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Wow, you guys are so awesome!!  Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes and sweet words you left me yesterday!  The tweets, comments, and emails all brought lots of smiles to my face.  You all are the BEST!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yesterday was a lovely day filled with lots of love from friends and family, good food, and relaxation.  I also got some cool stuff to share with you guys!  And let’s be real, most of it has to do with food and/or fitness – two of my greatest loves! Winking smile

My hubby ordered me the running shoes I’ve been wanting – the Brooks Ghost 4’s!  I’m SO excited!  AND they’re my favorite color… green!  I should get them by the end of the week.  The boy sure does know the way to my heart!


My dad and stepmom got me the Garmin Forerunner 110!!!  EEEEK!  I’ve been wanting one for months now, and I’m so incredibly excited to finally get one.  Just in time for my half marathon training!


And look at this awesome baking pan they also got me with our last name engraved on it?!  I need to put it to use and do some baking this week!


My wonderful in-laws sent me a calendar notepad and a menu planner/grocery list for the refrigerator.  Yay!  These were perfect because I’m about to run out of my other notepads!


They also were sweet enough to send me a Target gift card which I know for certain I will have no problem spending. Winking smile


I’m still LOVING my new Sperry’s that my mom and stepdad got me which you saw on Friday.  I’ve been wearing them nonstop the last couple days!


I also got several nice cards from family and friends that made my day.  I’m a huge sucker for sweet (and funny!) cards.

Woweee I was spoiled this birthday!  Thank you to all of my family and friends who made my day so special.  I am blessed beyond measure!



  • Any ideas as to what I should bake in my new baking pan?  Feel free to link up some recipes!
  • Do you own a Garmin Forerunner?  If so, what is your favorite thing about it?
  • Tell me about your weekend!  Did you do anything fun?
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  1. says

    AHh! I’ve been away so I missed your weekend posts…so, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! I’ll be very excited to hear what you think of the Garmin! I’ve wanted one for a while as well! :)
    Enjoy your week!!!

  2. says

    you made out well this year lady! I have a garmin forerunner and looove it :) I guess my favorite feature is just the fact that I can take it anywhere and I know how far I’ve gone. The pacing is a nice little touch too. Have fun!

  3. says

    That garmin is going to be so helpful, especially with outdoor running!! Mine is great for pacing myself, figuring out distance when I’m somewhere new, and telling me my splits! Looks like a great birthday!

  4. says

    Wow, you had an incredible birthday! I am jealous of your new Garmin watch I have – a dinosaur of a Garmin, but it’s pretty faithful to me so I can’t complain. I’m happy you had a fun birthday, it really makes a big difference to be spoiled on your big day:)

  5. says

    Looks like an awesome birthday girl! I have a garmin and I love it! The forerunner is great for watching your pace (that way I don’t burn myself out too fast!) and I love that you don’t need a set route when you want to run. Say you need to do 5 miles, just start and run wherever you want until you hit that goal. It helps keep things fresh and you can mix-it-up!

  6. says

    I would either make a lasagna or brownies in the new pan! Its so cute! I would love a garmin but we recently purchased a treadmill AND a very expensive double jogging stroller so I think I hit my workout spending cap for the next year or so! Maybe next christmas!

    • Ashley says

      i like the lasagna idea! i haven’t made lasagna in quite awhile… i think it’s about time! 😉

  7. says

    So glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend! And I’m excited to hear how you like the Garmin! I’ve always used a Nike Plus, but I’ve been considering getting a Garmin at some point when I’m back to running outside more (it’s been mostly treadmill running this year!)

  8. Momma says

    You should make your new Mexican Lasagne recipe in the pan – that is a great meal & probably makes for some yummy left-overs too! XXXOOO!

  9. says

    Sounds like you had a great birthday! Love the sneakers!!! The hubby did good! :)
    And I love Target! I could spend so much time and money in there! It’s dangerous! haha

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