Santa Visited Our House A Little Early!

Yesterday I came home to what seemed like a billion boxes stacked outside our front door!  I was so excited to see what they all were!  I knew a few were on their way, but I definitely wasn’t expecting so many to arrive all on the same day.  A couple of them we aren’t allowed to open yet since they are Christmas gifts from our parents, but the others I tore right into!


Shayla and I decided to do a little “barter”!  She sent me Biscoff Spread and TJ’s Cookie Butter in exchange for Cody’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies, a muffin mix from a local bakery, and another little “surprise” that I can’t reveal since she hasn’t received her box yet!  I haven’t been able to find the Biscoff Spread and we don’t have Trader Joe’s in Utah, so she came up with the barter idea.  She’s brilliant and oh so sweet!

I immediately tore right into the Biscoff AND Cookie Butter to try them each out, and instantly fell in love!  These are everything people have been saying about them and more – oh so amazing.  I still don’t know which one I like better.  I think I would say I like the taste of the Biscoff better, but I like the texture of the Cookie Butter better?  I’m not sure though, that could change as time goes on.

We also got our annual box of goodies from my grandparents.  They live in Wisconsin (where my dad grew up) and are cheeseheads at their finest!  We got a big ol’ block of Gibbsville Colby Cheese, cheese curds, and string cheese.  This is truly some incredible cheese, my friends.

My grandma also makes the BEST strawberry jam I’ve ever had.  I could eat it by the spoonful.  I’m not kidding.  We got a jar of that which was definitely the highlight for me.  I plan on hiding it so Cody can’t get his hands on it. 😉  She also sent a mini loaf of her homemade zucchini bread – yum!

My grandparents also included some little treats that are already almost gone (oops!).  There are chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered nuts, and peppermint bark.  The chocolate covered pretzels are my favorite!  I love the sweet-salty combination.

We received another box from my aunt and uncle!  The box was filled with beautiful Harry & David pears, cheddar cheese, and mixed nuts!  I can’t wait to dig into these pears.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had these before, but they are like candy!


As you can see, quite the selection of goodies welcomed us home yesterday.  I felt like Santa came early, and we got a pre-Christmas warm up!  There’s no complainin’ here!

Make sure you head on over to Peace Love & Oats to check out my guest post today! 


  • Do you live out of town?  If so, do your family members ship presents to you?
  • What is your favorite homemade treat that is in your family?
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    • Ashley says

      ohhh good to know! thank you. i rarely go to harmon’s because it’s far away, but it seems like they must have more of a selection than smith’s does. you’re sweet, thanks for the offer! and also, i got your coupon for Peet’s – thanks again! :)

    • Ashley says

      yes, it was way fun to open them! that must be so nice to still live in the town you grew up in! i wish we did. ohhh pecan pie – sounds delicious!

  1. says

    Wow. Don’t home cooked goodies taste so much better than store bought? Yum!

    When I am overseas- I get a goody box from Australia. vegemite, lollies and chocolate. This year I am lucky to be going back for chrissy tho :)

  2. says

    I am pretty much drooling because of those choco-covered pretzels! I have an obsession. This year I’m going to make my own to give away as gifts! I’m shipping some gifts this year but usually my family sends cards, not edibles.

    My fav family treat is my grandma’s recipe for ribbon candy! OR my mother’s classic chocolate chip cookies. It’s a tossup!

    I’m going to stop drooling and study now…glad I found your guest post @ Peace Love & Oats!

    • Ashley says

      i’m so glad you found my blog too! :) welcome! ohhh yes, i love choc covered pretzels a little too much as well! they are so addicting!

  3. says

    wow weee!! What amazing treats you got there!! So happy you like your package – and I think you hit the nail on the head – I too love the texture of the Cookie Butter (like I said in my tweet – for spooning purposes 😉 ), but the Biscoff wins in flavor! Now I can’t wait to receive mine, yay!

    • Ashley says

      yes, yes, thank you SO much again! you’re the sweetest. hopefully you should get it today or tomorrow at the latest! that’s what the UPS lady said at least. 😉 have a fabulous day!

  4. says

    Ahh I’m so jealous of your little barter trade! I want to try that stuff! It sounds amazing! That is so fun that you got some fun little gifts before Christmas :). Sometimes my family will ship stuff to our cousins that live in another state, but I’m pretty lucky that most of my family lives in Columbus!

  5. says

    YAY for sweet gifts of yummy goodies! We live away from home and this is our first time being away for the holidays, we usually fly home for the holidays. Recently I’ve recieved baby stuff from the fam, but I’m actually sending a box of goodies to both of our families today. :-)

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