WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} #23: Packed With Healthy Fats

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you all!  I have some awesome healthy fat packed meals to share with you today in honor of What I Ate Wednesday aka WIAW.  Head on over to Peas and Crayons for more info on WIAW if you’re interested!

Peas and Crayons

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m really trying to focus on including more healthy fats into my diet.  Not only are these healthy fats providing me with nutritional and health benefits, but I’ve also noticed that I feel more satiated than when I wasn’t eating as many healthy fats as I am now (and what I should’ve been consuming then).

I keep emphasizing healthy fats rather than just regular fats because there is indeed a difference.  Yes, healthy fats are STILL fats, but they are better-for-you fats.  Healthy fats include unsaturated fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.  Monounsaturated fat is found in foods such as avocado, olive and canola oil, nuts, seeds, and some meats.  Polyunsaturated fats are found in oils, fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, etc.), nuts, and seeds.  Both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help improve blood cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart disease, creates healthy levels of hormones, and may also help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Saturated fats and trans fats on the other hand are the fats we should try to stay away from.  A little bit of saturated fat in our diet is necessary, but trans fat is typically a big “no no”.  Rather than lowering our cholesterol levels like unsaturated fats do, saturated fats actually increase our cholesterol levels. This can cause a person to be more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

AKA focus on eating healthy fats and NOT bad-for-you fats!

Let’s move on from the “nutrition science talk” to the eats, shall we?!  They’re a little more fun anyways. Winking smile



I had STUFT Mama’s Protein Cookie Dough for a delicious and easy breakfast that is a great mix of protein (protein powder), carbs (oatmeal & rice krispies), and healthy fats (peanut butter).  I also added ground flaxseed for some extra healthy fats!  I know it doesn’t look that exciting, but trust me when I tell you that it indeed IS amazing!  Try it!




mid morning snack

After I came home from spin class, I needed some post workout fuel.  I had some Chocolate Banana Protein Pudding which was a perfect mix of carbs and protein to refuel me after a good workout.

Chocolate Banana Protein Pudding

1/2 cup 2% plain Chobani (or other greek yogurt)

1/2 ripe banana

1 tablespoon sugar free chocolate instant pudding mix


Put ingredients in a Magic Bullet, blender, or food processor, and blend until smooth.  Eat up!



Lunch time came, and I was wanting something WARM since it was snowing and cold outside.  I decided on an veggie egg scramble that included two eggs, a handful of spinach, and a chopped roma tomato.  I topped it with 1/4 of sliced avocado which added some wonderful flavor and healthy fats!  I also had some roasted sweet potato slices with ketchup on the side.



mid afternoon snack

I had two LARABAR Balls and a mug of hot tea.  YUM!





We had “Healthified” Sloppy Joes with kale “chips” on the side.  This is the first time Cody and I have had kale “chips”, and we were both huge fans!  I used Chelsey’s recipe and loved it – super easy and delicious!  Kale “chips” will definitely be a repeat in our house!



 evening snack/dessert

Deb’s Microwave Protein Muffin topped with all natural crunchy peanut butter (yep, it’s a recycled photo Winking smile)



As you can see, I really tried to include more healthy fats in my diet through the peanut butter, eggs, avocado, and olive oil (on the kale chips).  This is what most of my eats have been like lately, so I’m hoping to keep this up!  I’m loving it so far.

In honor of “Eat Your Veggies Month” on WIAW, just a reminder to make sure you keep getting in those veggies!  It looks like we’ll be having some more fun with GREEN and VEGGIES for the month of March… stay tuned! 😉


P.S.  Head on over to my wonderful friend, Annette’s blog, Fitness Perks to see a guest post by none other than… ME! :)



  • What are some of your favorite foods that are high in healthy fats?
  • Do you feel like you do a pretty good job at getting enough healthy fats in your diet?
  • Share something delicious you’ve eaten this week!
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  1. says

    I try to be more conscious of healthy fats, but they just don’t always taste as good! My husband and I most often vacillate between butter and olive oil. We like butter better on our veggies, but EVOO is much healthier.

  2. says

    I want to try those kale chips! Now that I’m near some better grocery stores with better produce, I will definitely be trying them.

    Oh wait. You need an oven for them, right? OK scratch that … I’ll be making them as soon as I move into a house and out of this hotel! 😉

  3. says

    I have been wanting to try that cookie dough cereal/oatmeal concoction…. I think it will be time to this weekend when I return home :)
    And great job on getting those fats in! I am always conscious of my intake now as I am trying to get the damn period back too. My favorite is nut butters, but I think I need to add in some variation! More plant oils, and I think I should just eat an entire avocado per day haha

  4. says

    This looks like a great, healthy day! I used to LOVE putting instant pudding mix in my yogurt, but the artificial sweeteners did not agree with my digestive system… I am also trying to work on adding in healthy fats, so thanks for the good ideas!

  5. says

    Almond butter and avocado are my favs! I need to get some more variety going, though. I know they’re good for me, but I just don’t think to add them often enough!

  6. says

    Yummy eats girl! I love kale chips, but I can’t seem to get my family to love them as much as I do. :)
    Thanks to your blog, we all now get to enjoy STUFT mama recipes!! :)

  7. says

    I feel like I definitely eat my share of healthy fats- through nuts and nut butter more than anything else. I’ve been tracking my calories on My Fitness Pal, and notice that my fat intake is way lower than what they recommend (which is like 70 g of fat a day)- weird. But, I am not afraid of fat, because SUGAR is what makes you fat!
    Your daily eats look awesome- and I have to look into that breakfast recipe!!

  8. says

    Avocado and nut butters are my favorite healthy fats! My doctor recommended that I start eating more healthy fats to help out with some GI/digestive issues so I’m going to have to use some of your ideas!

  9. says

    I love all natural peanut butter and roasted almonds. I am unfortunately allergic to avocados and flaxseeds- crazy huh? This makes it a bit more difficult for me to get in the healthy fats but I manage- Bring on the PB :)
    I also will use Olive Oil as a healthy fat too

  10. says

    Ah hah! Thank you for shedding some light and dubious meal ideas on the dreaded f-word. 😉 Can’t wait to try some of those out!

    Also loved your guest post on Annette’s blog today!

  11. says

    hi ashley! I just found your site and I love it!

    my favorite healthy fat is almond butter by far – I love using it in smoothies but I definitely eat it by the spoonful too :)

    looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Ashley says

      thank you kristi! welcome to the blog! :) ooo i love almond butter too! peanut butter will always be my favorite nut butter though.

  12. says

    I definitely notice that I stay fuller longer and am more satisfied when I incorporate more healthy fats in my diet. I do a GREAT job at getting it in with peanut butter and almonds :-) I’m trying to eat more avocado just because I love it and it is delicious added to so many things!

  13. says

    Do you ever use, or cook with coconut oil? I know it is saturated fat, but heard it is a healthy fat due to being medium chain. What are your thoughts?

    • Ashley says

      i’ve actually never used it, but i’ve considered it! i haven’t used it so far because of its price and the fat content doesn’t thrill me since it’s saturated like you said. i mostly use olive oil since it seems to be packed with the most healthy fats. i think coconut oil in moderation isn’t bad at all though because we need a tiny bit of saturated fats in our diet anyways.

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