08/02: Thursday Thoughts

1.  I’m going to see my college bestie tonight and get to spend the entire weekend with her!  Eeeek!

2.  We are going to spend time at the lake, go hiking, take bike rides, go paddle boarding, and laugh until we cry.  I can’t wait.

3.  I painted my nails PINK the other day!  I love pink nails.  It just makes me smile.


4.  Katie made my day yesterday.  She sent me the sweetest card along with a couple of my Trader Joe’s favorites – mini peanut butter cups and dried seaweed!

5.  Costco stopped selling the crunchy Adam’s Peanut Butter.  Lame!  I still love the creamy, but crunchy wins the way to my heart.


6.  We don’t have TV.  I know, we are just crazy.  Yes, we do have a television, but we don’t have TV to watch.  No cable.  No dish.  No basic channels.  (We are too cheap to pay for cable, and we live in an area that gets like one channel without it.)  I was devastated when I realized I didn’t think I’d be able to watch the Olympics this year.  My parents came to the rescue and let me use their cable account so I could watch it LIVE online!  Even better!

7.  I was smiling so big when the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team won the gold medal!  I’m so proud!  Go Team USA!

8.  There’s nothing better than finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly.  LOVE!


9.  Yep, still obsessed with Friday Night Lights.  I’m going to cry when we get through all the seasons.

10.  Great motivation right here.  Not just about fitness, but about life in general.  It’s a must read!

11.  Check out my guest post over at Clean Eating Chelsey today!



  • Do you paint your fingernails very often?  (I only do every once in awhile.  It’s a pretty rare occasion.)
  • Crunchy or creamy nut butter?
  • Have you been watching the Olympics?  What are your favorite sports to watch?  (gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, diving)
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  1. says

    I like having my nails painted, but then the stupid polish chips in a day! I just painted mine on Sunday, and by Tuesday, they were already a hot mess haha. I’ve had the gel nail polish done before at the nail salon, and that’s definitely better, but I’m also too cheap to do that all the time! 😉

  2. says

    I love pink nails too! Mine are right now too! I am kind of addicted to painting my nails! I do them myself all the time and I hate when they chip so I probably do them 2-3 times a week! Kind of a pain but I love when they are painted!

  3. says

    I love having painted nails but I always chip them like an hour after application. So it always seems like a waste of effort. And chipped nail polish looks so much worse than no nail polish. However, I have got a manicure booked for this weekend to trial before my wedding…I won’t be going for bright pink though hehe.
    And crunchy PB all the way!

  4. says

    i cant regularly paint my fingernails because I m a medical student and at the hospital most of the time… and in Austria it is not allowed to have painted fingernails. It also wouldnt look professional I think… only in the USA some female doctors do that… I once did a rotation in NYC and I felt like I was in a fashion show lol

    I love crunchy pb but its hard to get over here without any of the nasty additives.

    Ohhhh did I tell you my boyfriend is in NY right now and he got me some yummy stuff from whole foods? almond butter heaven <3 and I told him to bring me some chia seeds and larabars (must be so basic to you, but you cant get them in Europe..well chia you can, but pretty darn expensive!)

  5. says

    I paint my fingernails regularly…BUT I usually start peeling the nail polish off within 24 hours of application. SUCH a terrible habit and it ruins my nails.

    I got that shellac manicure once for our engagement photos.. and while they lasted for the photos.. I even peeled that off. That REALLY did damage on my nails!

  6. says

    Love having them painted…and they are almost always some variation of pink, lol. I usually get the gel manicure so it lasts a 2-3 weeks at a time. I hope you have a fun weekend with your bestie! I am a crunchy PB kind of girl and I enjoy watching the gymnastics, swimming, diving, and of course track and field and the marathon.

  7. says

    I never paint my nails, but I sometimes will go for a manicure (once or twice a year). I do get my toenails painted regularly – my cousin does them and they are always so cool looking. I can’t do it myself though. :)

    I like creamy and crunchy nut butters – it just depends on my mood.

    I read your guest post! I love your workouts and I love YOU!

  8. says

    I have never tried Adam’s peanut butter! But I can’t answet the creamy or crunchy question because I’m pretty sure I would eat any type of nut butter given to me. Any time. Any place. Any consistency. :)

    I don’t have TV either. We only have Netflix and a free six months of Hulu Plus. I was SUPER sad to miss the women’s gymnastics, but I do have friends to mooch off of if need be come fall TV season…[And I got to watch the opening ceremony because many people decided it was an occasion for a party!]

    • Ashley says

      Oh yes, I’m a huge lover of any nut butter too! 😉

      We do the same thing! Netflix is how we get by. It’s okay by me since it’s so much cheaper than cable or satellite!

  9. says

    Hi Ashley!! Oh, I am so glad I am back because I have missed reading your blog!
    I LOVE that pink on your nails. I never ever paint my fingernails (I think it feels weird) but I have my toenails painted all summer. I try and let them “breathe” a little in the winter, haha.

    I’m about to move and will have no TV there. I made sure that my internet starts right away so that I can watch the olympics online with my parents cable :-)

    Have fun with your college friend this weekend!

  10. says

    LOVE the pink nails!! Love that you get to hang with a friend this weekend–you guys will have a total blast :) Is it around here??

    We don’t have a TV and we don’t have channels (obv), and I really like it that way! We hang out more -talking & stuff, and go on walks. Neither of us are huge TV watchers–and if there is a show, we just watch it on our computers or iPad. We’re both computer nerds. Hah.

    LOVE the jeans!!! love u <3

    • Ashley says

      We aren’t huge TV watchers either. We usually will choose one show to watch on Netflix every once in awhile, but that’s about it. Oh, and my friend lives in the Sacramento area! If she lived closer, we’d be together nonstop. 😉 Love you too!

    • Ashley says

      Nice!! An antenna doesn’t even work by us. :( We get like one channel that’s in Spanish. I’ve been loving the Olympics too!

  11. says

    Wahoo, have fun with your college bestie!!
    I love bright nails too! They are so fun!
    Loving the jeans, I’m still on the hunt for my perfect pair.

  12. says

    I’ve yet to find the perfect pair of jeans. :-/ Yours look super-cute, though!

    I used to paint my nails all the time, but haven’t had any sort of polish on them in probably two years.

    I’ve enjoyed most of the Olympic events so far–cycling and swimming have been great–but I’m anxiously awaiting the start of track and field tomorrow, the marathon, and triathlon!

  13. says

    AHHH!!! Have fun this weekend!!! That’s so exciting! I talked to my bff from college the other day and I miss her so much! And I love fun colored nails, I have some pink sparkly nail polish that always makes me smile

  14. says

    I find I’m painting my nails less & less these days! I have a problem with chipping/peeling. Whenever I see one chip, I want to pick all of the nail polish off! As a result, I usually hold onto nail polished pretty nails for only a day or two! :(

    It’s a toss up between crunchy + creamy .. I guess it depends on what’s is being used for!

    Also.. LOVE watching swimming + gymnastics.

  15. says

    I LOVE crunchy and my husband prefers creamy..so we always have both on hand. Not a bad idea 😉 Sometimes you’re in the mood for one or the other. Oh Friday Night Lights is soo soo good! And it was shot at my school couple of times too!! Such a heartwarming show..

    • Ashley says

      We usually always have both on hand too. You can never have too much nut butter! 😉 Friday Night Lights was shot at your school?! How cool! Where is your school?

  16. says

    I love crunchy PB too–I’m a huge texture person, so the more the better!

    There’s seriously nothing like a perfect pair of jeans–I love purchasing new jeans just for this reason! I’m getting so excited for cooler weather–jeans, khaki’s, layers, and scarves!

  17. says

    We are in the same TV boat. We have a physical TV, but get ZERO channels. I miss the olympics…might have to steal my in-laws cable to get it online.

    Love perfect jeans, too! I only have ONE pair and I love them with all of my heart.

    • Ashley says

      You definitely should! It’s nice because you can pick and choose which sports/events you want to watch!

  18. says

    I LOVE crunchy peanut butter too! I like all my nut butters crunchy, actually.. I just like the texture and whatnot. 😉
    My favorite sports to watch have been about the same as yours:
    volleyball (beach and regular), swimming, gymnastics, diving, and water polo! 😀

  19. says

    I’m not a fan of the colour pink, except on nails. It just works! I just got gel nails taken off about a month ago (I had been wearing them for about 5-6 years) so right now I’m just wearing a lot of nail strengtheners so that they’re not so weak and paper thin. But soon, there will be lots of nail painting. :-)

  20. says

    What an exciting weekend you have coming up. I hope you and the bestie have the greatest time together.. which how can two best friends not??!!? Your nails look super cute btw.. love pink!!

    Creamy > Crunch
    Gymnastics, Track, Wrestling, Basketball, Swimming :)

  21. says

    I hope you had a blast with your bestie tonight! I LOVE the pink nails! Mine are pink 97% of the time; whenever I wear a different color, I’ll stare at them and think about how I wish they were pink instead! What shade/brand did you use?

    I love both crunchy and creamy peanut butter! I can’t choose; I always have both on hand. 😉 Adams is a great choice! I usually buy Whole Foods brand (it’s SO good too), but if I’m somewhere that it’s not available, Adams is my go-to. :)

    Horray for finding fab jeans! I just bought a pair this week too! xoxo

  22. says

    Lovin your nail color, I call that shade Barbie pink and you better believe I put it on my nails often enough :)
    yay for seeing your friend from college, I hope you two have a oh-so-fabulous time together!

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