WIAW #57: Play By Play of My Day

Hello hello!

I hope you lovely peeps are having a great week so far! It’s been a smooth sailing week over here so I can’t complain!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

For this week’s WIAW I thought I’d give you a little “play by play” of my day yesterday. I’m nosy like that and I haven’t done one in awhile, so I thought it’d be fun to do again. Tuesdays are my “day off” from my job as Children’s Director at my church, which means they’re usually spent substitute teaching, getting things done around the house, relaxing, and/or doing blog stuff.

7:15 AM – Roll out of bed a half hour after my alarm clock went off. Oops.

7:20 AM – Let dogs outside and feed them.

7:25 AM – Start coffee maker and get my oatmeal going on the stove. This morning it was cocoa banana custard oats in the Costco sized jar of Skippy peanut butter my husband left for me. Needless to say, it was a little challenging to get a good photo of this bad boy. And it required an extra long spoon.


7:40 AM – Eat my breakfast, take vitamins, and drink a glass of water.

7:55 AM – Clean up kitchen from breakfast and start laundry.

8:05 AM – Kiss and hug my husband good-bye.

8:10 AM – Do devotions and pray.

8:25 AM – Open my laptop to check emails, Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.

8:45 AM – Read some of my favorite blogs while sipping on my (decaf) coffee.


9:15 AM – Transfer laundry.

9:20 AM – Change into workout clothes and head down to the basement for a date with my treadmill.

9:30 AM – Knock out Tina’s 45-Minute Power Walking Workout while watching an episode of Make It Or Break It on Netflix.

10:15 AM – Head upstairs, down a glass of water, and give the pups some love.

10:20 AM – Hop in the shower.

10:35 AM – Get dressed, do hair, make up, and all that jazz.

11:10 AM – Make grilled cheese sandwich and heat up leftover tomato soup.

11:20 AM – Dominate said grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.


11:30 AM – Quickly clean up from lunch, put dogs in kennel, and head out the door to substitute.

11:35 AM – Drive to the school I’m subbing at.

11:45 AM – Check in at school office and go to classroom.

12:00 PM – Teach, hush, encourage, and love on the kids.

1:30 PM – Eat an apple and mini Larabar while kids are in Art class.

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1:45 PM – Continue to teach, hush, encourage, and love on the kids.

3:30 PM – Pack up to head home.

3:45 PM – Get home, let the dogs out of the kennel, give them hugs and kisses, and let them outside.

3:50 PM – Transfer laundry.

3:55 PM – Eat cottage cheese + The Simply Bar Chile Protein Chips. I love this snack because it reminds me of eating Doritos dipped in cottage cheese with my mom growing up. It’s just a tad healthier though… Winking smile


4:05 PM – Let dogs inside and change into my sweatpants and hoodie.

4:10 PM – Plop on the couch, return more emails, and read blogs.

5:00 PM – Fold laundry <— my most dreaded chore!

5:30 PM – Empty dishwasher and wipe down counters.

6:00 PM – Eat dinner: spaghetti squash and roasted butternut squash topped with cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup, and almond butter. (Cody wasn’t home for dinner so I decided to clean out the leftover squash we had. It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it did the trick.)


6:20 PM – Start writing today’s blog post.

7:00 PM – Cody gets home so I heat up some leftover spaghetti for him and chat with him at the dinner table for awhile.

7:30 PM – We wash a few dishes and clean up the kitchen.

7:45 PM – We watch an episode of The Walking Dead and then The Office. I told Cody we have to watch something light hearted too if we’re going to watch The Walking Dead. Alongside our shows, I enjoyed a mug of “milkshake ice cream” (ice cream mashed up with milk) topped with Love Grown Granola.


9:00 PM – Cody leaves to play basketball. I finish this blog post.

9:30 PM – I call my dad and stepmom and chat for awhile.

10:00 PM – I’m exhausted so I hit the hay!

And that, my friends, was the detailed play by play of my life yesterday. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? Winking smile


  • What does your weekday morning routine look like?
  • What do you usually do when you get home from work/school?
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  1. says

    Okay, so your dinner and dessert look idyllic!! Being balanced and healthy is awesome, but being easy and awesome can be even more so!! Feeding our soul can be so delicious!!
    My morning routine differs on a daily basis due to my incredibly variable work schedule .. but without a single second of hesitation, I can assure you that I am in my comfy clothes about 4.7 seconds after walking in the door after work. #noshame ;)

  2. says

    Sounds like a nice day. All the important things are there hehe. I try to do most of my chores in the morning so when I get home from work at night I can just make tea and relax. My worst job is taking the rubbish out. I try and sneakily do it in my PJs without the neighbours seeing haha.

    • Ashley says

      I hope you liked it! I typically add marinara + a couple turkey meatballs to my spaghetti squash, but I was craving something a little different this time around. It was pretty good!

  3. says

    Loving the dinner combination!!! One tasty bowlful you got there!!! I’m up at 6, weights and either running or spinning, then shower, breakfast, work or study…lunch, photo editing, blogging, dinner, food prep for the next day, time to catch up on blog reading, more study or writing a post and then sleeps by 10! :)

  4. says

    Love your lunch! That’s like the best combo :D

    I usually wake up at 7am, workout, shower, eat, dry my hair, blog, go to work, check email… basically not work haha

  5. says

    YAY for tomato soup & grilled cheese!

    What a fun play-by-play. I should do that sometime. It’s a nice peek into your life! I HATE emptying the dishwasher. Most hated chore ever. So of course my husband always does that for me. Nice, eh?!

  6. says

    I think this was probably the most detailed play by play that I’ve ever read, which I kind of love because I’m secretly nosy too. Shhh ;)

    My morning’s usually consist of blogging, breakfast, coffee, and getting ready for work. As for after work, the first thing I do when I walk through the door is change into my PJ’s. The second thing I do is go straight for the food.

  7. ErikaMC says

    I wish I had that much time in the mornings to make breakfast.

    I’m up and working out by 4:30 – getting myself ready – get my son up – make our breakfast – clean up kitchen – pack bags for the day – out the door by 6:30 and work until 3:30. It works though and we’ve got a good routine down.

    • Ashley says

      Well I don’t always have that much time, but like I said, Tuesdays are usually a little more laid back than some of my other work days since it’s my day off.

  8. says

    You can never go wrong with grilled cheese and tomato soup! My morning routine involves getting, up, grabbing a glass of water and sitting down to read blogs for a while before making breakfast. The joys of not having class until 11:30 most days of the week! :-)

  9. says

    Sounds like a mighty fine day to me! I feel like our days are reversed because I usually do blog stuff in the morning before work, work in the morning, then exercise later in the day. I guess I should just do a post like this so I don’t have to tell ya in the first place ;)

  10. says

    What a fun post!

    My weekday morning routine generally goes like this: wake up early and do yoga before my daughter wakes up, usually half an hour; when my daughter wakes up, breastfeed her then help her use the potty;when my husband wakes up, make breakfast for the family; tidy up in the kitchen if necessary; walk to the grocery store if necessary; spend the rest of the morning playing with my daughter until nap time with more breastfeeding thrown in whenever my daughter asks.

    I’m a full time stay at home mom, so I’m at home all day! It is such a blessing!

  11. says

    How fun getting the chance to “see” inside of your day. I’m completely intrigued by your dinner combination. Almond butter & spaghetti squash? I neverr would’ve though to mix those two together, but it sure does sound good :)

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