05/31: Thursday Thoughts

1.  My husband picked me up from the airport on Monday with these beautiful flowers in hand.  He’s so good to me.


2.  I really cannot believe today is already Thursday.  Where the heck did this week go?!  Oh well, I’m not complaining.  Bring on the weekend!

3.  I have the bestest best friend ever.  She sent me a cute card, nut butter, a pretty skirt, and some flavored coffee she knew I’d love.  She knows me all too well.  Love you Rachel!


4.  I might be getting a “smart phone” soon!  Yes, I’m the one that still has an old school phone.  Be jealous.  Needless to say, I’m excited.

5.  If (and hopefully when) I get a “smart phone”, you can count on a bazillion instagram photos from me.  I just know I’ll be obsessed.

6.  This new ice cream I bought is SO good. Like so good that I can’t keep my darn spoon out of the ice cream container.


7.  I recently bought this new swimsuit.  Now I just need to figure out when and where to wear it.  Perhaps we need to plan a vacation?  I’m thinking so…


8.  I’m loving the super long days lately!  Just another reason I love summer.

9.  Congratulations to Heather on baby Hunter!  Check out the guest post I wrote for her today!



  • Do you have a “smart phone”?  If so, what kind?
  • Have you ever tried this Tillamook ice cream?  Which flavor?  What’d you think of it?
  • Do you have any vacations planned for this summer?  If so, can I come? Winking smile
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  1. says

    The flowers are goregous – what a sweet hubby! I desperately want a smart phone. But I haven’t bitten the bullet yet, because I’m afraid it would never leave my hands. Lol! No vacations planned yet, although, I am eyeing some weekends for trips to the beach. Feel free to come along. :-)

      • says

        Leaving in the southeastern corner of Georgia affords me the chance to leave close (within a few hours) of several beaches. For quick trips, we go to the beach at one of the barrier island off the coast – Tybee, Jekyll, St. Simon’s Island. On longer trips, we like to visit Fernandina Beach, Daytona, and Panama City.

  2. says

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy 2, and love it. I its my favorite and I have had quite a few different smart phones, lets just say I like to break things… bad and expensive habit of mine 😉
    We are staying closer to home for the summer to save money and go to NYC in December, but we have a few smaller trips planned, camping, hiking in the moutains, going to the lake etc.

  3. says

    Love your Thursday thoughts :) And that swimsuit is sooooo pretty!! Your hubby DEFINITELY needs to take you somewhere fun to wear it :) Hawaii maybe? Or California as a compromise? :) We don’t have anything planned YET, but our 8th wedding anniversary is coming up in August, so we’ll probably do SOMETHING. Might involve fly-fishing??? (My hubby’s favorite pastime, which I also happen to enjoy!)

    • Ashley says

      ha! i WISH hawaii! flights are so pricey these days! i’m thinking a california trip might be in order though… how exciting that your 8th anniversary is coming up!! congratulations!

  4. says

    LOVE that swim suit! Where is it from? I am on the hunt for some new ones for my honeymoon in August!!!

    Also – A smartphone will change your world. I switched over to one (iPhone) a little less than a year ago and instantly became addicted. (I am not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing!)

  5. says

    That was so thoughtful of your husband! He certainly earned himself some brownie points with that gesture.

    I have an iPhone, and I absolutely love it! I resisted the change to a smart phone of so long, but finally caved. I am so glad that I did. My phone now reminds me of upcoming events, keeps an ongoing grocery list, doubles as my interval timer, and so much more. I am certain that whatever smart phone you get, you will love it too.

  6. says

    How sweet of Cody!!! And you should get an iPhone, it literally changed my life. I realize this sounds dramatic… But without google maps and the bus app I have, I wouldn’t be able to find my way around Chicago. I’m using it now on the bus to read your blog!! And there’s a beach here in Chicago!!!

  7. says

    How nice of your husband! It’s so nice when guys do sweet things like that out of the blue rather than just on days where that’s expected of them!

    I got the new iphone a few months ago and I would highly recommend it!

    • Ashley says

      i agree! cody despises valentine’s day so he tries to do little things randomly (i.e. these flowers) throughout the year. i don’t mind! 😉

  8. says

    Awww that’s really cute! Your husband is such a sweet heart! My iPhone is the best $200 I’ve ever spent! CHANGED my life! You’ll fall in love with instagram and spend way too much time on it like I do.

  9. says

    I got the iPhone 4s in December and I love it! To be honest, I waited do long to get a smart phone because I thought I would be obsessed, and boy am I! It’s amazing, but dangerous to have email and blog readibg at your fingertips 😉 next weekend I am going to Chicago for four days and I am going to Myrtle Beach in July! Can’t wait!

  10. says

    You will love your smartphone! I had an old school phone (no internet or anything!) until this past October. The day before our honeymoon, we both got iPhones and we absolutely love them! GPS, music, instagram, internet–all in one convenient device!

    • Ashley says

      that’s what has kept me from getting a smartphone for so long too, but i think it’ll be worth it for me now. :)

  11. Cindy says

    I don’t have a smart phone either but I think I’m going to get one at the end of the summer! Can’t wait for instagram :)

  12. says

    I have an iPhone and my husband has the Droid Bionic–he’s been a dedicated Driod user since they first came out. He definitely wishes he would have gone iPhone, and is anxiously awaiting the end of our contracts so he can make the switch! Instagram is so much fun!

  13. says

    LOVE that new suit! So cute.

    And you have such a caring husband – those flowers are beautiful!
    My brother and I have a potential vacation planned this summer – we’re crossing our fingers that we can make our schedules work!

  14. says

    Omg! Tillamook ice cream is practically local for us in Washington State and my family almost always has it in our house! Lots of self control is needed when that’s the case, especially since we all have the same favorite flavor– Mudslide flavor! If you ever see it offered, you just NEED to get it! 😀

  15. says

    Your husband is a great guy, flowers are just the best :) I do love that swim suit.. the color is nice and I like the shape and design as well
    I agree with your repetition of “i love summer” I can’t say it enough!

  16. says

    That bikini is so adorable! Love it. How cute is your hubby that he brought you flowers! Aw. I have a blackberry, but no instagram on it! I can’t wait until my contract is up this month to get an iphone haha, its embarrassing how excited I am about this

  17. says

    Tillamook ice cream is THE BEST!! You can only buy it in the west though, which means it’s nowhere to be found in DC. :( But it also means that I’ll be stocking up when I arrive in Boise in July! A few years ago I visited the Tillamook cheese and ice cream factory in Oregon. It was a pretty life-changing (and filling—too many samples, haha!) experience. :)

    Cody is so sweet! You’ve got a keeper, for sure! <3 xoxo

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