Trainer Tuesday: Upper Body Gym Workout

Hi guys!  Happy Tuesday!  Trainer Tuesday is on the schedule for today, which means I get to give you an awesome workout to try out.


Today’s workout will be an upper body workout that is using a lot of equipment that a normal gym would have.  If you don’t have a gym to use, you can do most of the below exercises with dumbbells or body weight.  You will also notice that today’s workout incorporates supersets.  Supersets are two exercises that you do back-to-back with minimal rest in between.  For example, for a superset of a bicep curl and tricep kickbacks, you would do your bicep reps followed immediately by your tricep kickbacks, take a short rest, and then repeat the superset.


Each superset in the below workout consists of two exercises: one that is stable and one that is unstable.  The stable exercise allows you to really focus on lifting the weight and getting stronger, whereas the unstable exercise might feel more challenging as it incorporates your core, balance, and stability.  A strong core, balance, and stability is a crucial aspect of fitness that many people often overlook.  A weak core and little balance and stability can result in improper form and injury.  Please ensure that you are always using proper form.  If you realize that you are not using proper form, I would recommend lowering your weight and/or asking a fitness professional for help.  Alright, let’s get to the nitty gritty! Winking smile


[Please consult your doctor/physician before beginning any new fitness regimen.]




If anything is confusing to you or your have questions about the specific exercises, don’t hesitate to ask me below in the comments or shoot me an email!


Make sure you head on over to Lindsay’s List today for some more workout fun!

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