don’t expect to lose (or even maintain) your weight if you plan on eating like this …
… after every run. Reserve those kinds of treats for the special occasions … like finishing the half, or your birthday, or … a Monday. Angel
I hope you’ve found these tips useful. And I hope my advice hasn’t deterred you from signing up for your own half marathon. Because believe me, as crazy as the journey was, it was all worth it for this:
Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day! And be sure to come visit me over at my blog! Smile

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  1. Brandi says

    This has helped!! In March of next year I will run my first race (5K)….something I wanted to do before a longer run..:) Eventually though, I want to run a half and these have been super helpful. Especially the refueling and the eating. I am always so hungry after my longer runs that I could just eat everything that I come in contact with! Thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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