05/24: Thursday Thoughts

After last week’s “Thursday Thoughts”, I’m kind of diggin’ it.  So here we are with another “Thursday Thoughts” post, because well, it’s Thursday and I have some thoughts.

1.  I just bought LIFE cereal earlier this week for the first time in ages.  I forgot how much I love this cereal.  I’ve been enjoying a small bowl or two for my evening snack before bed.


2.  I cannot WAIT to see this girl  and possibly this girl this weekend!

3.  I also can’t wait to see my family!  Family is the best.

4.  I will miss Cody though.  I hope he survives okay without me. Winking smile

5.  I’ve been eyeing these brownies all week.  Too bad I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand.  Next week they’re a must.

6.  I cannot stop listening to this song.  I’m just a tad obsessed.  Go ahead and play it over and over about ten or twenty times.  I won’t judge.

7.  I’m sore from a “gentle yoga” video I did on Tuesday.  There’s something wrong with that picture.

8.  I made these No Bake Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars the other day.  Yep, I’m a peanut butter freak.

9.  Ok, I’m out of thoughts right now.  With that, have a great Thursday!



  • What is your favorite cereal?
  • Are you also obsessed with the song “Call Me Maybe”?
  • What are some of your thoughts on this Thursday?
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  1. says

    If nutritional stats is not a factor, I am going to pour myselkf a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But when I am wanting to be semi-healthy, I opt for Frosted Mini Wheats. I have had “Call Me Maybe” in my head since I saw the video of the Harvard Baseball Team dancing to it.

  2. says

    i do love call me maybe! random thoughts for today involve how excited i am itz summmmmmer! (last day of school yesterday and teachers just have to go in for a little bit today!)

  3. says

    I LOVE Cinnamon Life! Who cares if it has lots of sugar haha. And I soooo wish I was getting see you this weekend :). Um and I love that song. I keep playing it, especially when I’m working out or in the car! Hope you have a great day pretty lady <3

  4. says

    Mulitgrain Cheerios, mainly since it is the only cereal I eat! Not a huge cereal fan.
    Love that song, but I am obsessed with the silly Whistle song by Flo-Rida right now… haha
    That its already Thursday!? We had a holiday on Monday in Canada, so its been a quick week and it is my husband’s 29th birthday today!

  5. says

    Life cereal is a most excellent choice! I used to have it constantly when I was younger, along with every other cereal under the sun, and would switch between regular life and cinnamon :) And yeah that song is pretty dang catchy and gets stuck in your head like no other!!

  6. says

    Cinnamon Life is one of my all-time favorite cereals! I love almost all cereals, so it’s hard to choose a single favorite. Lately I’ve been buying an organic version of honey bunches of oats that I really like. I prefer cereal suicides so that I can have three or four types at once. :)

    Yes, I love that song! I’ve played it in my abs class for the last several weeks, and I think some people are getting annoyed by it haha (or maybe they just get annoyed because I sing along…).

  7. says

    Hahahaha Call Me Maybe is SUCH an addicting song! At first I thought it said “Call me baby” and I went about half of the day singing it with the wrong words. Will was actually the one to correct me with the right ones (We all know he was probably listening to it on his own time 😉 )

  8. says

    OMG Life Cereal!!! Love that stuff. I’m a huge fan of the cinnamon, too! :) And Call Me Maybe? Why is it SO addicting??? Your sweet tooth is so in line with mine. I have a feeling we would demolish a pan of brownies together!!!

  9. says

    Haha I love that song too! She’s actually coming to my town in June to play at a free music festival – and I’m definitely going!

    My favourite cereal is Kashi Go Lean Crunch honey almond. I always have a box of it on hand!

  10. says

    I’m actually not much of a cereal fan, so usually stick to oatmeal and oat bran. I could eat them everyday. I did really like that song, but now its so overplayed that I’m starting to get sick of it! Hate when that happens to fun songs.

  11. says

    LOVE Thursday Thoughts Ashley! Please keep them coming!!!!! I have so many thoughts, too so I would like to do a post like this 😉 I wonder if people want to hear MY thoughts!? HAHA

    I love Call Me Maybe too! SO catchy :) Never gets old 😉 At least not to me :)

    My favourite cereal is Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes, but when I saw your Life cereal, I remembered Crispix! Crispix are so yummy :) I just love cereal in general.

  12. says

    I’d completely forgotten about Life cereal too! It was definitely one of my favorites when I was young, probably because it was the only sweet cereal my mom would buy! Occasionally we’d get Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but that was reserved for camping trips only. Haha. There aren’t many fantastic GF cereals, but I do LOVE Peanut Butter Puffins. I’ve also been into granola lately…I find that it satisfies me a lot more than most cereals do. :)

    “Call Me Maybe” is SUCH a catchy song…Now it’s stuck in my ahead too. 😉

    No Bake Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars sound amazing. I’m going to go check out that recipe right now. I hope you have a fun weekend, girl! xoxo <3

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