Trainer Tuesday: Just Dance! Workout

I’ve never considered myself a dancer at all.  In fact, I’m a pretty terrible dancer.  I have no sense of rhythm and can be rather clumsy at times.  My sister and I would have occasional dance parties in our bedroom when we were growing up, but that was pretty much the extent of my dancing.  Our dancing mostly consisted of being big goofballs and just having a good time.  Looking back, now I realize that being goofy and laughing was the best part of it all!  Who cares if I was “on rhythm” or did moves correctly?  Apparently I cared at the time, but now I could care less.

I danced it up at our wedding, and I probably looked ridiculous, but I was having a fun time and that’s all that mattered to me.

72138_597495113410_56904538_34305807_3204755_n[1][Sister & I dancing to “Baby Got Back” at our wedding]

I got Just Dance 3 on the Wii for Christmas this past year, and I was obsessed for the first few weeks I had it.  It has fun songs, always puts me in a good mood, and gets me movin’!


As the weeks went by after Christmas, I put Just Dance to the wayside and forgot about it until just this week.  I’ve been brainstorming some fun low intensity workouts that I can do, and my Just Dance game came to mind.  The game has a “Just Sweat It” option that I decided to try out.  I made a goal for myself to acquire so many ‘sweat points’ each day this week.  It always puts a smile on my face and gives me a fun and low-key workout, so I thought it’d be a good thing to incorporate into my exercise regimen.


Since I’ve been dancin’ it up the past few days, I remembered how great of a workout dancing can be.  That being said, your workout for Trainer Tuesday this week incorporates lots of dancing!


Ok, now go bust a move!  Winking smile  Have a great day!



  • Do you like to dance?  Why or why not?
  • Have you ever played any of the Just Dance games?  Are you a fan?
  • Have you ever used dancing as a way to exercise?
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  1. says

    I have been wanting this wii game forever now… but I didn’t know how much it would be worth it for a “workout”… but this is such a good idea. I might run out and get it! Thanks (:

    • Ashley says

      i definitely recommend it! so fun! if you get into it, you’ll totally be sweating by the end of it!

  2. says

    I really like Zumba! We have some great instructors at my gym who make class so much fun. I am a horrible dancer but during class I just forget about that and have fun :) I’m sure if I taped myself and watched it I would look like a complete mess..

  3. says

    I love to dance! I can easily get my grove no matter where I am at. :) I would love to take salsa lessons! :) Especially from Val on Dancing with the Stars. I wonder if he is available??

  4. says

    Fun!! What a cool idea! :) Speaking of dancing, I did my very first Zumba class this morning. I felt ridiculous because the teacher looked so cool doing the moves, while I … did not. 😉 But it was still really fun!

    • Ashley says

      haha i am the same way when i’ve been to zumba classes in the past! i learned i just have to let go, and i realized that most people are so caught up in their own moves that they’re not watching me.

  5. says

    Adorable workout! Um ya, I hate to dance and suck at it too. Well I don’t hate it if I’m by myself its kind of fun, but otherwise I feel like a fool. I do like to dance when I go out to clubs, but that’s about it!

  6. says

    I have Just Dance 2, Zumba, and Dance Central 1&2 on Xbox for the Kinect… they are fun and a great way to get in activity… plus i always get to laughing at myself trying the moves. I need to remember to play them more!

  7. says

    Only lately have I really embraced dancing. I’m truly awful, but I guess I finally quit caring. The fact that I’m starting to attend more weddings (and having an extra glass of champagne) has influenced this trend.

  8. says

    I love this! ha I just got Zumba for my Wii and I love it! I like to do it on my rest days or when I’m still sore and need something a little less intense! It really does get your heart rate up and gets you sweating though! Love dancing, even though I too have no rhythm and am the definition of white girl dancing! haha

  9. says

    I have never done a dance workout. Well besides zumba once but I felt awkward. I would definitely bust a move in my living room though. Alyssa would love doing it with me too! I know dancing is a good workout from my college days when I’d come home from the bar a sweaty mess from dancing all night!

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