Happy Thanksgiving!

I am sure most blog posts will be entitled “Happy Thanksgiving”, but I couldn’t help myself.  I do truly wish a happy, joyous, cheerful Thanksgiving Day for each and every one of you.  I hope that it is a day full of great memories with your families and friends, a day of enjoying lots of delicious eats without feeling guilty or self-conscious, and a day of giving thanks and remembering all of the many amazing blessings in your life.


I have a few challenges for you (and myself) today:

-Do something active.  Go on a run, squeeze in a quick gym sesh, take a hike, try out this treadmill workout, or go on a leisurely walk. 

-Enjoy each and every bite of your delicious eats. 

-Cherish the conversations, laughter, and love surrounding your Thanksgiving meal.

-Constantly remind yourself of the many things you’re thankful for and all that you’ve been blessed with in your life.

-Take in each and every precious moment spent with those closest to you throughout the day. 






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  1. marci says

    Can you tell me what body bugg you had and liked? I see there are a few differnt ones, and one that is worn on your wrist as well?

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