Trainer Tuesday: Walk It Off Treadmill Workout(s)

I recently realized that I don’t have any walking treadmill workouts on the blog!  That must change pronto.  Walking is such a great form of exercise that so many people seem to underestimate.  It is much lower on the intensity scale compared to running and other forms of cardio, but it still gets you moving while not putting as much stress on your body and joints.  And don’t forget that adding a little speed walking and/or incline to your walks can really get you sweatin’ good!



Walking is something that I plan to add a lot more of in my life. I’ve realized recently that my body is tired and needs some rest. I’ve always had the mentality “go big or go home” when I exercise. While I thought that was a good thing at the time, I’m now reaping the consequences of being so hard on my body. I plan to talk more about my recent lifestyle changes in the next couple days, but until then, go try out these walking treadmill workouts and let me know how you like them! Smile

Have a great Tuesday!

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  • What is your favorite way to incorporate walking into your life?
  • Are you a fan of incline walking?
  • Do you catch yourself having the “go big or go home” mentality in your workouts, life, etc?
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  1. says

    Ashley, this is such an important reminder! I always used to think…If I’m not sweating up a storm, it’s not a workout! This is definitely wrong. Since, I’ve moved to a city, I’ve been walking SO much more, just to get places! I can’t discount that :)
    I really like these workouts – I’ll definitely be using them at some point! Have a great day!

  2. says

    I did some incline walking yesterday! I’m not a huge fan though, I don’t know why I just don’t like walking super fast! I did Julie’s workout and I could not keep up with a 4.0 at incline 12! Haha my poor arms were pumping but I felt myself slipping back, had to take it down to 3.8!

  3. says

    I think walking is truly my favorite form of exercise! I take a walk every afternoon, and it almost serves as a form of therapy–a way to clear my mind, and “escape.” Like you, I’ve always has the “go big or go home” attitude when it comes to hitting the gym, but I’ve also realized that this approach has been detrimental to my body. I’m currently scaling back my workouts and realizing that lower intensities make me feel SO much better. I have more energy and don’t feel exhausted all the time. :) I’m definitely going to try this treadmill workout–looks great!

    Hope you’re having a good week, and that you’re starting to feel better about things. I’ve been thinking about you! xoxo <3

    • Ashley says

      thank you girl! i agree, walking is definitely a great form of “therapy”. i’m about to go on a walk in just a few minutes actually. the weather is gorgeous today, so i definitely have to take advantage of it! :)

  4. says

    I really enjoy incline power walking. When I plan to do the elliptical or run, sometimes I’m just not feeling it. I always give it 20 minutes, but if I’m still not into it, then I switch to incline power walking for 30 minutes. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body. I try to remind myself that I was at least active, which is always better than just sitting on the couch, right? :)

  5. says

    Love those walking workouts! I often over look walking and don’t do it too much, but its so great especially if your not in the mood for something totally hard core!

  6. says

    I really like walking on an incline as opposed to running- running is so hard on my knees and I can get just a good of a workout doing interval incline workouts as I can running (if not better!) With my workouts I’m totally a go big or go home gal!

    We try to take both dogs on a walk at least once a week- but I would like to do it more often!

  7. says

    I definitely have that problem. I tend to think that if it isn’t the hardest workout I’ve ever had… then It wasn’t a good one. I need to let myself rest sometimes!!

    I love walking on an incline on a treadmill.. It’s also fun to walk a dog, or with friends!

  8. says

    I love walking on my treadmill while studying or watching tv. Makes it go by so fast! Love that these add incline, gives it such a better burn! :)
    Thanks Ashley! These are great!

  9. says

    I was just thinking the other day that I need to incorporate more walking, especially because when I do it fast enough, it is so much harder than running! It totally works some different muscles that I’m not accustomed to using so much. Thanks for the workouts, girl :-)

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