Trainer Tuesday: Lower Body Pyramid Workout

Good thing it’s time for some Trainer Tuesday because I noticed the fitness talk has been a little bleak around here lately.  I suppose it makes sense since my own fitness life has been somewhat uneventful other than some wonderful walks with Cody and our pups, and a few yoga videos here and there.  Don’t think that means I’m going to skimp out on continuing to provide you all with some kick butt workouts though!

Pyramids are one of my favorite workout formats.  They challenge my body, keep things interesting, and are FUN!  The idea of a pyramid workout is exactly that – it follows a pyramid structure.  You start an exercise with a lower number of repetitions, work your way up to the top with higher repetitions as you go, and then work your way back down.  Pretty simple, right?  Right.

Today I wanted to give you a pyramid workout that focuses on your lower body.  Expect your booty and legs to be burnin’ by the end!

Note: As always, check with your doctor before starting a new workout program.  Do at least a 5-10 minute warm up before beginning your workout.  On single leg exercises, do the number of reps listed on EACH leg. 


Try this out and let me know how it goes!  It’s a doozy for sure so be ready to sweat!  You want those legs lookin’ good for summa-time!

Encouragement for the Day:

Below is one of my favorite mantras.  Persistence and determination are KEY when working toward any goal.  You can do it!  Don’t give up!

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Make it a great day my friends!  Thanks for being so awesome!



  • Have you ever done a pyramid style workout before?  If so, are you a fan?
  • Can you relate to the mantra above?
  • What is YOUR workout today?!
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  1. says

    I love pyramid workouts, especially when tweaking the reps/weights used! I can totally relate to that above mantra. Although the Body For Life program is 12-weeks, it’s taken me about 15 due to travelling but like the pic above says, I rather finish later than planned than give up entirely!

  2. says

    I think I’m going to do some type of circuit workout today. I have my half-marathon in about a week and a half, so I want to do things that get my blood pumping and my heart rate up, but I don’t want to do too much running at this point. :)

    • Ashley says

      i just checked it out and did one of her videos… loved it! holy moly my abs and butt were on FIRE! thanks for the suggestion! :)

    • Ashley says

      aww i saw your post earlier. i’m so sorry. i hope they feel better soon! make sure to take care of yourself too. :)

  3. says

    Love this workout- I like to write out a big list like this if I have a really busy day I can’t block out gym time for. I just do each exercise when I can and cross it off the list. By the end of the day- I usually have no more exercises than if I would have done them all at once

  4. Karoline says

    Hey Ashley! I just found your blog yesterday and have really enjoyed checking it all out. It’s super refreshing to read your posts and encouragement from a Christian perspective. At the end of the day, my motivation comes from the love of God for me and my relationship with His Son – so although there a tons of great fitness and healthy eating blogs out there, I find most of them “empty”, self-fufilling, and in the end not worth much if you don’t have that inner hope. All that said, I’ll be reading your posts from now on! I enjoy eating healthy, and am currently looking for new fitness routines.. I am going to try your set today. My question is, is this enough of a workout to get your heart pumping and burn calories? Or would you normally pair it with a short run or something?

    • Ashley says

      thank you karoline! i’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog so far. i look forward to hearing from my readers (like you!) each and every day, so thank you for your sweet comment!
      as for the workout, oh yes, you should get your heart pumping from this workout. if you’re lifting with heavy enough weights and not resting a ton between exercises, you will definitely feel like you get a quality sweat sesh in. if you lift lighter and rest more, then you might want to add in some cardio with it.

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