Goal Setting Tips + December Goals

If you haven’t realized it yet, yep, I’m “one of those bloggers” that is going to do a new set of healthy living goals for myself each month.  I’m very much a goal oriented person, and I always have been.  Goals give me something to work toward and keep me on track!  If you’ve never made goals for yourself, I would try it out, at least once.  You can make daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals – whatever works best for you! 


Here are a few tips I’ve learned to help make quality and effective goals for myself:

  1. It must be written down.  If you don’t write it down, you are more likely to forget about it.  Writing it down also helps to stay more accountable to your goal.
  2. It must be challenging.  What’s a goal for if you don’t challenge yourself a little? 
  3. It must be believable.  Sorry my friends, no goals of trying to save the world by the end of month.  I already tried.
  4. It must be specific.  Don’t let your goals be too broad.  Make sure you narrow it down so you don’t feel overwhelmed when trying to reach your goal.
  5. It must be measurable.  I could say “I want to be a better wife to my husband”, but is that really measurable?  No.  A better goal would be, “I’m going to give my husband five nice compliments each day.”
  6. It must have a specific deadline.  You could make a goal for yourself, but without a specific deadline, would you really be as motivated to work as hard toward reaching it?  I know I sure wouldn’t. 


Ok, I’ll get out of my teaching mode and crank out my December goals for you.  I did a terrible job of “checking in” with how I was doing on my goals throughout November, so I’m going to take more of an initiative this month to do this.  Alright, here we go!


Goal #1:  I want to make at least one new soup and/or chili each week.

I am a HUGE fan of soups and chilis during the winter months, but I always resort back to the half a dozen soup/chili recipes I’ve made in the past.  I see awesome looking soup and chili recipes all over the internet and in cookbooks, so I want to challenge myself to try some of them out!

Goal #2:  I want to challenge myself to run outside (in the freezing cold) at least 3 times throughout the month of December.

Maybe this seems like a weird goal to some of you, but I have this “fear” of running in temperatures below 40 degrees.  I grew up in Arizona, so living in this cold Utah weather is still something I’m getting accustomed to.  I think I really just need to suck it up, wear the right cold weather running gear, and JUST DO IT.  I’m hoping that after a few times, I’ll realize I enjoy it.  The treadmill gets a little boring sometimes!


Goal #3:  I am going to decide which Utah half marathon race I’m going to do in the summer of 2012.  

Eeeek!  This one scares me, but also excites me at the same time!  I’m really nervous to run my first half marathon, but I can’t get it out of my head.  I decided once again, I need to JUST DO IT.  Depending on the race and sign up deadlines, I might sign up for it too.  I’m hoping to officially sign up and pay for it in another month or two though because there’s more expenses this month for us than normal.


Goal #4:  I am going to make homemade fudge for the first time.

I’ve always heard making traditional homemade fudge is more difficult because you have to get the temperature of the chocolate just right.  It has always intimidated me, so I’ve never challenged myself to make it.  I thought December would be the perfect month to try it out!  



Goal #5:  I am going to tell myself one thing I like about myself each day.

I can be really good about picking out my flaws, physically and otherwise, so I want to change this.  I in no way want to be walking around with my nose in the air (arrogant people are one of my biggest pet peeves!), but I would like to work on my confidence in myself. 



  • What are some goals you’re currently working toward?
  • Can you relate to any of the goals I’ve set for December?            


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  1. says

    I’m a goal setter too and I have to have things written and planned out!

    Running in the cold is a good one! Seeing as how I missed two workouts this week because I was a wuss and wanted to stay in my warm bed 😉

  2. Pam says

    Black Bean Soup is one of our favorites. We’ve doctored it up from the original, but it’s so easy and fast, too. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the recipe.

    • Ashley says

      hahaha i actually did another yoga workout today! :) i still plan on trying to do it every once in awhile for sure. i’m liking it more and more – thought you’d be proud! 😉

  3. Brandi says

    I think these are all really good goals! I will also set goals that may challenge me to change something in my life that isn’t working. I think I drink way to much coffee. I love everything about it….the taste, the smell….ahhhh. But I think there should be some sort of limit (for me at least). Plus, I think it would make me feel a little better if I reduced the intake. Just morning coffee would be a goal of mine. :)

    I love the last goal….I think women tend to be really hard on themselves so this is a great idea!

  4. says

    I love the “just do it” attitude! I’m also scared of running in the cold below freezing, but i know long runs on the treadmill will be awful. i’ve only done up to 8 and that was SO BORING! Haha. I also love your last goal, that’s something I should do! I’m really hard on myself, so that would be a good way to remember my good qualities!

    • Ashley says

      yes, i am really hard on myself as well, thanks to my perfectionistic personality. i hope it will help me look at myself in more of a positive light!

  5. Carrie says

    I live in Iowa and 40 degrees is still nice weather to run in. If you get some good clothing, you should be able to run into the 20s, maybe even the teens. I recommend as your base layer UA cold weather compression tights and shirt. Over that you can put some thinner fitted pants. They don’t need that heavy if you have the tights. I wear another cold weather half zip over the compression shirt. It’s from Sportshill. You won’t need any extra socks. I wear a cold weather headband/ear covering thing. It’s really thin material, but works great. If it’s really cold, I switch to a hat. I wear some UA gloves but usually take them off my mile 2 and tuck them in my waistband. I ran today. It was about 30. I actually dressed too warmly. If it’s pretty windy, then you will need some wind breaker material. Good luck! I don’t like running in too cold of weather, but I HATE the treadmill.

    • Ashley says

      Carrie, this is SO helpful – thank you! I was planning on doing some researching on how to dress in cold weather for running, but thanks to you, I don’t need to! This helps a ton. I’ll recap on how it goes! 😉

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