6.5 miles… on accident

I have something pretty awesome to share today guys!  I ran my longest distance ever yesterday!  6.5 miles might seem like nothin’ to you pro runners out there, but it’s a huge step for me.  I’ve always just been a 3-4 miler runner and was content.  This year I’m saying go big or go home though and planning to run my first half marathon in June.  Woot!


The story is kind of funny though… at least I thought it was and laughed at myself.  Winking smile  So yesterday my initial plan was to just run five miles.  My goal this month is to do a five mile run each week to increase my speed a bit until I start training for my half.  I asked you guys in my post and on Twitter yesterday whether you would run outdoors in the 30 degree weather with the sun shining or if you would stay warm inside and do it on the treadmill while watching Gossip Girl.  I got a mix of responses, but my husband finally convinced me that I should run outside since it was a beautiful day and the skies were clear (cold though!).



I got all dressed in pretty much the only cold weather running attire I have, and I mapped out my run to see what route I should take to do five miles.  I found the street that I needed to turn around at and hit the road!  I was so glad I decided to run outside.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and my running attire kept me all nice and warm.


So I kept running… and running… and running…  Finally I was wondering if I went too far because it truly did seem like I ran much longer than five miles.  I got to the end of the jogging trail which looked like the middle of nowhere and decided to turn back around.  I never did see that street sign that I was supposed to turn around at…


Cody and I decided to drive my route to see how many miles I covered out of curiosity, and we discovered I did about 6.5 miles!  I was overjoyed because of my time and also just how great I felt throughout the run.  I just laughed because we never did find that stupid sign!


So there ya have it… how I ended up running 6.5 miles… on accident!



  • What’s the longest distance you’ve ever ran?
  • Have you ever surprised yourself into running more miles than you thought you could do?
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  1. says

    Great job!! There’s no reason to down play your accomplishment, 6.5 miles is awesome girl! The longest I have ever ran was 13.1, my first (and only so far!) half marathon! You are going to do amazing in June, you’re already way ahead of your training schedule’

  2. says

    congrats! the longest i have run (since 2006 anyway) is just over 5 miles. i’m like you though, i stick to about 4 miles a couple times a week. i would love to do a half marathon soon, maybe you will help inspire me! :) and i think it’s good you decided to run outside, i actually love cold-weather running much more than summer outdoor running!

  3. says

    You are awesome!! Way to go, Ashley! Isn’t it the best feeling when you find out you actually ran more than you thought you had? Don’t act like 6.5 miles is no big deal, girl!

    BTW, I am super jealous of your running scenery. Those mountains!!

    • Ashley says

      yes, it does feel so good! thank you for the encouragement. :) the scenery truly is so beautiful! i’m from arizona with lots of brown and flat land… i feel so spoiled being able to run out here in utah now with the gorgeous mountains! i love it.

  4. says

    Yay great job, girl!!! But just to be devil’s advocate, be careful not to increase mileage too quickly! That can set you up for injuries! I know that it was a happy accident this time … but I also know from experience that a high eurphoric feeling can quickly get shut down when you start getting the aches and pains of overtraining! 😉

    Anywho, my longest is 13.1 … the half-marathon. I haven’t gone beyond that distance yet! :)

    Have a great Sunday!

    • Ashley says

      yes, you’re so right! thank you for the great reminder, especially because i tend to have foot and knee issues from time to time. i don’t plan on pushing it longer for awhile. :)

  5. says

    The most I’ve ever run is close to 4 miles, and it was also by accident. I had this great idea when I was about a mile into my run to run the track at the school for a few laps to avoid the ice I knew was waiting for me …and I felt so good I ran the rest of my route as well.
    If I had known the weather was going to be so nice yesterday, I wouldn’t have used the treadmill after work…I hate the treadmill!

  6. Marci says

    Awesome job. Been a follower for a whilr but never leave comments :/ great run it always feels good when you’re done

    • Ashley says

      yes! that’s the site i used. i really liked it, i guess the road i was looking for wasn’t super visible though? regardless, i’m glad i pushed myself!

  7. says

    Woohoo! I’ve had a few of those runs before too! I’m usually a 3 or so mil-ler as well so it’s always a pleasant surprise when you accidentally do more =) Nice job running in the cold. I’m such a wimp; once it drops below 45 I tredmill it!

  8. McKenzie says

    What a great accomplishment for you! What a great and exciting start for your training! I remember my first long runs when I started training for my first half marathon. The thoughts in my head were always “There’s no way I can run ____ miles!” I found the most amazing running partner and discovered it was all in my head! Good luck with the training! Can’t wait to hear more updates!

  9. says

    Hah this is funny. Nice job on your run! Sometimes all I want to do is curl up on my couch and watch shows like gossip girl all day butttt I always do feel better after a run!

  10. says

    Wow, that’s awesome! That’s got to be such an amazing feeling to be surprised like that! I just love those days where you feel like you can go forever, instead of just hoping for the turnaround point :)
    I ran my second ever 9 miler on Saturday and I’m actually starting to like running in the cold weather, but once it gets slippery out on a regular basis that will be another story. Good luck with your training!

  11. says

    Hi Ashley,
    Congrats on reaching that distance. In Australia we measure in KM and my gosh 10km is great!
    I really like following your blog posts, do you have any tips or any guidance for somebody who wants to start running?
    I have never been a good runner and while I train on the elliptical every day whenever I try to run, even for a few minutes – my asthma causes major issues.
    Keep posting and hope you feel better soon!

    • Ashley says

      hi emilie! i’m no pro runner, but my best advice would be to start slow and to not be too hard on yourself! it takes a lot of time to build up distance and speed. start at slower, shorter distances and gradually bump up your distance and/or speed. always make sure to warm up/cool down by stretching and easing into your workouts so you’re not as prone to injury as well!

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