9/13: Thursday Thoughts

1. The temps finally dipped a bit this week which means I am in full fall mode. In case you haven’t noticed.

2. CLUB56 (our church’s Wednesday evening 5th/6th grade group that I lead) started up again last night. Those kids are too much for words. I just love them.

3. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I got home last night. Heck, I was ready for bed when we were starting at 7 PM. Ha!

4. Hot pumpkin oats were on the menu for breakfast this morning. Yes siree bob, they were everything I had hoped for and more.

5. I have a feeling I’m going to be a big hot tea drinker this fall and winter since I’ve decided to give up my beloved coffee. So far, I’m really diggin’ it though.

6. Janae posted about an egg salad sandwich yesterday, and I could not get my mind off of it. I was bound and determined that we were going to have egg salad sandwiches for dinner, and you bet we did. I made it with plain Greek yogurt, a little dijon mustard, and a pinch of dill. Perfect!

7. Then I wondered why I don’t make egg salad sandwiches more often until I looked up at my husband as he was choking down his sandwich. Guess that answered my question.

8. I had to pull out the good ol’ sweatpants this morning. I was chilly! I love my sweatpants. My poor husband barely sees me in anything else during the cooler months since they’re the first thing I change into when I walk in the door.

9. I just realized I have no photos for today’s post. #sorryimnotsorry

10. I hope you all have beautiful day! Make it a good one!


  • Are you in “fall mode” yet?
  • Do you like egg salad?
  • Am I the only one that changes into my sweatpants as soon as I walk in the door?
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  1. says

    I am most definitely in fall mode!! It’s my favorite season of all time!!
    I LOVE egg salad and recently discovered the whole substitute mayo for Greek yogurt thing an now love it even more!!’
    Yes, I cannot do anything until I put sweatpants on when I get home!!

  2. says

    I lovelovelove egg salad but haven’t had it in forever!! I’ve been totally craving it since Janae’s post too and am making it for lunch/dinner/haven’t decided how long I can wait for it yet! :)
    I’m definitely a sweats-once-in-the-door girl. Wherever I’m coming from, no matter the time of day or whether I need to go out again, when I’m home, I’m wearing my comfy pants. End of story, no questions asked. They help me be calm at home and be focused out in the “real world”.

  3. says

    Sure am! I am so making pumpkin oats tomorrow morning now! I cannot wait.
    I love egg salad but hate mayo so Greek yogurt is the perfect sub for me.
    Not at all I made fun of my husband the other day because he put on jeans after work, I asked him why put on jeans if we are not leaving the house? I am in workout capris or sweats whenever I am at home.

  4. says

    In the summers, I have a romper made out of sweatpant material that I change into as soon as I walk in the door. In winter, I put on sweatpants. There are few things more satisfying in life. :-)

    I can’t remember the last time I had an egg salad sandwich, so I honestly don’t know if I’m a fan or not. I may have to make one soon so I can test it out.

  5. says

    sweatpants or yoga pants! right when i get home! :)
    torr always makes fun of me tho cuz i usually dont change my shirt, which usually does not match yoga pants haha
    and i LOVE egg salad! I havent had one in a while either actually…

  6. says

    I have only had egg salad once. It was at Carnegie Deli in NYC. I loved it though! My roommate does the same thing when she gets home. Home=sweatpants/comfy clothes. I sometimes stay in my outfit, only because I don’t want to take the time to change or I just feel cute!

  7. says

    Oh, I most definitely am in fall mode! I love egg salad sandwiches, but my husband would be exactly like yours if I served him one….haha. And I am definitely a sweat pants girl! In fact, now that I stay-at-home, I almost never wear real clothes anymore. My poor husband…

    And I have a suggestion for a great fall drink if you aren’t drinking caffeine! This was my go-to when I was pregnant – decaf chai tea (I just bought the tea bag ones) with a splash of milk & honey. SO good. And fall in a cup!

  8. says

    My old church’s kid program was called Club56, too!

    I’m totally in Fall mode…jeans, sweaters, corduroys, boots, pumpkin, the whole shebang! This is coming from someone that starts the Christmas music right after Halloween and puts up the Christmas tree the week before Thanksgiving. :)

    Hot pumpkin oats sound delicious! I need to make some of those this week!

  9. says

    I am definitely with you on the comfy clothes!! As soon as I get home from being out, I go straight to my room and change into them!

    I love egg salad but I don’t make it very often. Not sure why…..other than the boiled eggs stinking up my house, lol!

    • Ashley says

      Haha he was. He will pretty much eat anything, but he has the things that he loves and doesn’t love as much (egg salad being one of them apparently). I had no idea he didn’t like egg salad much though because I’ve never made it for both of us before!

  10. says

    Yay for fun evenings with kiddos :) I totally get tired by 7 pm too–but I don’t have a real good excuse. Haha.

    And yikes- i can not choke down egg salad either. But maybe it’s b/c I’ve only ever tried it with mayo (and I hate the taste of mayo). Good idea to use GY!

  11. says

    I live in my sweats/gym clothes/running shorts year-round, so when I actually wear jeans, JP always comments on how “dressed up” I look!

    I’m definitely in full-on fall mode–football, cool weather, changing leaves, soup for dinner most nights of the week… aaaah!

  12. says

    I’m not a fan of egg salad, but I definitely had two hard boiled eggs as part of my breakfast! And I am ALL about tea lately. I prefer it to coffee, but I haven’t been drinking it lately because of the warm temps. My new tea obsession is Bigelow’s vanilla chai- sooooo good!

  13. says

    I had pumpkin oats this morning as well!!! Yay!
    Heck yes, I’m in Fall mood! So excited for all the fun recipes.
    And I’ve actually never had egg salad before! I’m weird like that.

  14. says

    I’m in Fall mode, just wish the weather would cooperate!!! I’ve been dreaming of pumpkin spice oats with cinnamon honey for breakfast tomorrow all day today.

    LOVE egg salad sandwiches, thanks to the batch of hardboiled eggs I made today, now my lunch for tomorrow is solved :)

  15. says

    I’m totally in fall mood :) I love that it gets colder and that I can, as you, wear my comfy sweatpants again!! But really I can’t wait for winter…I love that time of the year..always have..don’t ask me why 😀

  16. says

    I am in fall mode! Waiting for some cooler weather this weekend and anything with pumpkin in it. That’s cool your giving up coffee, good luck. I used to like a nice strong black tea for breakfast myself but went back to espresso.

    • Ashley says

      I’m surprisingly doing great with the no coffee thing. I’ve only had like two cups in the past month and a half, so I’ll take it. It’s amazing what a baby will motivate you to do. 😉

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