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Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  My week is all messed up because Cody and I left for a business trip yesterday morning, so I feel like it should be Saturday today.  I couldn’t be happier to realize it’s only Friday though!

Any guesses as to where we are?


I suppose it’s hard to tell, but it’s the best photo I could get from our hotel room.  We’re in San Antonio, Texas!  Neither of us have ever been here before, so I’m excited to explore a bit when we have some down time.  We’re within walking distance to the River Walk which looks beautiful from what I’ve seen so far!

This weekend I made a goal for myself: to focus on relaxing!  In all honesty, I’m terrible at relaxing.  I’m always “go-go-go”.  Even when I have time to relax, I don’t do it very well.

Since Cody will be in meetings throughout most of the mornings and afternoons this weekend, I get a lot of time to relax and take some time for myself.  I’m really looking forward to not having a house to clean, papers to sort through, and places to rush off to this weekend.  I want to really focus on enjoying the time I have here, living life at a slower pace, and just breathing – slowly.

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It’s really difficult to live life in a slower pace these days. Everything is expected to be fast and there always seems to be something going on. I think it’s crucial that we take time to relax and look at life in a slower perspective every once in awhile.

I think I’ve done a pretty darn good job at this whole relaxing thing so far this morning.  I slept in until 7:30 AM (glorious!) and slowly worked my way into the morning.  I laid in bed for a good 15-20 minutes before actually getting out of bed, which never happens.  I enjoyed a nice little hotel breakfast with some of the snacks I brought along – 1/2 banana, Love Grown Granola, and cashew-almond-peanut butter.


A delicious cup of coffee accompanied my breakfast.


We have a fun little single serving coffee maker right in our room.  I’m loving it so far!


I also spent some time doing some quiet time with my Bible and devotional.  It was nice to do it without a million other things on my mind that need to get done.


The rest of my day consists of going to the fitness center for a good sweat sesh, doing some reading, meeting Cody and some friends for lunch, and possibly taking a nap.  (Who am I!?)


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  • Have you ever been to San Antonio?
  • Are you good at taking the time to relax?
  • What are you favorite ways to relax?
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  1. says

    That drawing in that notebook would make a raelly cool tattoo! random i know but i just thought of that haha
    I have never been to San Antonio, only dallas!
    My relaxing usually involves mindless TV or walking the dog :)

  2. Laurie says

    I love san antonio, it’s one of my favorite cities, so enjoy! Super jealous! The best way for me to relax is on the couch with my dog. There’s something about taking a nap with a dog that makes it so much more peaceful. Orrrr, maybe I’m that crazy dog person :) Have a great day!

  3. says

    I’m like you, I cannot relax. My hubby can’t understand it, haha! When I actually relax it involves drinking coffee and hanging out low-key with my hubby. I need to spend more time reading and praying in the morning, it’s so much more important than anything else I do all day. Enjoy your time away!

    • Ashley says

      thank you annette! :) i hope you have a lovely weekend too! yay for your husband being home this weekend!

  4. Brooke Williams says

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. And this one really spoke to me. I find myself in the same place recently. It’s hard to slow down and remember what’s important. So thanks for sharing:)

    • Ashley says

      aw thank you brooke! :) it is hard sometimes, but it’s so worth it when we’re able to actually do it!

  5. says

    It sounds like you’re having a great time! I’ve always wanted to go to San Antonio and see the River Walk.

    Honestly, I’m pretty good at relaxing, haha. When I’m at work I don’t at all and I always stay until everything is done. But when I’m home, I’m so exhausted from the day that I relax alllll evening and almost all weekend :-)

  6. says

    I loved San Antonio! I wish I could have spent more time there. I would actually move to Texas if I could- the only downfall is the humidity.

    At times I can be pretty bad about giving myself time to relax. I am a go-go-go type of girl, if I sit on the couch too long I feel so unproductive, but sometimes that is needed! I would like to start reading more (I’m a really slow reader so that’s why I usually don’t read) which will give me some relax time! Any good books to recommend?

    • Ashley says

      yes, the humidity is no joke! i’ve wanted to get into reading more too… that is something i’m aiming to do more of this weekend!

    • Ashley says

      i am the same way. relaxing on vacation is MUCH easier than relaxing at home in my opinion. thank you girl!

  7. says

    I am doing the same devotionals! I love the Jesus Calling so much. Every time I read it it’s like it was written just for me. :)

    I am glad that you are having some relax and rest time. Enjoy it!

    I love to wake up like that. Be awake, but not getting out of bed. My cat Ghost will come in and cuddle with me. I am off tomorrow and can’t wait to sleep in :)

    Have a great weekend Ashley!

  8. says

    This sounds like a fantastic, relaxing weekend! I’m headed up to a bachelor pad in Vegas this week and I’m so unbelievably excited. It’s closer to a Whole Foods than it is the strip and I am ready to forget about my responsibilities and relax for a while :) Enjoy doing the same!

  9. says

    I’ve never been to San Antonio, or anywhere in Texas for that matter!

    I was JUST thinking about the idea of truly relaxing. Yesterday afternoon, I came home & plopped myself on the couch then proceeded to plop myself in my bed for the entire night. I NEVER do this! It was such a nice, & much needed, change!

    • Ashley says

      we already hit up a great BBQ place, so mexican is next on our list! any great recommendations on the riverwalk for mexican??

  10. says

    aww I’m so jealous your in San Antonio right now. When I was younger I would go there 3 times a year to visit family. I’ve only been there once since my family moved away.. it has such a special place in my heart. Enjoy it!

      • says

        hmm I’m sure there are a ton of good choices on the riverwalk but my favorite is Urban Taco at the Quarry – if you don’t make it there for dinner it’s a fantastic lunch spot with a ton of cute shops around :)

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