06/07: Thursday Thoughts

1.  Just when I said it was getting so “HOT! HOT! HOT!” here, it dropped like 30 degrees within the past two days.  What the heck?

2.  I recently won this two pound bag of chia seeds from Lynn!  I think I’ll be stocked up for awhile!


3.  I’m having fun with the June Yoga Challenge so far.  Granted, it’s only the first week, but I’m glad to be off to a good start!

4.  This PB Crave Peanut Butter showed up on my doorstep the other day.  Yep, they’re as good as they sound.  Be on the lookout for a giveaway in the near future!


5.  Speaking of giveaways, don’t forget to enter this one!

6.  What a beautiful post this is. “Embrace the mess” – something we all need to be reminded of from time to time!

7.  I bought this two pound container of blueberries the other day because they were on sale.  I have been eating blueberries with everything I can think of.  I’m not complaining!


8.  After watching The Bachelorette this week, I decided Sean is most definitely my favorite.  Good looking.  Sweet.  Grounded in his faith.  Respectful.  Now I just need to see his sense of humor, and then I’ll really be sold.

9.  I got a little daring and painted my toes a canary yellow color this weekend.  I think I like it!


10.  I started my #FitFluential #FitnessBucketList on Pinterest yesterday.  I can’t wait to add more – it’s so fun!

11.  Tomorrow is Friday!  WOO HOO!



  • Do you have any good recipes to help me use up my blueberries?
  • Thoughts on the Bachelorette this season?  Who is your favorite guy at this point?
  • What is your current favorite nail polish color?
  • What is on your fitness bucket list?
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    • Ashley says

      i made some blueberry pancakes and blueberry banana bread… blueberry cobbler sounds SOOO good! great idea!

  1. says

    SEAN IS MY FAVOURITE TOO! And I cannot stand Ryan! I am sure he is just on there for drama….

    Love your Thursday Thoughts babe! Have a great day xo

  2. says

    I love that nail polish color! Too cute. That PB crave has been all over the blog world, I really need to try it.
    I really like sean too. I like Chris because I think he’s super cute, but I don’t think him and emily will last. I like Ari too, but he’s kind of a nerd. Haha

    • Ashley says

      i don’t know what it is, but something about chris kind of rubs me the wrong way. who knows. haha. arie and jef are my second and third favorites!

  3. says

    Mmmm, blueberries! I like CCK’s single-lady blueberry muffin, and I also like my blueberry pie oats recipe. Of course, with all those chia seeds, you can make some blueberry overnight oats. I’ve been loving my strawberry overnight oats this week. Yum!

    • Ashley says

      haha i know, right?! i currently have a massive costco jar of adam’s all natural crunchy pb, a jar of sunflower seed butter, a jar of almond-peanut-cashew butter, and now four jars of the pb crave peanut butter! i think i have plenty of nut butters to last me awhile. 😉

  4. Angie says

    I love the canary yellow nail polish. It looks good on you. My favorite right now is a new color I just tried . . . sorbet. It’s the color of an orange creamsicle.

  5. says

    I like eating blueberries fresh the best or lately with plain Greek yogurt, and lemon Stevia.
    Love that yellow nail polish! I bought yellow once but it was too light and made my toe nails look sick. haha. I love hot pink right now, but my toenails are painted purple from a pedicure a few weeks ago.
    I just posted my fitness bucket list so a few of my things are – run the NYC Marathon, a Color me Rad 5km and be able to do a chin-up!

    • Ashley says

      yes, i’ve seen that no sugar sweet life’s blueberry yogurt bread! that’s on my list of things to make! :)

  6. says

    I also always buy a big bash of blueberries. They are cheaper that way and you force yourself to eat them everyday!
    I’m going to add them in a smoothie. Spinac, romaine lettuce, apple, banana and blueberries!

  7. says

    Wow, your feet are tan! The yellow polish looks really cute–very fresh and summery!

    I’ve been dying to try that PB…all of the flavors sound so, so good!

    I love purchasing those huge containers of blueberries from Sam’s Club…definitely one of my favorite summer treats!

    • Ashley says

      ha i know, right? my feet always get SO tan for whatever reason. i think the bright polish makes them look even more tan too. and yes, the berries at costco/sam’s club are the best!

  8. says

    I have some teal nail polish that I used a few times last year and I’ve been waiting to bust it out again this summer!
    And blueberries were on sale this week at my grocery store too! I just had them with some yogurt and granola and can’t wait to make some blueberry pancakes soon :-)

    • Ashley says

      well they never actually said he was a Christian, but he mentioned how his faith is very important to him. arie and jef are my second and third favorites! :)

  9. says

    I love your nail polish color! I got a mani/pedi yesterday and was torn between a pastel yellow, and the apricot-coral color I went with. I am so into the Bachelorette this season, Sean and Arie are definitely my two favorites. I don’t think Emily could go wrong with either one!

    • Ashley says

      i’m usually all about the pinks too during the spring and summer months. thanks! you should try it out!

  10. Liz says

    I really like lime green or turquoise nail polish. Sammy is walking around right now with one set of toe nails painted orange with glitter and the other Navy Blue :)

    I don’t know if I would call it a bucket list maybe a wishlist but I would like to try one of those single person trampolines because I hear its good for strengthing your core muscles but I don’t know if my knees could take it. I still also would like to get a treadmill.

    • Ashley says

      haha i love it about sammy! :) i love your wish/bucket list! those are great ones. we got our treadmill off of Craig’s List for a reasonable price and it works great!

  11. says

    I’m anxiously awaiting a trip to our farmer’s market to pick up blueberries so I can make lemon blueberry sorbet.

    I’ve got a lot of things I’d put on my fitness bucket list–run a full marathon, and run a Ragnar relay are definitely at the top! It’s been a blast to see everyone’s fitness bucket lists on Pinterest!

  12. says

    I agree, Sean is definitely my favourite at the moment!!! I love the bright nail polish colours, pale blue has been my jam lately! That PB crave looks amazingly awesome, the flavours sound crazy good!

  13. says

    Sean does seem like a very nice man but I don’t think I’d personally be interested in him. I really like Jef. I’ve never seen a more offensive man than Ryan. I mean, obviously that’s why they put him on the show but holy cow!!

  14. says

    whoa you are lucky that the weather cooled down a lil! I just read your link to the “embrace the mess” post. Thank you for sharing that! what powerful words!
    And yes I have been eating blueberries like crazy too! I just recently posted a Almond blueberry cookie if you want to check it out =)
    my favorite nail color at the moment is turquoise and caicos by Essie. Such a fun color!

  15. says

    I love that nail color.. so unique and perfect for summer!! I mayyy copy you sometime in the very near future :) Oh and heck yes to the blueberries, I can’t seem to stop and it’s a-okay with me, pump me full of those antioxidants haha
    I am looking forward to your ideas with the chia seeds, I actually one a HUGE bag a few months ago and still have more than 3/4 of the bag left! I need some new ideas clearly :)
    Oh and the bucket list is a cute idea!

      • Ashley says

        do it! the yellow is growing on me more and more! :) i mostly just use my chia seeds in overnight oats, smoothies, breads, and yogurt. nothing too crazy! they’re packed with nutrients (omega-3s!), so i try to use them as much as i can. hahaha and you make me laugh… i’m totally guilty of using the same word over and over too.

  16. says

    You can’t beat a good blueberry muffin…or homemade blueberry pancakes, for surely! Ohh the Bachelorette…where to begin, where to begin lol. This season has been cra-cray , especially in the very beginning–I mean the egg guy and the old lady? Whoofta. But now that miss Emily is getting to really know the studs, I have to agree with on Sean. Such a cutie and a sweetheart. I also am a fan of Arie and Jef with one F lol.

    • Ashley says

      yes, arie and jef are my second and third favorites too! :) you’re right, it has been quite the season so far!

  17. says

    I agree–Sean is such a sweetheart! I think he and Emily would make an adorable couple, however one of them needs to go a little less “orange.” They’re both rocking super tans and bleach blonde hair! 😉 I really like Arie too, and I think Emily feels the strongest connection with him at this point. And Jef? Love him. The hair? It’s wild!

    Your canary yellow nails are adorable! I almost bought a similar shade the other day, but couldn’t envision how it would look. Thanks for being the guinea pig…I’m 100% sold! :)

    Hugs!! xoxo <3

    • Ashley says

      yes, i think most of us can agree that sean, arie, and jef are the top favorites! go buy that yellow polish… you’d totally rock it! :)

  18. says

    Oh my goodness, I love your yellow toes! :) I am definitely interested in what you think of that PB–those flavors sound insanely delicious!

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