Gatorade Energy Chews Giveaway

You have the opportunity to try out Gatorade’s new G Series Energy Chews!


Gatorade says,

“G Series Energy Chews are a pre-game fuel in a convenient form.  They are designed to be used prior to training or competition to provide energy from a concentrated blend of carbohydrates to fuel athlete performance.”

They come in orange, fruit punch, and cool blue flavors, all of which don’t taste too bad!


Here are their nutritional stats per serving (6 chews per serving):

  • Carbohydrates: 25 grams of carbohydrates (100 calories) to help athlete fuel before training or competition.
  • Electrolytes: 85-90 mg sodium (varies by flavor) and 30 mg potassium to help promote electrolyte balance and help athletes retain fluid.
  • Vitamins: Good source of the B vitamins (20% Daily Value) – Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), and Pyrixdoxine (B6) – that aid in energy metabolism as part of a daily diet.

These would be perfect before a run, weight training workout, or fitness class.  Especially for those of you that aren’t super fond of eating much before a workout, these would be great to give you some extra energy without having to eat a full meal.

Well, my friends, it is your lucky day!  One reader gets the opportunity to win one full case of these G Series Energy Chews.

To enter:

  • (Mandatory) Leave me a comment telling me how you would use these G Series Energy Chews if you won them.
  • (Optional) Follow me on Twitter (@MyFNFDiaries) and tweet: “I entered to win some of @Gatorade’s G Series Energy Chews from @MyFNFDiaries & you can win some too!

Make sure you leave me an extra comment to tell me that you did this!

Good luck!  Winner will be announced on Friday, June 8th!

Disclaimer: I received these to review.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

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  1. Jennifer says

    I’d use them to help train for a long distance run with my sister! Maybe I’d even share them with her too 😉

  2. marci says

    I’d love to try these out I have Two races coming up with in the next month a 1/2 marathon and a 200 mile bike ride (STP) these look like they would be good to try on these days.

  3. Molly says

    I’ve recently took up running after work and they would perfectly instead of eating a snack before i run.

  4. says

    I would use these before a strength training workout! I’m hypoglycemic and prone to crashes after a workout. I bet these would be great for keeping my blood sugar up without weighing myself down with a big meal.

    And I already follow you – and I just tweeted! :)

  5. Nicole B. says

    I would use the energy chews before (and maybe during) a longer run. It would be nice to have before spin class too.

  6. Dolce says

    I would use them to power me through strength training! And whenever my shin gets better, to use them to start running again :)

  7. Lindsay says

    I would use them before my races! I feel like I do rather well when I have some type of energy thing right before the gun goes off.

  8. Jeri says

    I would use them before runs! The cross country summer training at my high school just started today and I am going to need something to easily eat at 5:30 AM!

  9. Debbie Harris says

    I would use them for my long runs. Forgot to take any shot blocks with my for my run on Saturday & really could have used them!!! I have never tried Gatorade & would LOVE to try them!!!!!
    They sound fabulous!

  10. Kelli C says

    I’m training for a half marathon and have been trying to figure out what to use for fuel on my long runs… These would be perfect!!!

  11. says

    I’m currently sitting on the couch trying to muster up the energy and motivation to get to the gym. If I won these little bad boys, I would be popping on in my mouth now. Sometimes coffee isn’t enough.

  12. Joanna C says

    Like many other people who commented….i would also use these while training for a half-marathon in the fall!

  13. Kalynn says

    I would use these before Body Pump classes or before a run! I’m one who isn’t fond of eating a whole lot before a workout, so these would be great!

  14. JeSs says

    I would use them like most other people have suggested- before a hardcore cardio workout, or even just for fun if they taste good!

  15. Roberto Gonzalez says

    I would use these for the Susan G Komen race thus October. Have never entered a race and thus would help not disappoint my mother.

  16. Kristen says

    these would be awesome before early morning workouts when i don’t roll out of bed early enough to squeeze in breakfast :)

  17. sarah s says

    these would be perfect for my post-workout/pre-work snack… as i’m rushing to get showered, dressed, take the dog out, etc, these would really help speed things up for me!

  18. says

    These would be great before swims – I am notorious for eating too much and then cramping during an IM set, so I would love to give straight energy gels a shot.

  19. Ray says

    These definitely would come in handy after my workouts at the gym! Energy to keep me going! Thanks!

  20. says

    I haven’t ever seen these before! I am in the process of just beginning to train for a half marathon, and I’ve been looking for a good mid-run fuel source. I know a lot of people swear by the Gu gels, but I’ll be honest – they kind of creep me out! But these seem really interesting, and a lot less oogy looking than weird gels! haha.

  21. Mike says

    I am trying to really lose some weight and get some real added bonus of Gatorade in before runs and intense workouts and these seem like they will do the trick!

  22. Whitney Warman says

    I would love these chews! I am always needing an extra something before working out! Keeping me energized is key!

  23. Lissa Terlau says

    I would use them to train for my second marathon! I just did my first a few weeks ago! I always use cliff blocks, so I am interested in trying out gatorade!!

  24. Kyle Hubbard says

    Hey! I figured I’d go for the free chews 😀 I’m actually training for track all this Summer, so these would definitely add the extra boost to my workouts. Getting back into sprinter shape isn’t easy!

  25. kristle says

    i went for a realllly long bike ride today, and towards the end of it, i really could have used a pick me up. i was runnin’ outa steam! these gatorade chews seem like something small and convenient i could carry with me.

  26. shannon olverA says

    I am going to use the gatorade bites and give them to all my team mates at soccer. We made it to the playoffs and I think therewith could give is the little boost that we need to tale us over the TOP!! WE WANT TO BE NUMBER ONE!!we usually drink gatorade while playing and are so thirsty drink to much and feel like throwing up. Theese will ne great.

  27. says

    I would use the Gatorade chews about 30 minutes before a good aerobic workout to give me that extra boost of energy when I am feeling a little drained later in the day. It can be hard to find the energy to workout late in day around 6pm. 😉 Great blog btw, glad I found it.

  28. El says

    I would use these befor training for cross country because I don’t usually drink much before running for energy.

  29. Danielle K. says

    I have been wanting to try these but can’t find them anywhere. I am a Proud Army Wife and would use them to work out with my husband, a combat engineer, and to have the energy to play with our 2 year old son. Gatorade chews would be an energy boost to fuel this Army Family :-)

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