Week 11: Pregnancy Weight Gain

Hello hello!

Here I am with another week under my belt! Baby and I are moving right along on to Week 11.


As you can see, I have a little more of a noticeable shape to my stomach region this week. I was even sucking in for this picture! I’ve noticed this past week that no matter what time of day it is, I’m always rockin’ this little bump. Since baby is only the size of a lime, I’m thinking that water retention and my uterus are causing the more rounded shape. (I read that my uterus is now that size of a grapefruit!) I am kind of surprised I have any “round-age” at all so far since I have a fairly long torso, but I’m just going with it!

Today I wanted to go over my thoughts relating to pregnancy weight gain. I think this is a topic that most women can admit to being a little anxious about (maybe I’m wrong?), but I know for certain that I have had my mixed emotions about the topic.

Although I know deep down that a healthy amount of weight gain is crucial to grow and develop a healthy baby, it’s not always easy to see and feel your body changing by the week. Even though I haven’t gained a significant amount of weight since I found out I was pregnant, there have been plenty of days that I’ve felt uncomfortable in my skin. My body isn’t as toned as it used to be and the one area I’ve always been proud of (my abs/stomach region) is starting to round out.

My experience with hypothalamic amenorrhea was probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced, but I would also say it was one of the best blessings God could’ve sent my way. Weird, right? Let me explain. Not only did it prepare my body physically for a baby, but it prepared me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. It taught me patience, faithfulness, trust, perseverance, and selflessness – all things I needed to learn more of before becoming a parent.

The ten or so pounds I gained within the past several months taught me to appreciate my body in ways that I never thought I would. Yes, I have more cellulite now; yes, I weigh more now than I think I ever have; no, I’m not as toned as I was before… But you know what? All of those things don’t matter to me when compared to having a beautiful baby.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that even though the thought of gaining even more weight makes me feel a little uneasy, I continue to remind myself of the most precious gift I’ll have at the end of it all. And that is worth everything in the world to me.

I hope and plan to stay within the healthy pregnancy weight gain range (25-35 pounds), as I know that will help me get back in shape faster post pregnancy. However, I’m not going to overstress about it. Initially I didn’t plan on weighing myself at all at home throughout my pregnancy, but ultimately decided to weigh myself once a week to help me stay on track. So far, it’s worked well for me. I don’t find myself feeling obsessed about it, but it helps me stay on top of things.

My plan to stay healthy throughout my pregnancy is pretty simple:

  • Stay as active as possible while listening to my body.
  • Don’t eat for two… Eat what I normally do (about 2000 calories) plus about 300 calories in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.
  • Eat to nourish both the baby and me. This means listening to my body, limiting my sugar intake, and eating nutrient dense foods.

Of course with my first trimester fatigue, morning sickness, and food aversions, the above hasn’t always been easy so far, but I am trying my best! God willing, I’m hoping to step up my activity levels and increase my produce intake in the next few weeks.

Week 11 Itty Bitty Details

Weight gained: 1 pound

Babe is the size of a: LIME

Morning sickness status: it returned this week, but is nothing like Weeks 6-8

My current bed time: 8:30 – 9:00 PM

My old bed time: 10:30 – 10:45 PM

Approximate number of times I wake up to pee & get a drink: 3-4

Days until my next prenatal appointment: 7

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  1. says

    Ashley — this is inspiring on SO many levels. I have to admit that even at the early beginning of my eating disorder, and most of the way through it, I was dead set on adopting children because I thought I would never, ever be able to let myself gain the weight/watch my body change as I was bearing them. That changed shortly after I was told that I may never even get the choice to have kids if I didn’t get myself healthy.
    Even now, my ability to get pregnant is still up in the air, but I think that I might eventually want kids, and really want to get my body back to a healthy state. I don’t have a fiance, or even a boyfriend, but I like the idea of the possibility of kids.
    You’re a fabulous example of showing a strong dedication to going out and getting what you want most in life — regardless of your ED past — for your future happiness. It’s incredibly uplifting. So thank you, to no end, thank you!
    All the best going into your prenatal appointment and rounding out the end of your first trimester!! :)

  2. says

    You look amazing for 11 weeks! Wait until you get to 31 weeks (like me!). I’m actually SO shocked with myself for not having more body issues than I do. I thought for sure I would hate my stomach increasing in size because I’ve always been super sensitive about it. Now I just embrace the little kicking thing inside 😉

    I can also totally relate about the hypothalamic amenorrhea – I went through it too!!

  3. emily says

    you’re little bump is so cute! i’m on week 10 today and feel the same as you in regards to the weight gain. the dang bloat is enough to make you feel so much unlike yourself but i try to remind myself that all these changes are good and will hopefully end with a healthy baby!

  4. says

    What a cute little bump! I started showing early as well and I had a lot of water weight.

    Good rule to “not eat for two”. I thought being pregnant gave me free reign and I gained over 100 lbs. It took me years to lose it all…..

  5. says

    I love reading about your pregnancy experience. Especially since I’m about 6 weeks along! Although I haven’t announced on my blog yet. Over the last 4 years or I’ve been obsessed with my weight, always worrying about it. This year I really got serious and started to do something about it and now in down 22 pounds, but it’s really hard to switch my brain over to needing to gain weight or at least maintain it. I have days where I cry because I ate something I “shouldn’t”, but I know that having a healthy baby will be the best gift I’ve ever received. So I have to remind myself daily that a healthy mom = healthy baby.

  6. says

    You look awesome! Your comments about HA are so true. I have said that so many times to my husband. Our bodies are only preparing us to be better parents and know that step is needed before pregnancy can occur. But I do forget that some days so thank you very much for reminding me today what this journey is all about!

  7. says

    Yay for the bump! And you really look so healthy, I would never have guessed you gained weight. I totally understand how it makes you feel uneasy, but remember it’s completely normal and healthy to gain the weight, your baby needs it! Love you!

  8. Stephanie Gaeta says

    This is so fun to read!!! Congrats Ash!! If you have any questions at all, please fee free to ask! After 3 little ones and trying to stay in shape during and after, I know how it can be! Blessings to you and your baby!!!

  9. says

    aww I think you have a great mindset :) You look great… I love how you’re blogging through it, I just read Kath’s (katheats) baby journey and it’s so cute to watch :)

  10. says

    You look so good, teeny tiny bump and all!!!

    If you stick to your plan of healthy eating and staying active you will have nothing to worry about. With my first pregnancy I gained 20 pounds and I was in my regular clothes 2 weeks later. With my 2nd, I gained 32 and it took about a month to get back to normal but I was still happy with that. I indulged some but I NEVER ate for two or used pregnancy as an excuse to gorge myself.

  11. Dexy says

    You are so Adorbs!!!! I bet you will have a bump pretty early cuz you’re quite petite :). Yay for a lime!!! Just think it was a poppyseed not too many weeks ago, that’s some pretty substantial growth!!! Xoxox

    • Ashley says

      Hahaha petite?! Oh Dexy, no no… there’s not a petite bone in my body. I’m 5’7″ and have always had more of an athletic build thanks to my Dutch roots! 😉 Thanks though – you’re sweet!

  12. says

    I love your mindset towards pregnancy weight gain, Ashley. I definitely know how emotionally taxing it is to have to put on any amount of weight, but staying focused on the benefits that come out of it definitely helps. Like you said, you’ve got a little baby to look forward to, and what’s a few physical changes compared to the love of a child? In any case, you look absolutely gorgeous!

  13. says

    how exciting! great post. I think the one thing i will have to keep in mind when i get pregnant one day is to not eat for two like you said! sometimes I think being pregnant is an excuse to eat… guess not! Lookin great and I love these posts that say how big it is with a sign and everything such a good idea!

  14. says

    Well done on keeping a cool head, once you put it on paper (or the blog) I imagine it helps deal with the changes. I know sharing how I’m feeling helps me to put things in to perspective! Love the little summary at the end; hope your morning sickness isn’t too bad!

  15. says

    You are looking fabulous Ashley, truly glowing :) Although I am not pregnant right now, of course haha, I can of course relate to weight gain and changing body issues… as you could even before all of this! I think writing it out as you did must have been helpful and allows you to realize that yes, it will be uncomfortable, but in the end it will sooo be worth it

  16. says

    Try not to worry about how much you gain, you will bounce back after. I honestly wish I had gained more. I had twins and gained plenty but they were so tiny I wish I could have given them more.

  17. Lauren says

    I usually just lurk around here, but I definitely had to comment on this post. As someone who has struggled with body image issues in the past, I was so scared about the weight gain when I first got pregnant. I thought I’d obsess over it and knew I couldn’t do that for the health of my little guy. Well, here I am 33.5 weeks pregnant and I can honestly say I am loving my pregnant body. I can’t even explain it, but someone pregnancy has given me more self confidence than I’ve ever had. Yes I weigh more than I ever have, but I love my little baby belly! I’ve stayed active and have been eating healthy and I am just really at a good point in my life right now. Every once in a while I hop on the scale we have in our house but the number doesn’t bother me like before I was pregnant. I know my body is doing what it needs to do and I’m ok with that :)

  18. says

    You’re glowing! I think your perspective about weight gain is so healthy, and I’m really grateful that you’ve shared your journey from hypothalamic amenorrhea to pregnancy with us. Your story is a testament that through faith and perseverance, health can be regained. Thanks for inspiring us! I’m really looking forward to following your pregnancy journey. <3

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