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It’s been a good week for me on the workout front so far. I don’t know about you, but I love getting toward the end of the week and feeling great about the workouts I’ve accomplished. I get excited, give myself a little pat on the back, and feel motivated to want to do it all over again the next week.



I flirted with getting back into running for oh… about two weeks, and then decided to nix that idea right around 14 weeks. As my belly and chest continued to grow, running got increasingly more uncomfortable for me. Not only that, but pregnancy has caused me to get out of breath a lot easier than I ever used to so running became really hard for me. I’ve chosen to be okay with not being a “pregnant runner”. The women that are pregnant runners sure are impressive, but I decided it wasn’t for me. I still like to throw some occasional jogging intervals into my walks, but it’s never anything crazy.

Even though most of my workouts lately have revolved around walking and lower intensity weight training, they’ve still been pretty darn sweaty and tiring. I tell ya, speed walking up hills is no joke, especially when you’re carrying a few extra pounds on you. Winking smile


A lot of my walks have been outside the last few weeks, but I’ve taken a few of them indoors to the treadmill as well. I enjoy playing around with the speeds and incline to challenge myself a bit. It also makes the time fly which is always a plus on the treadmill. Below is one of my favorite recent walking treadmill workouts that I made up earlier this week. It’s a fun and sweaty one!


Go get your walk on and have a great Friday! Smile


  • How often do you schedule walks into your fitness routine?
  • Do you prefer walking outdoors or on the treadmill?
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  1. says

    Hey Ashley – Thank you for posting this walking routine. I truly don’t do a walking workout enough. I think it would be good for my to incorporate into my fitness schedule. I used to do them a lot more, I am going to give your routine a try. Thanks for posting.

  2. says

    While I’m a runner, I often find that if you can get a REALLY great interval/incline workout on the treadmill, you almost end up MORE tired. That and I think that it helps build a killer booty! 😉
    Outside, I LOVE walking the dog. On my rest days, you can probably find us out there for 90min at least. Slowing things down really helps me appreciate the weather and beauty of the environment much better.
    It’s easy to race through life, bringing yourself to walk really can help you connect with the world around you. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!! 😀

  3. says

    To answer your first question, NOT ENOUGH! Today though, I decided to do some hill walking before my spin class and really enjoyed it. I didn’t do anything crazy, just time to clear my head before teaching. It felt great and really did work my glutes.

  4. says

    I also wanted to try and run while pregnant but I soon found out for me it was going to be impossible. I was tired all the time and it really hurt my belly when I would jog. No thanks. I also walk now. Nothing crazy, just walking our dog around the neighborhood, I love it :)

  5. says

    Lately I’ve been into more running, but I’m a HUGE fan of walking. As long as you go fast enough, uphill enough, or long enough to get your heart rate up, it’s an incredible workout.

    BTW – Love that first quote!

  6. says

    I walk back and forth from school daily, but other than that, I don’t really plan a lot of walks! I should, because I do really enjoy it. It has to be outside though – if it’s on a treadmill, I need to add some intervals/hill work in there or I get way too bored.

  7. daybelis says

    Thank you for posting this walking workout Ashley! Before I used to think walking was not a form of exercise, but I realized that this is totally false. A few weeks ago, I began running again and at the beginning all was fine but I pushed myself to hard too soon, and I pulled my groin. I am now taking it easy and instead of running, I love walking on inclines and doing the stairmaster. I also love taking nature walks on the weekends because it helps me get rid of any external stress and allows me to enjoy time alone with only nature. Hope you have a great day!

  8. says

    Before I never walked, now I walk about 10-15km a week, it is my new form of cardio. I think it is underrated for sure, and yes you can get sweaty if you keep up a good pace!
    I actually like tmill walking, outside is nice too (when the weather is good) but I find I get a tougher walk in on the tmill. Unless we are hiking!

  9. says

    I was a huge fan of incline walking/running on the treadmill for awhile, then avoided the treadmill at all costs, and now I’m back into treadmill intervals! Isn’t it funny how your fitness interests can change so quickly? If I go for a walk outside, I generally like to go with someone else, and usually to a state park or something for some hiking. I live in the city though, so I’ll also walk to run errands, go out to eat, etc., but I don’t consider that a workout really, just daily life!

  10. says

    I never schedule walks into my fitness routine but I totally should! Yesterday I was outside at lunch in the cool crisp air and thinking, “I wish I could take a nice long walk, it would feel so refreshing,” then I realized, “hello – I can do this any time!” I love the idea of getting outside and going for a walk both for the physical and mental benefits but some reason, I just never think to schedule it in. This is going to have to change! :)

  11. says

    I’ll have to try this out.. I like walking on the treadmill because I can watch TV haha but I run outside only.. hateeee running on the treadmill

  12. Amanda N says

    I don’t walk nearly enough – that’s one thing I loved about college. Having to walk to class, to get your food, to go to the store, etc. At least you are still exercising even if you can’t run right now. I hope to be able to continue running when I become pregnant but if not I’ll certainly do a lot of walking and whatever else my body lets me!

  13. says

    I definitely prefer walking outdoors, but sometimes it’s just too chilly. This looks like a good one! I’m glad you’ve been feeling better about your workouts this week too!

  14. says

    I did a walk the other night, but my problem is, I feel fine while I’m walking, it’s once I stop that I get pelvic pain. So, after it feels like I overdid it, but at the time I didn’t even know!! So, I just have been taking it really easy lately. There’s always after the baby’s out to get exercise in…pain-free too hopefully!

  15. says

    Walking is actually pretty much the only exercise I do these days. I love that it makes me feel healthy and active without making me tired or overly sore. I definitely prefer walking outside, but now that the weather is absolutely miserable, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to keep myself entertained on the treadmill. Not easy, for sure, but I’d still like to make sure I stay active :)

  16. says

    I’m a treadmill runner just because I’m not a fan of the cold and rain; both are pretty much constants here at the moment! I used to walk everyday before I got in to running; I’d imagine it’s tough being pregnant, I’d like to hope I’d fall back in to walking when the time comes for me! :)

  17. LeAnne says

    I’m more of a runner than a walker…but I seriously need to incorporate more incline walking workouts into my fitness regimen. I’m convinced that brisk, incline walking is MORE difficult than running!! Have a great weekend :)

  18. Hannah says

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now (I struggled with HA for about a year before getting pregnant), but just stumbled on this workout and tried it out. I’m 33 weeks, and this was the perfect treadmill workout for 3rd tri! I taped it to my treadmill, and will definitely be doing it again!

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