Week 18: Maternity Clothes


How far along? 18 weeks

Baby’s size? Sweet potato (5.6 inches)

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure, but I’m guessing right around 9-10 pounds based on last week’s weight.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: I’ve been having a little bit of a harder time sleeping the last few nights due to my belly getting bigger. I sleep on my stomach, so it’s been getting rather uncomfortable. I suppose I’ll have to start transitioning to being a side sleeper. Bring on the pillows!

Best moment this week: Opening up a baby registry at Target! It’s so fun! Another kinda cool moment… I was lying on my back (don’t worry, it was very brief) while doing a yoga video, and I noticed my belly was a little lopsided to one side. It was at that moment that it really did feel like a little baby was in there!

Miss Anything? Nah, not really this week.

Movement: Nothing super obvious yet!

Food cravings: These aren’t consistent, but I’ve had random cravings this past week for cereal, dark chocolate, and cold leftover enchiladas (don’t ask!).

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, not really!

Gender: I have a feeling it could be a boy, but I really have no idea. I had a dream on Sunday night that we had a boy, and I haven’t had any dreams like that so far. Who knows!

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: More tired than usual, “pregnancy brain”, and a rapidly growing tummy! I also had my first experience with heartburn the other night. Ugh, no fun!

Belly Button in or out? In but starting to stretch out more!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! I get so excited thinking about our baby at times that I can barely stand it!

Looking forward to: Cuddling and kissing our baby. Smile

(FYI: I deleted a few of the questions since the answers will most likely be the same from here on out!)


This week was a pretty darn good one on the pregnancy front! I felt good, didn’t have any major meltdowns, and am getting more excited as the days go by. The only pregnancy moment (or at least I’ll blame it on that) involved some major “pregnancy brain”. I was at the grocery store yesterday, loaded my groceries in my trunk, and walked my cart over to the “cart station”. I usually put my purse in the child seat, and somehow I just left it in the cart without even realizing it until I got home. Doh!  I raced back to the store and fortunately someone had turned it in where they had it locked up safe and sound. I felt like such an idiot! Oh well, I’m just thankful someone turned in my purse and I got it back with no hassles.

Today I wanted to briefly go over maternity clothes, what brands I’ve been loving, and how I feel about them. I’m pretty much wearing maternity clothes full time now except for the occasional non-maternity top that I squeeze myself into. Maternity clothes are more comfortable, and I feel more confident in them since they adapt to my changing body. My torso is also pretty long, so finding long enough shirts has always been a challenge… Add a growing belly on top of that, and maternity tops are lifesavers.

My go-to maternity brands have been Old Navy and Target by Liz Lange. Right around 10-11 weeks, I went out and bought some maternity skinny jeans, black dress pants, leggings, and a couple long sleeve tops from Old Navy. They were having a great sale and I got all of that for right around $80 – can’t beat that! I find that most of their maternity styles are cute, comfortable, and affordable.

My parents have sent me several items from Target as well, all of which I am so appreciative! They sent me a couple dresses, a few long sleeve shirts, and a couple three quarter length “dressier” tops. These items have helped me tremendously as I get ready for church and substituting throughout the week. I also bought a few long maternity tank tops from Target to wear while I work out and under sweaters.

I don’t spend a ton of money on clothes as it is (bargain shopper right here!), so it’s been difficult for me to justify buying an entirely new wardrobe for only 6-7 months. However, I’m also finding how important it is to feel comfortable and confident as my body is rapidly changing. That being said, I am so thankful for Old Navy and Target and their affordable prices.

I think getting a handful of basics is key and then you can work around those. For example, I really like wearing the long tank tops I got (they are cheaper) under an open sweater that I already had in my non-maternity wardrobe. Old Navy and Target’s lightweight long sleeve maternity tees are also generally pretty affordable, and I like to add scarves or other layers to them to mix things up.

I have a feeling I’ll be pretty darn sick of all of my maternity clothes by the time the baby comes, but it might be just the motivation I need to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Winking smile


  • If you’ve ever been pregnant, where did you get your maternity clothes from?
  • When it comes to buying clothes, are you a bargain shopper or a spender?
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  1. says

    Yay, so so so adorable and gorgeous! I seriously need to go buy some more maternity things this weekend. I’ve been wearing a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes up to this point (other than pants) and been able to get by, but I can tell that those days are going to be soon over. I need to try Old Navy again. Last time I went, they didn’t have a very good selection! Fingers crossed that next time will be better!

  2. says

    I haven’t really worked throughout pregnancy, so I think that’s allowed me to not have to get maternity clothes (ie: lululemon rules my life). And I couldn’t imagine rocking a normal top now without a loooong, stretchy tank underneath. No one needs to catch a glimpse of a little belly action down there at this point in the game.

    I hope you start feeling the baby move soon. I felt it at 19 weeks and a day – it was so distinct, that I knew it was the baby and not my internal organs haha!

  3. Nina says

    I had a couple dreams that I was having a boy before we found out the gender and they were right! They say mother’s intuition is usually right :)

    I got most of my maternity clothes at Old Navy, Target and Motherhood Maternity. I didn’t like the way Old Navy’s pants fit but Motherhood’s were perfect. I tried to get all very basic colors so I can wear them all for the next child we have.

  4. says

    When it comes to clothes I always buy cheaper essential items that I then jazz up with nicer items (like a nice top or necklace). But mainly I’m a bargain-hunter. I guess it’s tricky with your body continually changing and balancing that with costs of buying more clothes. That’s nice of your parents sending ou stuff :)

  5. says

    I’m definitely a bargain shopper! I treated myself to a shopping spree for my birthday and spent around $115…and it was a little painful handing over my debit card!

    You look fabulous! Thankfully someone turned in your purse – that could have been a bad situation!

  6. says

    Oh man. I’m a total bargain shopper UNLESS it’s something very special, in which case I use a special savings account. (Like my special dinner out the other night, or the few trips I’ll be going on in the coming year)
    Your bump is SOOOO adorable! You’re starting to really LOOK pregnant, which is super exciting!! I love how overjoyed you sound, as well.

  7. Angie says

    You look like you’re carrying high, and they usually say that’s a girl!! :) I’m carrying higher and with a girl :)
    Buuuuut then they also say that if you have a dream about a specific gender, then that might be what it is… so who knows!! Keep dreaming and maybe it’ll be that!! So excited youre waiting to find out!

  8. says

    You look adorable!! Your baby bump is so cute. When I was pregnant I bought pants from the Gap since they were on sale. I got 2 pairs of jeans and some black dress pants. I pretty much used those and some Old Navy Maternity tops throughout the whole pregnancy! You seem really happy, enjoy your pregnancy because it goes by so fast!!

  9. says

    I get most of my stuff at Motherhood Maternity. Def not as cheap as Target or Old Navy but the quality seems to be better and I know will last me at least another pregnancy. Don’t worry you will get sick of you maternity clothes real quick.. :-/ I am already ready to get back into my normal clothes.

  10. says

    I have never understood how people can spend large amounts of money on maternity clothes. When I was pregnant, I was most definitely a bargain shopper and got most of my stuff from Target, Old Navy and a few things from Motherhood.
    The velour sweats were really popular when I was pregnant and I LOVED those and was able to wear my regular stuff since they were drawstring.

    • Ashley says

      Haha nope, not once you get to be in your 2nd trimester… It can cause bloodflow to stop from my understanding. Don’t worry, I had no idea either before I got pregnant! I’ve been learning a LOT these days! 😉

  11. says

    I think it’d be awesome if all pants (not just maternity) had those stretchy wasit bands! :) I definitely don’t spend much money on clothes. I like to get my basics from either Old Navy or Gap since usually their prices are reasonable and they have pretty good sales. I’d much rather spend my money on shoes and purses than clothes. 😉

  12. says

    You are absolutely stunning and so cute with your little baby bump! I can’t even imagine getting “pregnancy brain” worse than the brain I have now. Ha ha. I’m such a mess sometimes.

  13. Jade says

    I had one, albeit fairly big, pregnancy brain moment. We went out for supper with my SOs sister and her husband. I drove, found a place to park, we went into the restaurant to eat, ate, got up to leave, couldn’t find my keys, looked everywhere around the table, hubby looked out the window, saw my car lights still on, go outside to see:

    I left my car running the entire two hours we were there… I am so lucky no one stole my vehicle!

  14. Meaghan says

    I’m pregnant too and not sure where you live but Burlington Coat Factory has a pretty good maternity section and it is so inexpensive!! I am talking dresses for 10$ tops for 7.99$ but all really cute things. I had never been to Burlington but a women from my church told me to check it out!! Good luck :)

  15. says

    I didnt give into maternity clothes until I was about 34 weeks with my first daughter. I relied on summer stretchy dresses and longer shirts with some drawstring shorts i had. With my second I gave in at more like 25 weeks and it was wonderful! Before then I was too sick and couldnt gain weight so I didnt fit in them yet, but as soon as I stopped throwing up non-stop the weight came on and so did the comfy pants!

  16. says

    Haha I SO have been having pregnancy brain too and a purse moment!!!!! Just last night my husband and I stopped by a friend’s house to pick up some baby gear that she doesn’t need anymore and wanted to give to us. So when I went to hold her baby I put down my purse and totally forgot about it. So when I was carrying the gear out to my husband’s truck I didn’t even think of my purse since he drove and I didn’t need car keys, thus a purse. We drove ALLLL the way home w/o my realizing I forgot my purse at her house!! I felt like a total lame-o and had to drive all the way back to get it. I’ve had other pregnancy brain moments at work too where I just can’t remember a darn thing!! Very frustrating….that, and having to pee all the time!!! And I’m going to have to check out Old Navy maternity….I bought a couple Gap maternity pants & tops that I absolutely love but a bit on the expensive side so it’d be nice to get some pieces at a much affordable price :) xoxo

  17. says

    I only wear maternity pants now, but I have a short torso so quite a few of my long pre-pregnancy tops still fit. I think the next things I’ll buy are a few basic tanktops for the reasons/versatility you mentioned and a top to workout in. You look great!

  18. judy says

    Just a thought – you may be wearing your maternity clothes more than once so it’s a longer investment than the 6 months for the first one! It helps to look at the big (or longer) picture!

    • Ashley says

      Yep, but I still can’t justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on maternity items… By the time I get pregnant again, I’m sure I’ll want some new stuff anyways!

  19. says

    You are so Beautiful!! :)

    I bought my maternity clothes from garage sales, consignment sales and craigslist. I got some great deals on super cute maternity clothes. :)

  20. says

    You look so adorable!!

    I’m 19 weeks along and have been so thankful for the few pieces of maternity clothes I bought. JEANS are a lifesaver. I also bought one of those belly bands which kinda replaced my hair-tie trick to hold my pants together which means I can wear my normal pants for a little bit more.

    Also, since it’s warming up here – loose, flowy dresses are awesome 😀

    PS – totally get the pregnancy brain. It’s REAL.

  21. Brianne says

    I bought all of my maternity clothes from Kohls! they are Oh Baby brand which I believe is the same as Motherhood but I used a 30% off coupon for Kohls and they were already on sale. Im with you I was not about to spend a ton of money on a wardrobe that will only be worn for a few months. Im 2.5 weeks away from my due date and I will be so excited to get back into my regular clothes! and of course my husband and i are so excited to meet our little baby girl!!

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