A “Me Time” Weekend

It’s been awhile since my husband has been out of town or is gone overnight. I’ll be honest, I hate it. Even though our town is incredibly safe, I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to being home alone at night. Besides, our king size bed feels a tad oversized when I’m the only one sleeping in it. I also realized that I would hate living alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my alone time, but after awhile it’s pretty boring and I start doing weird things like talking to myself. I need a person, people, someone to keep me company.

Well, this weekend was one of those times when Cody was gone. Ok, it was really only 24 hours, but regardless, he wasn’t home for a day and a half. I told myself that rather than sulk at the fact that he wasn’t home, that I’d take advantage of it and do things that I like to do, eat what I want, and enjoy it. So I did.

-Single lady dinner: spinach salad topped with tomato, avocado, and egg with a side of roasted butternut squash tossed in coconut oil, cinnamon, and salt & pepper (my new favorite way to eat squash!).

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-Had a long phone chat with my bestie from college. I miss her.

-Ben & Jerry’s. Enough said.

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-Rented a chick flick. I actually enjoyed this one (I’ve heard others didn’t like it much). I’m glad I kept it for a rental rather than spend more money to see it in theaters, but I thought it was cute. I was crying like a baby by the end of it, but I also cry at the drop of a hat these days. Winking smile


-Enjoyed a leisurely breakfast Saturday morning that involved pumpkin. My husband isn’t a fan… I know, weirdo.


-I took the pups out for a “speed walk” and completed this workout, except we only went for two miles and completed the strength portion twice. It was the most beautiful morning, and we loved every minute of it!

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-Painted my nails. This color again. I just love it.

-Did a little shopping and scored some great deals. (I finally got a couple new bras – yay me!)


-Went out to eat with some ladies from church at Blue Lemon. It was my first time there, and it was wonderful! I got the pear & gorgonzola chicken salad – beautiful and delicious.

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By the time Saturday evening rolled around, Cody was home and I was a happy camper. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my “me time”, but I was ready for him to be home. Sunday was spent at church in the morning, relaxing and making cookies in the afternoon, and dinner with friends in the evening.

T’was a great weekend!


  • Do you live alone?
  • What are some things you enjoy doing when you have “me time”?
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  1. says

    I hate being home alone too! If my husband is gone, which is rare, I usually try to be out and about as much as possible.
    I read the book The Lucky One and want to see the movie!

  2. says

    I am totally with you, I do NOT like being alone at all.

    I also read the book The Lucky One and it was awesome :) My sister in law and I watched The Vow Friday night :) it was good.. I cried a lot.. sigh.. #pregnancyproblems :)

    • Ashley says

      The Vow is a good one! I think I cried in that one too, but I wasn’t pregnant at the time… I’d be a mess if I watched it now! 😉

  3. Brooke Williams says

    It’s rough to be alone when you’re pregnant. My husband deployed two days after we found out we were pregnant. He was gone for four months, I think the first two weeks were the hardest. I’m so thankful for my dogs, because you do start to go a little crazy. I think it’s still hard but you get used to it after a while:) but it’s so nice when they come back.

  4. says

    I live with my Dad, but we often work opposing schedules and I get super lonely. However, that’s been a great push for me to get out and meet new people — and now I have a “someone” who (while we’re only in the beginning stages of dating) has proven to be an infinite comfort when I’m craving that human connection. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed being single and not feeling the need to depend on anyone else, and I’m totally self-sufficient. It’s just nice to have someone you can share your day with and who makes you feel awesome, just for being you.
    Also, I love how you did your own thing with the work-out and made it yours guaging from how you felt. I know you were struggling with this, so kudos to it!!
    Also, your restaurant salad looks AMAZING!!! Yum! Happy Monday. :)

  5. says

    I’ve lived by myself in an apartment for a little over a year now. I’d say that I love it about 90% of the time. I’m a huge introvert and I need to be alone to really relax and wind down, which is actually what I need at the end of the day. I have my moments where I get lonely though and wish someone else was around to talk to about my day. I call my mom when this happens, haha.

  6. char eats greens says

    I’m like you. I used to LOVE my alone time but pregnancy has changed me haha. My hubby was gone for 6 days last week and came home on our anniversary (very smart move husband haha). But before he left I went upstairs to our bathroom and just cried and tried to not let it show when I came back downstairs. Too bad the husband could see right through me haha.

    I did enjoy my “me time” like you did but I agree, it’s always nice when they’re there 😉

  7. says

    Yea!!! for having the hubby back home but it looks like you made the most of your alone time.

    I have to admit, at 34 years old with two kids, I am still a big ol’ wimp when it comes to staying home by myself. I always say I am still scared of the dark, lol!

  8. says

    Sounds like a really nice 24 hours :)
    I live with my boyfriend and I love when I get my alone time.
    I usually bake, watch girly tv, workout, scrapbook, or clean everything!

  9. says

    My husband works very, very far away so I am alone for months at a time. It’s actually weird when he IS home. I stay busy by doing lots of cooking, reading, and, of course, stalking blogs. Seriously, if cooking and blogging didn’t exist, I would be a wreck!

  10. says

    Good job being a single lady! I love your choices. :)

    I’ve lived alone for about 5 years now, and I’m used to it. No, it’s not always easy, and I do get lonely, but it’s what my life is, so I’ve learned to accept it and be comfortable with it. Having the pup as a companion makes it a lot easier!

  11. says

    I completely understand what you mean! I have mixed feelings when my boyfriend leaves for a night, I like it up until the time it’s getting about bed time. I like the alone time, yet I hate being alone and sleeping alone in our house come night time! ha

  12. says

    I do live alone, and while I’ve gotten use to being by myself and don’t usually mind it too much, there are definitely times where I start going a little stir crazy and start craving the company of others. In those cases I usually just end up going out with friends or visiting my family… that holds me over for a while, and then it’s rinse, repeat. I can understand how it would be hard to get used to being by yourself when you’re used to having something around though… it would probably be the same way for me if I were to suddenly move in with someone – I’d miss my quiet time!

  13. says

    I don’t live alone, but my fiance and I work opposite schedule, so I find myself with lots of alone time. When I don’t have plans with friends I usually take the time to workout, do my nails, watch chick flicks.. basically all the things you’ve listed here! I try my best not to veg on unhealthy foods… and that sometimes works. 😉

  14. says

    I’m with ya, I don’t think I could ever live alone! My husband has been working 16 hour shifts in order to finish a project in time at work, and I’ve been spending a lot of time alone at home. I had to go to bed by myself a few times last week, and I get so anxious! Maybe I’m just a baby…haha.

  15. says

    This past weekend was the first time I had a weekend to myself in quite a while, since Craig and I have been traveling to weddings and other things almost every other week this school year. Even though I’m already by myself (well… I have Meeko) during the week, I’m hardly ever home to enjoy it. I really like having the time to myself, so even though I missed seeing Craig, I had a nice time relaxing at home on my own and making some cookies :-)

  16. says

    I’m the same way! Andy has only been away for 2 nights since we’ve been married but I hated it! It’s creepy to be by yourself alone at night…every little noise freaks me out, haha!

    I need to try some Ben and Jerry’s!

  17. says

    Sounds like you had fun! I actually quite enjoy being alone. My husband often works late/overtime on weekends and it’s nice to be able to get a lot done!
    I like to shop for “me” time :)

  18. says

    I love “me” time! My husband actually works 2nd shift at his job, so he’s gone from 2:00PM-midnight or later… basically we’re on opposite schedules and don’t see each other much during the week. I usually don’t mind it for a few days, but I definitely get lonely by the end of the week.

  19. says

    Wow, sounds like the perfect 24 hours of ‘me’ time!! Honestly, I love spending time with Brandon so much, but I kind of miss my alone time. When he used to travel a lot for work, I got plenty of ‘me’ time … and now I wish he maybe traveled just 1 or 2 nights a month haha. But I know that overall, it’s definitely better to have him home full time!! :) :)

  20. says

    I’m a HUGE wimp at night being home alone! I lived alone in college for like 4 months and it actually was nice. There were times where I was really scared to be alone, but mostly it was all good. It is not something I would want to do often or forever, but for the few months it was fine.

  21. Amelia says

    Wow! You sound like the pregnant version of myself. (My H HATES pumpkin too, except for one tiny slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but that’s all. How can you not like pumpkin?! Waffles, pancakes, muffins, cookies….etc)

    Kevin used to travel ALL THE TIME, then we lived apart for a year while I went back to school to be an RD. Being alone really makes you appreciate the other person. :)

  22. says

    I couldn’t do the living alone thing either – I love living with my significant other! It’s just nice to have someone to talk to when random thoughts pop into your head. Although if I want some alone time, I usually read a magazine (Women’s Health or admittedly, Cosmo) or go for a long walk.

  23. says

    I’ve been living alone for the past month and a half while my husband’s away at boot camp – it’s awful…I miss him so much! The one thing I’ve been doing a lot while being here alone is listening to 90’s music really loudly :)

  24. says

    My husband is gone waaaay too much and even after 9 months of him being gone, I still dont get used to it. Just don’t watch any csi, police, drama type shows before bed! A chick flik is a good call! Although I still don’t get any me time being the mom of a baby and preschooler! What is Me time exactly :)

  25. says

    I’m glad you got in some me time! And got to sneak some pumpkin into your day:) I guess I’m used to sleeping alone since I’m a single lady;) so I don’t mind it at all…unless I watch a scary movie. Then I seriously regret watching that ha ha.

  26. says

    I’m so happy that you were able to squeeze in some “me time” for yourself. My husband isn’t a fan of really any pumpkin related foods. It’s so sad, and something I just can’t seem to understand haha.

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