Week 9: Cravings & Aversions

Hello hello!

I realize I’m a little late to the game today, but at least I made it, right? I’m blaming it on the fact that I fell asleep at 7:30 PM last night and then had to substitute teach early this morning. I feel like those are pretty legit excuses if I do say so myself.

So here we are today at what marks 9 weeks into my pregnancy! If the rest of pregnancy flies by like the last month has, there’s going to be a baby here before I know it. Eeek! Smile

IMG_0828                                                             [Yes, I am as tired as I look!]

Although I am incredibly excited to be pregnant, I have to be honest and say the last few weeks have been a little rough. Between the morning sickness, fatigue, and crazy emotions, I feel like a slight nutcase and not quite myself some days. Thank goodness I have a patient husband. He seriously has been SO good to me through the last few weeks. He lets me sleep my life away, doesn’t complain about the fact that I’ve barely stepped foot in the kitchen, and just hugs me when I cry over every little thing.

Now that I feel like I have a little bit better handle on the morning sickness, I’ve made a goal for myself this week to make dinner three times. Not because I feel any pressure to do so, but because I like being able to make Cody dinner after his long work days. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing for him. I also want to focus on eating something other than plain oatmeal or toast for my dinners as well. The baby needs some protein and extra nutrients, so that’s what I’m trying my best to work on at the moment.

Speaking of eating, I’ve already run into quite a few cravings and aversions. The cravings are often times spontaneous, and the aversions are more constant. I’ve heard these can change over the course of pregnancy, so we’ll see what happens!


  • LOTS of Mexican food – i.e. chips & salsa, Chipotle, burritos, etc. (I’m thinking it’s the salt!)
  • Ice water – I’ve been drinking it nonstop. It HAS to have ice in it though!
  • Orange juice
  • Oatmeal – I only like it plain though with a light sprinkle of brown sugar and some milk.
  • Cereal – I’ve gone through more boxes of cereal the last few weeks than I have this whole year so far. The cereal can’t be super sweet either.
  • Sour Patch Kids – These taste good to me when I’m feeling really nauseous. For whatever reason, they help the nausea fade a bit.
  • Mashed potatoes


  • Vegetables – I can barely stand to look at any type of vegetable. I hope this changes soon!
  • Peanut butter – Can you believe it?! I can get it down if it’s mixed into things, but don’t even ask me to eat a spoonful of it. Bleck!
  • Smoothies – From weeks 6-7 (when the morning sickness started), I actually enjoyed them, but that’s certainly changed within the past couple weeks.
  • Greek yogurt – The tartness turns me off.
  • Bananas – Ugh, gag me.

These lists seem to constantly be changing, but I’ve noticed they’ve stayed pretty consistent within the past couple weeks. They say that after the first trimester, the morning sickness usually fades and some of the foods you used to love will be okay to eat again. I’m hoping this is the case with at least vegetables so I can continue to get more nutrients in for the baby. Lately I’ve been relying on fruit, whole grains, milk, and my prenatal vitamin to give me my nutrients, but I hope to get more from veggies soon enough!

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  1. Jen says

    Ha – your cravings list made me laugh out loud. I’m 10 wks pregnant and I too can’t get enough of OJ, cereal, sour patch kids and mashed potatoes. Too funny!! Pretty much every other food sounds awful to me though. Except for eggplant parm – I had it the other night and can’t wait to have it again. This is my third pregnancy and I felt similar with both (boy and a girl) but this time around it’s even worse. My nausea ended at 14 wks for the other two so I’m hanging on til then. Hopefully yours goes away soon. Congrats on your pregnancy – so exciting!!

  2. says

    Hehe maybe Sour Patch Kids should start including that in their advertising: helps reduce nausea. That’s great 😆 I can’t speak from experience, but I’ve heard a lot of people say that things get better after the first trimester, so I hope you’re feeling a bit more like yourself soon! Until then… keep those sour patches within arms length 😉

  3. says

    Hey, if sour patch kids help, eat away! ;D
    I can’t believe you aren’t liking peanut butter. Crazy! I feel like when I get pregnant (in the far future) I will hate everything that I am obsessed with now and eat 24/7. I hope not!

  4. says

    What quirky cravings!! haha. Love that you’re loving Sour Patch Kids!! But I have to say, I would have THE toughest time dealing with your aversions!! Those are seriously ALL my favourite foods. My heart goes out to you! Here’s to hoping that your tastes change after the first trimester!! Fingers crossed!

  5. Marcee says

    Hi Ashley. Good to read you are doing okay …. so-so. Haha.

    Food pluses + minuses ….. isn’t it amazing and weird at the same time? Honestly. Well, we are all different in what we can and cannot stomach. (Thanks a lot baby ; ) cakes!)

    For me, coffee & tea aromas would make me so very-very sick. Then there were the stinky meats. Ohyuck. I could not tolerate tomatoes or bananas. Eating dry cereal (no sugar) worked great. Crackers too of course. Guess what I craved constantly? SOUP! Ohmygosh. It felt so good to be able to keep something down.

    Enjoying your posts. Keep on feeling good.

  6. Abigail says

    The Sour Patch Kids help with the nausea because they are so full of high fructose corn syrup! It’s great for nausea. I take Lifesavers whenever I get carsick because of the corn syrup… it’s the main ingredient in most anti-nausea liquid medicines. Good excuse to eat candy, right?

  7. J says

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!! So exciting!!! Love your blog! :-) I have a question….did you have any really early signs of pregnancy??? Like 2 weeks-ish along?? THANKS!!

    • Ashley says

      Thank you! 2 weeks along in pregnancy is actually right around the time you would ovulate, so no one would be feeling any symptoms at that point. Right around 4 weeks is when most women find out because that’s when they’re due for the period. I did experience some random waves of nausea, I was extra sleepy, and I had some minor cramping/pulling in my lower abdomen area right around4 weeks.

  8. says

    Oh girl I was so sick the 1st trimester and all I did was sleep and throw up! It totally went away week 13 and I felt normal with tons of energy! My biggest craving was salsa! I ate it on everything! Rest up because you need it your makin a lil human! WOOOHOO!

  9. says

    I don’t know what it is about sour things but I swear they DO help with the nausea when pregnant!

    My aversions with both my pregnancies were chicken and eggs. I didn’t even have to taste the stuff. Just the sight and smell was enough to turn me off. Bleck!!

    By the way, I think you look super cute, not super tired:-)

  10. Dexy says

    It’s an olive! I can’t wait for you to be able to eat PB again! (and veggies). I had the veggie aversion as well but it was gone after the first tri :). Codster sounds like such a sweetie. Post some pics of the three meals you make this week, wifey poo :).

    • Ashley says

      You and me both lady! No pics, but I made chicken & rice burritos one night, chili & cornbread another night, and barbecued chicken & baked potatoes last night (Ok, Cody barbecued the chicken, but whatevs). :)

  11. says

    I hope the morning sickness starts to fade! I’m sure you will be feeling better soon! How interesting that sour patch kids helped with the nausea! I’m going to have to remember that trick!

  12. says

    Hope the substitute teaching is going well :) I’m happy to try and help if you’re ever on the lookout for specific resources.

    Aaaaand this post made me smile! So happy for you! I can’t even imagine how tiring/draining/exciting this time is for you.

  13. says

    Girl I’m right there with on a majority of those!!!! Mexican food….yes pleaseeeee!!! 😉 Just had a Chipotle burrito bowl yesterday and it was heaven…I’m there at least 1-2x/week 😉 I’m loving OJ too….anything salty and citrusy 😉 I also can’t stand PB too, Almond Butter I hate even worse, as well as Greek Yogurt and I ate a banana this morning and almost gagged, lol!! xo

  14. says

    I have been SOOOOOOOOO out of the loop with this whole crazy moving thing, I just now saw this post and know you’re pregnant. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited for you?!?! I hope you are feeling lots better now that another month has gone by. I’m still smiling from ear to ear by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. kara says

    Congratulations… your cravings for spicy food and aversion to chocolate and greek yogurt (which I eat every morning for breakfasts except for during my preg.)and eating gummy bears to cure nausea… sounds a lot like my food cravings when I was pregnant… I think you are having a girl!! (that’s because I have an 8 mo. old girl.)

  16. says

    hahahaha omgshhhh AShley! That is soo funny! I don’t even like candy, but the other day I was nibbling on sour patch kids cuz it was the only thing that made me feel OK. And also, this week Chipotle helped me feel better! Ahhh I feel ya on the whole feeling sick thing. Hopefully yours goes away completely!

  17. Lauren says

    Just started going back and reading your pregnancy posts, since I’m 8 weeks! I’ve been craving Mexican, potatoes, smoothies, fruit and eggs. I can only tolerate raw veggies right now and I haven’t been as into nuts, unless they’re in a larabars or kind bar.
    Just wondering if your doctor used that little wheel to calculate your due date and if your first ultrasounds matched? I’m 9 days behind, although they say eerything looks good – and they’ve done two just to make sure I’ve progressed. If I’m only 8 weeks, that means I got my positive at 3 weeks, which sounds crazy to me!

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