WIAW #42: Food + Fitness

Happy What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) my friends!  I am loving that Jenn is incorporating some fitness talk into her July theme for WIAW this month.  I could talk all day when it comes to food + fitness!

Peas and Crayons

I’m going to talk about my Monday for this week’s WIAW post, which let me tell you, was a crazy day.  As many of you know, I am the Children’s Director at our church which means I am charge of all of the children’s programming that goes on.  Vacation Bible School is one of the many programs we have throughout the year, but also one of the most stressful as it involves a lot of planning and prep work.  Each night this week from 5:30-8:30 PM kids come to our church to play games, sing, and learn about God.  It’s a fun time, but it’s quite exhausting.  Monday was the first day, and I had a lot of details to get done before 5:30 PM rolled around.  This means a lot of my meals were quick, easy, and on-the-go.  Still healthy though, I might add! Winking smile


I was sad to see this PBCrave Razzle Dazzle Peanut Butter go, but it sure was a tasty OIAJ (oats in a jar).  I made some custard oats on the stovetop, added some blueberries at the end, let it cool a bit, and dumped it into the almost empty jar of peanut butter.  Delicious!




I had a little time before I had to head out the door for work, so I decided to work up a little sweat.  My workout looked something like this:

  • 20 minutes walking (@3.5 mph)
  • 20 minutes full body weights:
    • Superset #1: 12 knee pushups/12 overhead shoulder press (3x)
    • Superset #2: 12 bicep curls/12 overhead tricep extensions (3x)
    • Superset #3: 12 dumbbell squats/12 hamstring ball curls (3x)

It wasn’t anything crazy, but after not lifting weights much for the past few months, I’ve had some major DOMS going on the past couple days!  I forgot how great it felt to be a little sore.

mid morning snack

After my workout, I cut myself a couple slices of oatmeal honey bread that our neighbor brought over for us.  I warmed it up in the microwave and smeared a little butter on top.  There’s nothing like REAL butter.  Yum!



I was in a hurry to get out the door after getting ready, so I packed a smoothie to go in my CLICK container.  We had slim pickings so I used what we had on hand.  Into the smoothie went:

  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons PBCrave Coco Bananas Peanut Butter
  • Handful of spinach
  • Ice

I always like to add a banana to my smoothies to add some natural sweetness and creaminess to it, but we were out.  Tragic, I know!  The couple tablespoons of the PBCrave Coco Bananas was perfect though.  This is probably my least favorite flavor, but I liked it in the smoothie!


afternoon snack

I keep a few snack options at work just in case, and Monday was one of those “just in case” kind of days.  I put some cottage cheese, a chopped nectarine, and a spoonful of almond butter in a mug and chowed down before getting back to work.



I brought some leftover pizza from our Friday night pizza night.  It was topped with a bunch of cheese, green pepper, onion, and spinach on whole wheat dough.  I added some sliced avocado too.  I also had some (unpictured) baby carrots on the side.


evening snack

By the time I got home from church, it was almost 10 o’clock, and I was hungry but exhausted.  A spoonful of peanut butter and a glass of milk did the trick.  I was too tired to snap a photo, but I’m sure you know what peanut butter and milk look like. Winking smile

A great, but busy busy day!


  • Tell me about one of your favorite workouts lately!  I love new ideas!
  • What are some of your “go-to” meal/snack options when you’re in a rush?
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  1. says

    I’ve been loving cardio kickboxing lately. Mostly because of the instructor. But she’s been doing some moves that work your core, but they aren’t boring (and ineffective) crunches. Basically you’re standing with your legs spread and arms up, as if someone is attacking you. And then you rotate your upper body really quickly, as if you’re trying to avoid a punch. But you just rotate your top half, keeping your legs still. And you keep your abs tight. It really seems to be an effective core move!

    • Ashley says

      i LOVE cardio kickboxing! i used to take a class in college that i absolutely loved. the instructor definitely makes a difference!

  2. says

    I have been using Livefit as a guideline for my workouts, I like it because I am learning new exercises I would have never done before.
    Tuna sandwiches, pb&j’s, a banana, almonds and smoothies.
    That would be a fun job! I love Sunday school and church camps when I was younger.

  3. says

    I did an awesome HIIT workout courtesy of Beth from Shut Up and Run the other day that I loved. Your meals looked yummy and healthy even though you had a hectic day. If I am on the go, I usually have Luna protein bars, Kashi bars, or Clif bars…I need to get off the bar kick, lol. Have a great day! :)

  4. says

    If I’m in a crazy rush, a piece of fruit like an apple or banana is my go-to. If I have enough time to make something, it will be maybe a piece of toast with nut butter smeared on. I can usually eat that one-handed in the car or on the train pretty easily.

  5. says

    I missss you so much this week -stop being so darn busy!! :) I’ve got some major soreness going on this week too. In fact, this morning I contemplated staying in bed instead of getting up because it would have just been easier.

  6. says

    My favorite workout lately has been swimming. It’s such a nice contrast to the hard pounding that running puts on the body but still provides such an awesome workout! And I love doing cardio that targets both my upper and lower body!

  7. says

    I’m craving pizza right now–that last picture has my stomach growling!

    I’ve been loving the Nike Training Club iPhone app workouts. They look pretty harmless, but they kick my butt every time! Plus, I love that they’re designed to do anywhere, and with minimal equipment since I don’t have a real gym membership.

  8. Julie says

    I have been enjoying my bike rides outside. They make me feel like a kid (Espically going down-hill). I love veggies with hummus, bananas, and the occasional ants (rasins) on a log or fire ants (Craisins) on a log.
    You do sound like you have a fun job.

  9. says

    Phew busy but fun day indeed! You certainly fueled yourself great though… love the pizza at the end, the avocado slices make all of the awesome difference :) That is a good workout too, quick and efficient, my personal favorite lately too! I have been loving group classes more lately- cardio kick and piloxing come to mind!

  10. says

    Your snack of bread and butter just made me smile! That is the best snack, and my favorite food ever :) I’ve been loving CrossFit lately, as usual for me! If you’ve never tried it out you must! It is awesome and totally different from everything else!

  11. says

    Way to keep it healthy even on the go! As you may have noticed from my WIAW posts, I’m always eating on the go. I bring a breakfast, lunch, and 1-2 snacks with me every day. It’s a lot of work, but I guess it’s worth it since I keep doing it.

  12. says

    Good morning. I am not going to be much help in the workout thing, but if you are on STUFT Mama’s site she occasionally will put out some workouts. They are kind of creepers…like you think they aren’t going to be that bad and then suddenly you are dying.

    I almost don’t want to admit this, but because of this one gal’s comment on a blog I have been trying these push-ups in which you do the push up and then walk your feet up the wall (in theory until you are against the wall but since I don’t have someone spotting me I don’t get straight vertical) then back down and do a push up and start again. Let me tell you – try doing a few of these in a row…

    If I don’t have time to make something I like ProBar, ClifBar Builders (sometimes – real love/hate with them) and I just tried these Skout Trailbars and REALLY liked them (and they sat well).

    Lastly (longest comment ever) if you get into STUFT Mama’s site I do many variations on her pumpkin protein dip – it is deceptively filling and super addictive.

    • Ashley says

      oh i LOVE stuft mama’s blog! i’m a huge fan of her’s. i haven’t tried many of her workouts yet, but her protein cookie dough is one of my favorite snacks!

      • says

        I promise you won’t be disappointed with one of the workouts. They are designed to be short and effective. If nothing else the videos are often hilarious. :)

  13. says

    If I’m on the go, I usually make myself a wrap, an apple, or grab something from a Starbucks (which they have at every corner here in Seattle) on the way to wherever I’m headed. 😀

  14. says

    Real butter > anything even remotely related to margarine. all the time. :-)

    I’ve been doing livefit the last few weeks, and I’ve been really enjoying the leg workouts, specifically walking lunges – more interesting than regular lunges and hurts so good.

    my usual last minute snacks: string cheese, apples, trail mix. I like to try to bake healthy muffins/breads often that I can through in my purse. Or, I find the nearest Subway. :-)

  15. says

    Looks like a delicious day of weights. I am also getting back into weight training after waaaaay too long of a break! The saying “hurts so good” definitely comes to mind!

  16. says

    Our church will be hosting our annual VBS next week. This year I am in charge of decorations and crafts. I have been rushing home from work each night to work on the decorations. To make sure I had healthy, quick meal options on hand I had my husband grill up several chicken breasts, legs, and thighs on Sunday night. This way all I have to do is warm the chicken up and either throw it in a wrap, a sanwich, or a salad.

    • Ashley says

      i miss you too girl – i’ll email you back today! i’ll have to look up that workout! i forget about youtube workouts!

  17. Ali says

    I’ve just gotten back into Jillian Michaels videos lately. I am really liking her “Banish Fat, Boot Metabolism” right now. It’s a sweaty workout, and if you are shorter on time then you can just complete some of the circuits instead of all 7 of them!

    • Ashley says

      i love jillian michael’s videos too. i haven’t done one in ages, so i’ll have to pull one out again one of these days!

  18. says

    Yummy eats! For workouts, I can’t get enough of spin class. They are so fun for me! That breakfast sounds totally awesome. Tons of Peanut butter and oats are the best.

  19. says

    Oh man… I’m loving the BOSU ball these days. Weird. My Razzle Dazzle jar went out just like yours. I still miss it. Ha ha! PS- what does peanut butter and milk look like? :)

  20. says

    I’ve been hearing this cottage cheese mixture from so many different bloggers, and have yet to try it. Is it really that good, and worth the try?

    My favorite go-to meal are smoothies and salads. Can never get enough of em :)

      • says

        Okay, i’ll definitely have to give it a shot. I’ve always been so turned off just by the texture of it, but hopefully i’ll be able to get past that lol.

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