WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} #20: In Honor Of “LOVE Your VEGGIES Month”

We’re mixing it up a little bit the next few weeks throughout February with the WIAW posts, and I’m super stoked about it!  Jen, the founder of WIAW, challenged us to “veg-ify” our posts throughout the month of February to really emphasize eating and LOVING vegetables.  I love my vegetables, so I have no problem promoting some veggie love!


Peas and Crayons


Today’s WIAW post will be featuring yesterday’s eats.  I’ll also be adding in a few tips here and there to help you “sneak” vegetables into your snacks and meals.




overnight oats

(1/3 C. oats, 1/3 C. vanilla soymilk, 1/3 cup water, 1/2 T. flax seeds overnight + half sliced banana & ~1 T. peanut butter added in the morning)


mug of coffee


mid morning snack

chocolate banana protein smoothie

1/2 ripe banana

1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/2 C. 1% milk

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

handful of fresh spinach


Tip: I almost always add in a handful or two of fresh spinach to my smoothies.  It may sound gross and/or turn your smoothie a weird color, but it truly is tasteless.  I love finishing off my delicious smoothie knowing that I got a serving of vegetables in without even tasting them!


blackbean veggie burger & a hard boiled egg over a bed of spinach and romaine; topped with ketchup

I used Brittany’s Chickpea Burger recipe as a base for my veggie burger, but I used black beans instead of chickpeas.  T’was delicious!


Tip: Salads make for endless possibilities when it comes to lunch and dinner options which prevents them from getting too boring.  They are an easy way to get in several servings of vegetables too!

roasted sweet potato dipped in ketchup


Tip: Sweet potatoes are considered a super food that are packed with nutrients! Roasting them is my favorite way to eat them.

mid afternoon snack

gala apple dipped in “healthy” peanut butter cookie dough dip



shrimp & veggie stir fry over brown rice


Tip: A stir fry is an incredibly easy and delicious way to pack in vegetables for a dinner option.

evening snack/dessert

Vitalicious Apple Crumb Vitatop topped with ~1 T. peanut butter


Lipton Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea



  • How do you “sneak” vegetables into your meals?
  • What are your favorite veggies?
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  1. says

    I still haven’t tried adding spinach to my smoothies! It’s not that I’m concerned about the taste, I just always forget to do it! I’ll definitely need to pick up some spinach at the store this coming week & finally give it a try.

  2. says

    oh gosh, that stir fry looks delicious!!!! I also love sneaking spinach into things like smoothies, you really don’t taste it! One new veggie idea I tried was cauliflower “rice”, it was really easy to make and was great to put veggies, protein and sauce on top of, just like normal rice!

    • Ashley says

      oh yes, i still want to try cauliflower rice! i’ve heard of it, but still have yet to try it out. great to know that it was good stuff!

  3. says

    I like to just eat almost everything that can be eaten over spinach with some spinach. I LOVE it – it’s definitely my favorite vegetable. And luckily stir fry is one of the few foods that my boyfriend likes, because that’s one of my favorite meals to include lots of veggies in!

  4. says

    I love salads, but when I’m out of fresh veggies, I’ll grab some from my freezer and add them to everything–canned soup, eggs, pizza, you name it! I also love roasted root vegetables–sometimes I make a big batch and eat them all week! YUM!

    • Ashley says

      frozen veggies are always a great option! i actually used frozen veggies for my stir fry. it’s so easy because i didn’t have have to chop anything either! :)

  5. Corinne says

    Veggies and shrimp stir fry is a staple in mi casa! Such a quick and healthy dinner. I’ve yet to get the vita tops – too pricey!

  6. says

    Such delicious eats all day! Your dinner looks amazing! I love making stir-frys, they are so quick, but such an easy way to get loads of veggies in as well!
    I have always wondered about spinach in smoothies, I thought they would make it taste weird so I’ve never tried. Good to know, I’ll have to throw a handful in next time! Thanks for the tip :)

  7. Alyssa says

    the stirfry looks so good! i’m in college and need some cooking inspiration for healthy one-person meals, i’m curious as to how you make it/flavor it!

  8. says

    I don’t really need to try and sneak veges into my meals, I truly love them and make sure I always include them. My favourites are probably brocolli and asparagus. Unfortuntately asparagus can be pretty expensive over my neck of the woods so we rarely have them. Love the look of your stirfry!

  9. says

    Any type of soup is a good way to incorporate veggies it’s a meal. I also love roasted vegetables and so does Brandon, so I do a lot of roasting.

    And I usually have a spinach salad with almost all of our dinners. He just puts a bunch of French dressing on it, and then he’s happy. 😉

    • Ashley says

      oh soup IS a great idea to get in veggies! i also love roasted veggies – it’s one of my favorite ways to eat veggies. spinach salads often accompany our dinners too! my husband gets sick of them every once in awhile though, so i try to mix it up sometimes. 😉

  10. says

    must. make. that. burger!!!! everyones been gabbing about blackbean burgers on twitter — i think i’m going to make up a veg-loaded one soon so i can burger it up! =)

    happy wiaw Ashley!!!!!

    fav way to sneak veggies in? I plan my meals around vegetables and let the rest of the food groups be the after though — this way i almost always get veggies and beans in first and the rest follow! =)

  11. says

    I add grated carrots to lots of things like chili and soups. I also add fresh spinach, kale and or tomatoes into pasta dishes and soups. I am a big fan of mushroms, peppers and onions so many of my meals thru the week include those. I like blackbean veggie burgers but have yet to attempt making my own. Oh and Ashley…you put ketchup with weird things. Sweet potato’s? Veggie burgers? ewe

    • Ashley says

      LOL! noooo ketchup is SO good on sweet potatoes and veggie burgers! i love ketchup though… 😉 and making the homemade blackbean burgers is really so easy! you should try it!

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