Trainer Tuesday: “For The Love Of Pushups” Upper Body Circuit Workout

I of course had to add in a little LOVE to the title of this workout in honor of Valentine’s Day! Winking smile  This workout really is a fun one though.  I did it yesterday morning for my upper body workout and was feelin’ it afterward for sure.  Not only that, but things stay fun and go by super fast thanks to the circuit style of the workout.


In regards to the pushups, whether you do knee pushups or regular pushups, make sure you’re challenging yourself!  For the longest time, I only did knee pushups thinking that I couldn’t do very many regular pushups.  This was until I finally pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started to do more regular pushups within my workouts.  Now I can do this circuit workout three times through doing ALL regular pushups!



Here are links to a couple of the exercises you may be unfamiliar with:



For the love of pushups, get to sweatin’ already!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. says

    Holy cow! Tough work out girl! Push ups are definitely one of those exercises that definitely challenge you every day. I started off barely being able to do 5 without stopping, now I try and bust out two sets of 25 at least 3 times a week. I feel like this is an exercise I can always improve upon and it’s a good way to measure my strength progression!

  2. says

    I’m torn about doing pushups on my knees or feet. When I do them on my feet I just don’t go down as far, so I switched to doing them on my knees so I go down all the way. Not sure which is better!?

    And Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

    • Ashley says

      i would continue to do them on your knees most of the time, and then gradually add in pushups on your feet. when you feel like you’re starting to not go down all the way when you’re on your feet, go back to knee pushups. mix it up and build on your regular pushups – you’ll get there! happy valentine’s day to you too girl! :) thanks for being such an awesome blog buddy!

  3. says

    I love to see resistance circuit workouts! I really enjoy lifting weights myself! You’ll have to check out my new blog- its mostly about clean eating and working out!

    • Ashley says

      it’s no easy workout, but it really is a good one! i really love pushups too – they’re SO good for us! i love YOU girl! thanks for being such a great blog buddy! happy valentine’s day to you too!

    • Ashley says

      pushups really are so bittersweet! they’re hard but they are a great exercise for your whole upper body AND core!

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