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Good morning and happy weekend!

Have you ever heard of the “The Five Love Languages”?  It’s a book that talks about how different people give and receive their love to those around them.  According to the book, the five love languages are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Acts of Service
  • Gifts

Cody and I both read the book right after we got married, and it’s been life changing in our relationship.  Cody is very much a words of affirmation and acts of service kinda guy, and I am no doubt a quality time person.  I highly recommend you read it whether you are single, in a relationship, or married.  It can help in all of your relationships and friendships.

This weekend has been a great one so far. Cody and I have been able to have a lot of quality time with one another, and it’s only Saturday morning! I love when that happens. This was important to me because last weekend I was out of town, we were both pretty busy throughout this past week, and we also are going to be having a college kid from our church live with us for the next couple weeks come Sunday.

This morning we both slept in until 8:45 AM!  That hardly ever happens, so we were both quite surprised.  Since we both got up at the same time (usually I’m up first on Saturdays), I suggested making us waffles for breakfast.  Cody loves waffles so he was all about it.  I made both of us waffles with Kodiak Cake Mix – Cody’s was plain and I added a half of a mashed banana to mine.  It was so nice to sit and eat breakfast together since it rarely ever happens.


We had a really fun time together last night too.  I made homemade pizza for dinner, and then we headed off to our town’s Demolition Derby.


Every year our town (Eagle Mountain) has what they call “Pony Express Days”.  They plan all sorts of events within a two week period such as a rodeo, country concert, sports tournaments, movie in the park, carnival, etc.  The Demolition Derby is just one of the many events they do.


Cody suggested we go check it out since we’ve both never been to one before.  I had no idea to what expect, but I ended up really enjoying it!  There were a few parts that scared me quite a bit.  One of the cars caught fire (see below), but the driver got out and the firefighters put it out right away.


One of the trucks decided to ramp off of one of the concrete barricades and ended up landing on its top.  I was initially freaking out about that one too, but the driver ended up being a-okay.


We were both glad we decided to do something a little different than usual.  It was a good time!


On our way home we passed our local ice cream shop so we decided some ice cream was a must!  I got a cup of cookies ‘n cream ice cream.  Yum!


It was the perfect summer night – great weather, a fun event, the best company, and ice cream!  Can’t go wrong with that. Winking smile



  • What do you think your top love language is? (You can read more about them & take a quiz HERE.)
  • Have you ever been to a Demolition Derby before?  Did you enjoy it?
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  1. says

    I haven’t read that book, but I have read another book by Gary Chapman, called ‘Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Marred.” My fiance and I both read it before we got engaged, and we enjoyed talking about it together!

  2. says

    I actually took that love languages quiz a couple months back because my mom learned about it in bible study. I was quality time too! It was such an interesting look and I think everyone should check it out :)

  3. says

    So cool Ashley! Quality time is great and I also think it’s fun to do different things! Last night I did something different too! My parents and I went to watch horse races! They’re hosted here every Friday, but I have never been to them before! It was a lot of fun to bet and watch :)

    • Ashley says

      yes, you definitely NEED to! 😉 we got it for our wedding, and we use it quite regularly since we both love waffles so much.

  4. says

    I read that book in college before I started dating my now-husband. I’m definitely a quality time/acts of service girl!

    I grew up in po-dunk Wisconsin, and our local county fair always had a demolition derby–it was the highlight of the summer for a lot of people, but not my scene!

  5. says

    I was interested and took the quiz! I am split between words of affirmation and quality time, although I think I’m more of a quality-time type of girl. I’ll have to tell Craig about this :-)

    Love that you’re spending some quality time with Cody – enjoy!

    • Ashley says

      thanks michelle! i think it’d be a great thing for you and craig to read and talk about together!

  6. says

    we read that book too. I am quality time and my husband is words of affirmation as well! It really is a great book for marraige to know that just because you need certain things are to feel loved, doesnt mean its everyones.

  7. says

    ooh I LOVE that book..it’s def a must read..mine is def quality time and words of affirmation.
    and I am glad you and Cody got to spend some quality time together! it’s very important!
    Because of our schedules, Tim and I hardly see each other during the week..so weekends are very impt to us..however, it flies by soo fast! but we do the best we can =)

  8. says

    We learned about love languages in our pre-martial classes, I think everyone needs to learn theirs and their spouses, I did a post on it too – http://www.arunningtale.com/2012/01/love-languages.html
    Mine is receiving gifts and my husband’s is words of affirmation. I found it so interesting to learn about this and it has helped our relationship for sure, especially when it comes to understanding each other.

  9. Jennifer says

    My hubby and I both read the book as well, and I loved it. It puts so much perspective on relationships and marriage. “words of affirmation” is without a doubt my love language while my husband’s was “quality time”. After reading the book and trying to implement changes so fulfill the other’s love language, it made a huge difference in our marriage!!

  10. says

    Aww cute! This looks like such a fun day! I would say I’m a quality time person too and I have never been to a demolition derby! That would definitely be a different kind of night for me too hah :)

  11. says

    Well I need to get my hands on that book to read it.. it sounds like something I would definitely be intrigued by! What a fun evening too… I have never been to an event like that but I bet I would like it! oh and any night ending with ice cream= a win 😉

  12. says

    Quality time is something that is so important in relationships, especially when we get to attached to our technology, its important to be more intimate and engaging without technology in the way! So happy you two enjoyed yourselves!

  13. says

    I haven’t read the book, but I’ve heard awesome things about it from a friend and even took the test myself last year. Like you, I am VERY much about quality time while Will is more about physical touch. It really does help you communicate in a relationship!

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