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Good morning!  Wow, I guess winter finally decided to show up in northern Utah last night… Opening my curtains to snow actually made me pretty excited.  My goodness, I can’t believe my Arizona girl self is saying that.  I’m sure I won’t be feeling the same way for long if it continues.  Winking smile  Freshly fallen snow truly is so beautiful though, isn’t it?!


Anyway, I’m going to make this short and sweet for today, but I did want to share a new little online tool that I’ve recently discovered called My Fitness Pal.  I’m sure a lot of you have heard of it before as it’s pretty well known, but I wanted to share my experience with it!




I was looking for a website that I could enter in my eats to get an overall picture of my macronutrients for each day.  One of my goals a couple months back was to increase my protein intake.  Even though it’s not necessarily one of my January goals, I’m still working on this.  I wanted something to help me keep track of my protein as well as my carbohydrates, fats, fiber, calcium, etc.  It wasn’t something that I was wanting to enter my foods into every single day, but rather every few days as a general guideline to see how I was doing with my nutrition.  Although it does track calories and many people use it as a tool for weight loss, this wasn’t my ultimate reason for tracking my food.  It was interesting to see how I was doing with my calorie intake while following my new eating plan, but that wasn’t my primary interest.  I know that if I follow my new eating plan, stay active, and focus on proper nutrition, those few extra pounds from the holidays will come off (they actually already are! Winking smile).  Needless to say, the calories aren’t crazy important to me right now.  I don’t like getting too caught up in those numbers anyways!


I also wanted to find one that had a large database of foods.  When I worked at the gym, we had the option of having our clients use an online food journal through a program that had hardly any food options and it was SO annoying.  I didn’t want to have to deal with that again.  My Fitness Pal has millions of food choices, no joke.  Every single food item I’ve typed into the database has showed up.  Awesome!


Anyway, just wanted to share my little “tool” with you if you’re looking for something like this.  If you’re trying to lose or gain weight and food journaling is your thing, I highly recommend this site!  Or if you’re like me and just  wanting to keep an eye on your nutrition overall, this is also a wonderful tool.  Oh and even better yet?  It’s FREE!  I always like free. Winking smile


Have a good one my friends!




  • Have you ever used a food journal before?  For what purpose?
  • Ever heard of My Fitness Pal?  If so, have you used it?  What’d you think?
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  1. says

    Very cool! I’ve actually never heard of this! Where have I been?? In college I used FitDay for a couple weeks for a project in my nutrition class. It was great, but I’m not someone who likes to track my food because I don’t want to become obsessive over it!

  2. says

    Sounds fabulous!! I love Livestrong ‘s daily plate too-it was fun to use that to check protein, carb, fat balance–I still use it once in awhile to make sure I’m getting enough of it all :)

    Have a good one–I want snow here too!!

  3. says

    I have My Fitness Pal as an app on my I-Phone and it’s the best nutrition tool I’ve personally ever seen! There are a ton of food options including specific brands, restaurants, and serving sizes. It gives a great detailed explanation of your nutrients daily or weekly too!

  4. says

    I used myfitnesspal forever (iphone app!) and actually recently just switched to a different one (mynetdiary PRO) because someone else was showing it to me and i liked the layout of the app a little better so i decided to try it out for a bit and it also has a giant food database which is what i loved most about myfitnesspal too! :)

  5. says

    I actually used My Fitness Pal all last year to count my calories. I still use it to generally keep track of my weight, but I got very tired of having to put in everything that I ate, plus for me counting calories became an unhealthy obsession, so I had to stop. It is a great tool though and really does have just about everything! You can even put in meals you commonly make so you don’t have to keep putting in each individual part.

  6. says

    I have heard of this particular application, but have always used Calorie Count for keeping track of my calories. The particular application kind of sucks though, as it shuts down pretty often haha, so I should give this one a try! Or I could just not count calories anymore…ugh I am always so torn of what to do about this!

  7. Corinne says

    I am old school and keep a hand written journal — let’s me see how I’m doing with eats without calories so I don’t obsess. Thanks for the tip though – maybe I’ll get more high tech in my ol age haha

  8. says

    I use My Fitness Pal and I love it. Sometimes I get too caught up in entering everything perfectly, but it is a great tool to track your food and nutritional balance. I love the pie chart you can make that breaks down the proteins, carbs and fats in your diet. The app on my phone is so nice, because I can track my intake from anywhere!

  9. Liz says

    That’s a really cool website Ashley. Thanks for sharing it. Its very similar to the Weight Watchers website so I now know where to go once I hit my goal weight for maintenance. :)

  10. says

    I just came across your blog from a tag in Lindsay’s blog and was instantly drawn to it, I am from Utah as well! I am originally from Salt Lake, where my family still lives, and heard there was a big storm last night! Fortunately I live in St. George right now going to school and did not have to experience any of that! haha
    I use Livestrong’s MyPlate and have really enjoyed that one! I think it so nice tracking your nutrition! It makes not only calorie counting, but protein and carbohydrate counting so easy!!!

    • Ashley says

      hi jentry – welcome! :) it’s always nice to hear from a fellow utah-an! we definitely needed the storm out here, as i’m sure you know it’s been such a mild winter. it’s even supposed to continue on through the weekend i guess!

      • says

        Oh yes it’s been a crazy winter! It was much needed! I was so shocked when I went up for winter break and it did not snow once! Christmas was just not the same without any snow!!!

  11. says

    I have used the LosIt! app a few times (although I mostly used the website, not the actual app). There were a few times when I gained some weight and was having a hard time getting it off. Probably because I’d never really had to lose weight before. I used LoseIt! for about a month and it really helped me realize what, and how much, I was eating. It helped me lose the few extra pounds I’d gained and realize how much food I needed to feel satisfied (which was much less than I had been eating).

  12. KIm says

    I love this website. I use it daily – for the past year! It is the longes time I have ever stuck with a food journal. And it totally works! I have lost about 45 lbs in the past 14 months. I love it and would totally recommend it to anyone.

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