WIAW #33: A Sleepy Day

Happy What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)!

Peas and Crayons

Yesterday was one of those days that I just felt sleepy all day.  It was definitely a rather uneventful day, but it was very restful which is apparently what my body needed.  This past weekend was go-go-go so I’m assuming I was just needing some catch up?

I woke up about an hour or so later than I usually wake up.  I think I slept a little later because I woke up when Cody’s alarm clock went off at 4:45 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep right away.  I finally rolled out of bed at 7:15 AM and got my coffee and breakfast going.

I picked up some blueberries at the store yesterday because I’ve been wanting to try out this recipe from Brittany and also Katie’s Blueberry Muffin Oats this week.

This morning I went for Brittany’s Protein Berry Muffin, but unfortunately it didn’t quite turn out how I had hoped.  I subbed almond flour for buckwheat flour and used whey protein powder instead of vegan protein powder.  I’m guessing that is what caused my “muffin” to overflow in the microwave and come out more like a bowl of oatmeal than a muffin.  Even though it wasn’t quite a muffin, it sure tasted great!  It was super filling too.  Next time I’m going to follow Brittany’s exact directions, and I’m sure it’ll come out looking more like a muffin. Smile   I also topped mine with some sunflower seed butter – great addition!


I spent my morning catching up on some blogs, conquering my email inbox, and creating some workouts for clients.  Around 10:30 AM I decided it was time for a mid morning snack.  I found some full fat Greek yogurt a couple weeks ago from Walmart (of all places!) that I’ve been loving lately.  Unfortunately they were out of the plain when I went yesterday, so I grabbed their honey flavor.  I decided to try it out with some chopped kiwi.  Yum!


After finishing up a few more more things on the computer, I decided to get moving a little bit.  I found a dance workout video on Netflix that I tried out for the first time.  Good thing my blinds were shut and no one was home to watch me because I’m sure that I looked like a goob the whole time.  I had a good time laughing at myself, that’s for sure. Winking smile  I took a shower and got some laundry started before it was time for lunch at about one o’clock.

Monday night our wonderful neighbor came by to give us some homemade honey wheat bread.  I had a couple slices the night she dropped it off, and I couldn’t resist including it into my lunch yesterday.  It is so good!  I topped two thick slices with crunchy peanut butter and blackberry jelly with some baby carrots on the side.


I did some cleaning in the kitchen and then decided that I was going to go to Target to pick up a few things and browse around.  As I walked into our bedroom to finish getting ready to go, my bed all of a sudden looked really inviting.  I didn’t think I’d fall asleep for long, but I ended up sleeping for about an hour and a half until 3:30 PM.  Naps are so not me!  I don’t know what overcame me, but it sure was nice!

I woke up ready for a snack so I went straight for the new box of cereal I bought yesterday – Peanut Butter Cheerios! I’ve been wanting to try them ever since they first came out, and I’m so glad I finally did!  They are certainly a winner in my book.  Peanut butter.  Duh.  I added half of a sliced banana and some milk to a big mug for the perfect midday snack.


I spent the next hour (or two?) catching up with my girl Brittany on g-chat.  She makes me smile.  A little later Cody called and I talked to him for quite awhile to hear how his day was going.  He had a loonnggg day yesterday.  I felt so bad for the poor guy.  He left the house at 5:15 AM and didn’t get home until 9:30 PM.  He is such a hard worker.  I’m so proud of him.

Finally around 6:30 PM I decided I should probably throw something together for dinner.  I opted for some grilled chicken, sweet potato wedges, and kale chips.  This is one of my favorite meals!


I emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.  I decided I should finally fold the clean clothes sitting in the laundry basket.  I dread folding laundry.  I wish I could hire a professional laundry folder.  Is there such a thing?

The next couple hours consisted of: writing this blog post, hiding from a sales person that came to our door, catching up on more emails, reading more blogs, talking to our dogs, and being lazy.

Then I dished out some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  Heaven in a bowl.


Exciting day, right?  I knew you’d think so. Winking smile

I hope you have a fabulous day!



  • Have you tried the Peanut Butter Cheerios?  If so, are you a fan?
  • What is one of your favorite meals?
  • I’m sure I’ve asked this question before, but what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
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    • Ashley says

      we still need to catch up!!! that’s usually how i am with naps too… i was so surprised i ended up falling asleep!

    • Ashley says

      it’s ok, it was still really tasty! :) someone else said that whey protein powder doesn’t usually do very well in the microwave, so i’ll have to try something else.

  1. says

    I have tried them and loved them, but they are not in Canada yet :( So once I finished my two boxes I smuggled home that was it…
    Pancakes! I love all things breakfast, even better topped with Greek yogurt and peanut butter.
    I am not a huge fan of hard ice cream, but did have pumpkin pie last fall and fell in love, I am a soft serve twist fan more :)

    • Ashley says

      i like softer ice cream too. usually i will microwave it a little to get it softer or i’ll add a little milk and stir it up to make it more like a milkshake. :)

  2. says

    I love the pb cheerios – so delicious. I’m not normally a nap person either, but when my body gets tired and wants one badly, I have to let it do its thing, or else I get crabby pants. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day! Enjoy!

  3. says

    Hahahah I love you. I hide from sales people too…and I would love to participate in that dance video with you :). Some sort of pb cup or chocolate chip cookie dough are my favorite flavors of ice cream, but the other day I had two flavors that were fantastic- peanut butter oreo and oreo cakebatter! YUM :). Have a great Wednesday friend <3

    • Ashley says

      haha cody made me imitate how i hid from the salesman when he got home. it was pretty funny actually. ohhh my goodness gracious, pb oreo and oreo cakebatter sound SO good!! cookies ‘n cream or cookie dough are probably my top favorites, so i’m sure i’d be a fan of the oreo ones!

  4. says

    The best ice cream flavor is coconut macaroon from Haagen Dazs. It honestly is the best ever! I don’t think I will ever try another flavor again :)

  5. says

    That breakfast sounds most glorious! I would totes join you in the dancing session on netflix, sounds like a great time, but yeah, the blinds must be shut, no one can see me embarrass myself! haha
    I haven’t tried the pb cheerios yet, but they are on my to-buy list! I must consume some of the other cereal I have first though, otherwise not allowed, I have too much food already! I am such a sucker for new products :)
    Favorite ice cream flavor?! Hmm a vanilla base with add ins such as peanut butter, cookies (aka cookies and cream), fudge, m%ms,…. now I need some ice cream!

    • Ashley says

      i’m not trying to tempt you or anything, but you’d totally love the PB Cheerios…. obviously. because we have the same taste buds. ;)

  6. says

    “Hiding from the sales person” hahah too funny! Definitely something I would do ;) Sometimes we just need a really lazy, sleepy day! I can NEVER take naps, so when I do it’s definitely something I cherish haha

    • Ashley says

      haha yeah it was pretty funny actually. i had it all planned out because i saw him go to our neighbor’s across the street, and i knew he’d be coming by our house soon. :)

  7. says

    I find whey in microwave muffins usually doesn’t work very well. Sunwarrior or peanut flour usually turns out more of a real muffin. Yesterday I put 2 whole eggs in my microwave muffin and it was the best one I’ve ever made!

    • Ashley says

      good to know! thanks for letting me know… i wondered if it was the whey protein. what else was in your microwave muffin besides the eggs? i need to try it!

      • says

        The one from yesterday was:
        2 whole eggs
        1/2 cup pumpkin
        1/4 cup peanut flour
        1/8 tsp. baking powder

        4 1/2 mins in a big mug. They cook way better in a huge mug rather than a bowl if you have one.
        Let me know if you try it. They are so tricky!

  8. says

    I think I need a nap today too…..MUST sleep!

    For the muffin, did you add any extra liquid? Sometimes that happens if there is too much ‘watery’ stuff. Just a thought!

    I LOVE sweet potato fries too!!!!!

    • Ashley says

      maybe… i followed brittany’s recipe when it came to the liquid though. i think it is probably the whey protein that made it not turn out right. i’ll experiment a little with it. :)

  9. says

    I haven’t tried the PB Cheerios, but I love the chocolate ones! :) Yum!

    I ate something new last night that included Kale. My friend sauteed the kale in EVOO, then added 1/2 cup of water and 1 cup of salsa. Once this was done we added some Mexican style cheese. It kind of looked like goat cheese. This was totally amazing!

  10. says

    OMG, I’m a PB Cheerios addict. I seriously cannot keep them in my house, because I’d literally eat them for 3 meals a day. haha. They are so darn good!

    You know what else is darn good? Naps. haha. I’m very jealous – it’s dreary and rainy here, and I really am having to convince myself out of crawling under my desk for a nap right now.

  11. says

    Something about naps always results in my being absolutely FAMISHED when I wake up, and I tend to go a little nuts in the kitchen. Looks like you kept your post-nap snack in check way better than I typically do.

  12. says

    I love pretty much all ice cream, but cake batter is definitely a favorite. And I love Ben and Jerry’s flavors because they have lots of mix-ins. Their red velvet cake flavor is awesome, as is their chubby hubby flavor! :)

    • Ashley says

      i’ve been eyeing that ben & jerry’s red velvet cake flavor for awhile now… i think you’ve convinced me that i need to go for it! :)

  13. says

    Too bad about the explosion in the microwave, that is the worst mess to clean up!! Haha, I hide from sales people too. I feel bad, but I’m the worst at saying no. Oh man, I am the worst dancer ever, I’m sure I would look like a weirdo too ;) Sometimes its fun to do something like that though. A little change up

    • Ashley says

      haha yeah my husband wasn’t home, i was in my pjs already, and i just didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

  14. says

    I need that ice cream NOW. I’ve been craving ice cream all day, and that picture just sent me over the edge. I can’t choose just one favorite flavor, but I love cookie dough, oreo, and anything that involves dark chocolate, caramel, sea salt, or peanut butter! :)

    One of my favorite meals is sweet potato (baked or in oven-baked fries), grilled chicken or fish, and roasted asparagus. Last night’s meal was a close second though – fresh crab cakes and roasted asparagus. YUM!

    Ditto on the laundry folding. Bleck.

    • Ashley says

      we’d be each other’s perfect ice cream dates… those are all pretty much my favorites too, except i’m not too big on caramel.
      i am in love with sweet potatoes!! i don’t think i could ever get sick of them.

  15. says

    I love the PB cheerios! Although my favorite is multigrain.

    My favorite ice cream is to mix plain vanilla with snickers. But if I’m choosing a typical kind from the grocery store, cookies and cream. Although I love coffee. And chocolate. Okay, they’re all good :-)

  16. says

    Ohh man ice cream is my kryptonite- I’ll take any flavor but my preference is definitely cookie dough or cookies & cream…heck even vanilla ice cream hits the spot for me :)!

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