Awards & June Yoga Challenge Week 1 Recap

Yay for Friday!

Today I’m going to keep things pretty light hearted since it is Friday and all.  First off, let’s start with some awards that need to be addressed.  Brittany recently nominated me for the “Reader Appreciation Award”.  Thanks Brit!


I was mostly a sucker for the survey that came along with this award.  You know me, I love me some surveys!

1. What is your favorite color?


2. What is your favorite animal?

Dogs!  Especially my two favorites – Molly and Ryan.

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Water or coffee.

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

As of six months ago, I would’ve immediately said Facebook, but Twitter is really growing on me!  I like Facebook to look at photos, but other than that, I think I’m more of a Twitter fan.

5. What is your favorite pattern?


6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?

I won’t lie, I do enjoy the excitement of getting presents, but giving is so much more fulfilling to me.  I love when people light up when I give them something that they really want.

7. What is your favorite number?

I’ve never really had a favorite number, but when I played volleyball and basketball in high school, I always made sure to be #5.  So I guess I’ll say 5.

8. What is your favorite day of the week?

Friday.  It’s usually a pretty laid back day, and it’s the start of the weekend!

9.  What is your favorite flower?

I’ve developed this new recent love for peonies.


10.  What’s your passion?

Kind of a loaded question, but I’ll go with it.  I would say my biggest passion is healthy living, fitness, and eating real/nutritious foods.  I would hope you can see that through this blog.  Winking smile  I also have a huge passion for children.  They just melt my heart, and I yearn to make an impact on kids as much as I can.

Lindsay nominated me for “The One Lovely Blog Award” recently as well.  Thanks Linds!


This award involves sharing seven facts about myself.  Well, I feel like you’ve already read enough facts about me above in the questions I answered, and if you’re just dying to read more, you can read these.

I nominate whoever would like to take part in these fun little awards/surveys!  You are all lovely, and I appreciate each and every one of you! Smile

June Yoga Challenge – Week 1

As I’ve mentioned in my “June Goals” post, I am taking part in the June Yoga Challenge this month.  Let’s do a little recap on how I did with the first week!

My goal: Do yoga three times each week.

This week’s actual:

It looks like I accomplished my goal for this week!  So far, I’ve really been enjoying this challenge I’m taking on.  When I initially decided to exercise less and eat more, I really wanted to include more yoga into my routine.  Ever since then, I’ve done okay with it, but I still wasn’t doing it as much as I had hoped.

I’ve noticed that yoga naturally makes me feel more relaxed and in tune with my body.  While I was doing the yoga videos, there were several times when I realized that some of my muscles were super tight.  I never would’ve noticed this if it weren’t for me doing yoga.

I’m looking forward to continue on with my challenge!  Thanks for starting this Courtney!

**EDITED TO ADD: I almost forgot!  The winner of the Gatorade G Series Energy Chews is Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife!  Congratulations Danielle!  Email me at with your shipping information to claim your prize.


  • Answer any of the above ten questions!  I want to learn more about you too!
  • Are you taking on the June Yoga Challenge?  If so, how is it going for you so far?
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  1. says

    I love your answer to the question about getting/giving presents. It is always fun to get a gift, but it is so fulfilling to know that you got something for someone that will make them happy (and that they probably wouldn’t have gotten for themselves). :)

  2. says

    I love Twitter way more than Facebook, so much so I have thought about closing my FB account lately.
    Favorite animal? Love cats.
    Favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Coffee, no competition there.
    I absolutely love giving gifts!
    I am taking the Yoga Challenge too. It went great! My goal was Yoga Meltdown twice a week and I got both sessions in this week :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. says

    We’re alike AGAIN! My favorite numbers are 5 and 15. I was always one of those numbers in high school (like if I played powderpuff or something). And my old email/AIM addresses always included 5 and 15. Too funny!

    Have a great weekend! I loved spending time with you online last night!

    • Ashley says

      somehow i’m not surprised…. ;) i loved spending time with you too! i wish it could’ve been in person, but online will do!

  4. says

    8. What is your favorite day of the week?

    Right now it is Monday! For some reason I love it for the “reset.” That being said Friday gives me that wonderful calm. Monday makes me feel hyper productive to get the new week rolling.

    Despite living near the Seattle area – a hot bed of yoga activity – I may be the only female I know that doesn’t like yoga (or texting – another Seattle area past-time). I even tried again this year as my stress load has increased to see if it was a fluke. Yup. Still can’t stand it. :)

    So do good in your yoga challenge for those of us who can’t (won’t). LOL.

    PS. I hear you on the kids. Sometimes I just look at them and their smart little brains and big hearts and you just hope you make a good adult difference.

    • Ashley says

      i never in a million years imagined myself enjoying yoga. it’s still not my favorite form of exercise, but i’ve learned to enjoy it since i’m limited on my exercise options right now. who knows, maybe someday you’ll find that you like it! :)

  5. says

    I loved reading your answers to these questions! We actually have a lot in common!

    Green, paisley, twitter, and coffee/water are my faves, too!

    I love that shot of the flowers against the white couch…what a perfect pop of color! In a perfect world, I would have fresh flowers on my coffee table each week!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Ashley says

      you and me both! i absolutely love fresh flowers… i just wish they weren’t so expensive! or maybe i should start growing my own? hmmm.

  6. says

    Congrats on the awards!
    I’ve never really had a favorite number. Well it used to be 7 when I was a kid, for no apparent reason haha I don’t have one now. It’s nice to learn a bit more about you :)

  7. says

    I’m a total social media junkie, so I love Facebook and Twitter, but as of late I think I’m way more in to Twitter. I just discovered #runchat, and I’m hoping to participate in the next one! I know there are fitness-related Twitter chats, so I’m hoping to get in on those, too!

  8. says

    Those peonies are gorgeous!

    I love finding someone the perfect gift! Sometimes I’ll buy someone a birthday gift like 6 months in advance if I come across something that makes me think of them or I know they’ll love and hold on to it until it’s time to give it. It’s the best feeling to make someone happy like that!

  9. says

    I love Q & A posts they are always fun to do and read! I am doing the june yoga challenge and have been having a ton of fun with it. It’s amazing how much better my body feels as a whole after just a week – my muscles are much less tight!

  10. says

    I answered all these questions on my blog survey too! I love that you mentioned you have a passion for children as well, I totally forgot to put that in my answer. I’ve been nannying for a few years and absolutely love it! I am so care free and happy when I’m around kids. I can’t help but smile. I’m so happy to hear you are doing more yoga now! That’s something I’ll need to be getting into! I’ve tried a couple classes and haven’t liked them, but hopefully I can get into it sometime!

    • Ashley says

      i would try to give yoga another shot. i didn’t like it for years, but i finally realized that my body really could benefit from it. i mostly just like to do the yoga videos i find online.

  11. says

    Great job on hopping on the yoga challenge and really getting into it! Oh and I could not agree more with your answer to the present question… obviously as a child I was the opposite of that, but now I truly love to give them, especially when you find that oh-so-perfect gift for the person :)
    Peonies are gorgeous, for some reason I forget about those beauties!

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