Staying Motivated {Giveaway}

Even the most fit and determined people lose motivation to keep up with healthy eating and exercising.  It’s not always easy to reach your health and fitness goals, which is why accountability, support, and guidance are crucial!  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight, it all takes hard work and motivation.

SlimKicker is a site that will help you stay motivated, keeps you accountable, and makes it fun all at the same time!    SlimKicker is essentially an online community that helps people reach their health and fitness goals. They offer challenges to participate in to make it more exciting and fun.  Daily check-ins are encouraged to ensure accountability and offer support.

I think this sounds like so much fun and a great way to stick with my health and fitness goals, don’t you?!  SlimKicker is offering a free email consultation with one of their nutritionists, along with a digital food scale to one lucky reader!


Digital food scales are very helpful in measuring out meat, fruits and vegetables, flour, and other foods that aren’t always easy to measure.  They are a great thing to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle to ensure proper portion sizes.

Now who’s ready to win?!?!  Leave me a comment for each thing you do below for a total of three possible entries.

Winner will be announced on Friday morning!  Good luck!


The winner of the CLICK giveaway is Kelly!  There was more than one Kelly that entered the giveaway… The Kelly that won has “girlonthego” as part of her email address.  Kelly, email me at with your shipping info!  Thanks for entering everyone!

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  1. sarah s says

    my husband keeps me motivated. he’s a marine, so it’s part of his job to stay fit, which rubs off on me, and i’m glad for that!

  2. Megan says

    I stay motivated to stay fit because I know that some days there will be things that I want to do like hike a really hard mountain or go cross country skiing for hours and I want to have the stamina and endurance to be able to complete that adventure and enjoy the experience at the same time and that comes from being fit. I also document everything from a food journal to a monthly exercise checklist. Planning my workouts on sunday makes sure I get them done.

  3. says

    I was JUST telling Brandon yesterday that I need a food scale! We got two on our wedding registry, and I returned them b/c I didn’t think I needed one. And now I REALLY regret it!

    I stay motivated by signing up for runs, like my half next month! :)

  4. Angela says

    I stay motivated by the multiple pieces of cake that is staring me in the face for my birthday this week! When it’s not my birthday, I stay motivated by remembering my satisfied post-workout feeling.

  5. Cassie says

    I stay motivated to work out by reading awesome and inspiring healthy living blogs like yours and many others!! Will flattery help me win?! Haha!

  6. says

    Wow, my food scale just broke!

    I plan my workouts in advance and switch it up a lot to stay motivated. I used to mostly run but now I swim, do yoga, lift, do the elliptical, rowing machine, run, etc! That keeps me much more motivated (and probably in better overall shape!). Also, my husband is in awesome shape which definitely motivates me on the days I don’t feel like working out:)

  7. marci says

    Blogs keeps me going I just open it up and see all you guys working hard with nutrition and fitness it helps get my butt in gear

  8. Valery R says

    This is kind of funny, but I set 2 alarms in the morning, each with a different label. The first one says “GET UP!”, then if i don’t get up after that, the next one says “GET YOUR A** TO THE GYM!” haha Works pretty well:) I also keep track of what I eat and have a fitness buddy!

  9. Julissa says

    Honestly, I stay motivated through the blogs I read – including yours! (Also, Julie from pb fingers and Courtney from sweet tooth sweet life.) Seeing all of the fitness ideas and workouts keeps me from getting bored with the same old exercises. I love it! So thank YOU!

  10. Meg says

    When I am struggling to stay motivated I will look at a picture of myself when I wasn’t at a healthy weight and remember how I felt. Or think about how I feel after I eat McDonalds or cake. Then I will look in the mirror and think about how I am going to feel and look if I do not give in and eat fast food or something I shouldn’t be for that day. I stay motivated by thinking of how I’ll feel about myself tomorrow by what I do today: do I want to feel proud or disappointed? I chose proud everytime. I’m not saying it’s easy everytime but I always chose proud. Last night I came very close to eating a piece of pizza I shouldn’t have had – I didn’t do it and feel beyond proud today and this post reminded me to really pat myself on the back! :)

  11. Katie @ Raisins&Apples says

    I stay motivated with non food rewards and seeing results. I had my first moment where I looked in the mirror and was so proud of how far I’ve come!

  12. says

    I stay motivated by making my goal a concrete one – whether that means writing it down on a post-it and putting it on my mirror, or signing up for a race, making it a concrete one I can see makes it easier to work toward.

  13. says

    I stay motivated by focusing on how I feel after I eat or workout…..when it comes down to it, if I’m eating something not too great for me, or not being active, I just don’t feel good AT ALL! That’s why I loooove the saying “nothing looks as good as healthy feels”…:)

  14. Courtney says

    I always have a goal in mind. Once I reach it, I set a new one. Lately, my goal is to get ready for beach wear :)

  15. says

    Does wanting to fit into my jeans count??? 😉

    I stay motivated because I know how much better I feel, not just physically, but mentally, too, when I work out and eat well. It’s just so worth it!

  16. Annie says

    I keep motivated by reading healthy living blogs every day. It keeps me focused and I love new ideas to keep things fresh :)

  17. says

    I am motivated to stay fit because when I am, I feel so much better about every aspect of my life. Staying fit also means fueling properly and correctly which also makes me feel much better about myself :)

  18. Jordan K says

    What motivates me the most is varying my workouts and meals as much as I can, that way I never get bored and it helps keep things exciting!

    Awesome giveaway!

  19. Lisa says

    I stay motivated because it helps me feel better about everything in my life and appreciate everything I am able to do for the people that can not! I have a fractured rib right now and can’t exercise and it makes me really appreciate that I WILL heal from this and that I still have the option to feel good by eating clean! :)

  20. Maria says

    My main sources of motivation are my personal training clients. Seeing how dedicated many of them are inspires me to be healthier and work harder!

    Just discovered your blog and love it!

  21. Elizabeth says

    I keep motivated by the after-gym feeling. Nothing feels better than a great workout session, and that feeling keeps me going back! :)

  22. says

    I’m training for a half marathon with myTeamTriumph Wisconsin, which is an athletic ride-along program that allows individuals with disabilities to compete in endurance events Knowing I’m training so someone else can complete a half marathon helps keep me motivated!

  23. Laurel C says

    I’m actually really self-motivated, which is a great trait to have. I put pressure on myself to stay fit and do my best because it’s important to me!

  24. Kathryn says

    I stay motivated by thinking of how I feel and the results I get after I workout. I’ve never regreted a workout.

  25. Megan S. says

    I stay motivated by thinking about how great you feel after the workout, and seeing others “after” pictures, when they’ve worked hard to where they’ve gotten and shows that it can be done.

  26. Nicole B. says

    One of the biggest things that keep me motivated are healthy living blogs. I love to read every single running or healthy living blog I can find. It’s very inspiring to see others! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. says

    I stay motivated by maintaining positive self-talk, reading books such as “Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run” and talking with my sister, my biggest inspiration and motivation, because she lost over 80lbs and proved that you don’t have to be unfit in an all obese family.

  28. Angie says

    My family keeps me motivated! My husband and I have two children and we all workout together! It’s great to be able to keep up with a 21 year old! That is a huge motivation for me!

  29. says

    I stay motivated with (at least) two different thoughts: #1 is that I always feel great after a workout, no matter what I end up doing, and #2 is that so many people are not able to do what I can do, so I should live it up and workout hard while I can!

  30. says

    oooh, I could use a digital food scale over here f’sho.

    my motivation is simply the way I feel when I’m “fit.” the endorphin rush after I exercise, how great it feels to fit well into my clothes, and how my body feels when I eat right.

  31. Krista says

    My husband mainly keeps me motivated to stay fit because working out together has become “our” time and just helps us decompress from those crazy days:) Also, feeling stronger and healthier by the day keeps me motivated and wanting to keep improving!

  32. Olivia says

    I love the mantra, “I’ve never regretted a workout” because it’s so true!! I always feel 10x better after I work out, especially running, and the same goes for healthy eating also. I always feel better after eating healthy.

  33. Lindsay A says

    I stay motivated to stay fit by health blogs like yours! I find new workouts and recipes to keep going on my fitness journey.

  34. says

    I stay motivated to stay fit by having people in my life that hold me accountable! I don’t know how I would manage without them!

  35. says

    I started testing out your website today. Looks good so far. I have trouble with staying motivated to stay fit now because I suffer from severe back injuries.
    I used to be extremely fit and now I am basically allowed to walk and that is it.
    I think my fitness comes from trying to keep up with my three kids :)

    Would love a chance at winning a scale so I know exactly how much I am truly eating instead of guessing.

  36. Chaleah says

    I am getting into shape by walking my dogs around our neighborhood everyday, I am also going to the gym for about 2-3 hours a day.

  37. Lori butler says

    I am not in great shape in any means, however, with a semi recent back injury, I need to get the weight off. So anything at all that increases my activity is great for me. My family keeps me motivated.

  38. Daisy Dixon says

    Hi I am a follower on twitter and tweeted about the contest. Liked you on facebook and my kids keep me motivated. I am trying to get into shape for them so I can keep up with them lol.

  39. Audrey Martens says

    I just have to remember how good I feel after a workout and if I eat well. Thats enough to motivate me:)

  40. mchelle says

    i just eat whatever i want i never eat healthy or watch what i eat and i only weigh 110 and 5 foot 1 inch but ih ave no scale and i would love a scale—

  41. becki says

    My children keep me motivated!! In order to enjoy them completely I must stay healthy and active enough to keep up with them!!

  42. Joan says

    To keep motivated, I try to walk everyday. Although I don’t go to Weight Watchers anymore (can’t afford it), I still follow the plan.

  43. Andrea Padgett says

    I am trying to get motivated! I have been watching what I eat more and trying to walk more now that the weather is getting nicer. I love to get out and do things with my kids also!

  44. Kamica Hernandez says

    I use my two adorable kids to stay motivated. I have a 3year old and a 2 month old. I want to be around to see them grow up and turn into the lovely lady & gentalman I want them to be. And chasing my 3 year old with my 12 lb 2 month old strapped on to me is helping!

  45. AnnMarie says

    The only way I can stay motivated is to plan ahead my workout dates with friends. Three years ago I gained 30 pounds when I turned 40 years old. I have always been thin but still I worked at it. I’m now down 18 pounds and have hit a plateau and need to change up my workouts. I have never heard of Slimkicker and have to say I plan to check it out. Sounds like exactly what I need. Just found your website and love that you post your workouts. Love it!

  46. candace says

    I watch shows like my 600lb life and crazy surgery shows to keep motivated cause i dont wanna ever get that way to have to go through that. Also, my kids keep me motivated cause I would hate it if I was unable to run around after them and have them jump on me.

  47. candace says

    I don’t drive, and I work at home so, in the spring and summer I walk everywhere. I refuse to spend the money on a smelly gross bus when I can walk anywhere. I have made it into family outings with the kids and in the end we all get the extra excercise and save money lol

  48. Michelle D says

    The best way I have found to keep me motivated is to treat myself like I would a friend. I wouldn’t bail on workout dates with friends so why would I bail on myself. I also plan plan plan! Finally, I am trying to learn to cut myself a little slack – I work on average 55-60 hours a week so I have to understand that a workout every single morning before work just isn’t happening. Make each and every workout can’t and leave it at that :)

  49. Hannah R. says

    I stay motivated by writing down my workouts the night before because I know once it’s written down I WILL DO IT!

  50. Emily says

    I’ve lost about 30 pounds since Dec 2010, and 4-5 pants sizes (depending on the brand). I am motivated to stay fit because I got rid of absolutely everything that was too big, so I have no clothes to fall back on now!

  51. Kim says

    Motivation is tough – especially after a long day at work – so when I don’t feel like going, I try to remember how I felt after the last time I went. I always love it after – just not before!

  52. Michelle D says

    I am motivated to stay fit so that I can continue to do active things with my boyfriend and family. I live in Florida and for once this year want to enjoy the beautiful weather instead of dread it.

  53. says

    I stay motivated by running. It isn’t hard to see that things are getting pretty scary out there and many things our out of our control. When I run, I am in control. When I started running I was clumsy and injury-prone but now I know when to shift my weight to avoid injury and when to run faster and when to slow down. If all power leaves my hands, at least I will have control over myself.
    Followed, Liked, and shared the competition.

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